Introduction to Cygnus Strategy Group, llc


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Introduction to Cygnus Strategy Group, llc

  1. 1. O V E RV I E W O F S E RV I C E SM AY 2 , 2 0 1 3Cygnus Strategy Group,
  2. 2. Cygnus Overview5/2/2013 2• Conceptualized in August 2012• Alabama LLC formed in November 2012• Sandritter and Reed join as Partners with formallaunch in February 2013• Two retained clients a/o May 2, 2013• Cygnus Strategy Group, LLC uses a multi-disciplineapproach to effect positive change in the companiesit works with.
  3. 3. The Team5/2/2013 3Timo Sandritter, Ph.D. – PartnerSandritter holds a Law degree, a Master’s degree in Public Affairs, and a Doctorate degree in BusinessAdministration with focus on Management and International Business. Sandritter teaches variousbusiness administration undergraduate and graduate level classes as an Adjunct Professor at theUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville. Additionally, he serves on several Board of DirectorsAngie Reed - PartnerReed’s strengths lie in developing go-to-market strategies, market analysis, business strategy, newproduct development and product launches. Reed’s past roles include product marketing, businessdevelopment, product management, technical training, channel development, applicationsengineering, and technical support. Reed holds a Masters in Business Administration and has achievedthe CCNP and CCNA certifications. Reed also participates actively in regional economic. developmentorganizations and steering committees.Bob Jackson – PartnerBob Jackson brings over twenty years experience in managing people, messages, and processes. Hispast assignments have included executive-level biz/market development, communications, finance, andoperations positions at organizations ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Bob is the creator of theCygnus Method, an agent of change, and a youth and high school sports coach. He holds a BA inEconomics from Colorado Sate University.
  4. 4. Core Competencies5/2/2013 4• Strategic Planning• Globalization• Business Unit Strategy• Human Resources• Organization Design• Behavior and Culture• Leadership & Talent• Change Management• Brand Strategy• Marketing• Go-To-Market Strategy• Corporate Product Portfolio Strategy
  5. 5. Process5/2/2013 5• Examination• Evaluation• Execution
  6. 6. Engagement Style5/2/2013 6Using the Cygnus Method as a framework for diagnosis andtreatment, Cygnus call upon its core competencies to createreal and lasting improvements for its clients.• Project-based engagement• 3 – 12 months depending upon Company and objectives• Payment options• Fixed fee for entire project• Payable at milestones• Monthly retainer• Follow-up visit at 6 months following completion of project
  7. 7. Deliverables5/2/2013 7Each engagement is summarized in a comprehensive report thataddresses both the overall health and function of the Company as well asspecific action-items for improvement, including:• Operating process improvements• Marketing plans and collateral• Actionable HR insights• Brand development/re-branding• Graphic Identity• Executive Development ideas• Sustainability, succession, and/or exit strategy planning
  8. 8. Client Profile andSituations5/2/2013 8• Industry agnostic• $3 - $20mm in revenue• <30 employees• At a point of transitiondue to:• Ownership• Business Model• Environmental/Economic• Rapid growth• Revenues• AR/AP• GS&A• Declining margins• Zero growth• Highly concentratedcustomer base/industry• Losing Market Share• Vague or NonexistentBrand
  9. 9. Case Study5/2/2013 9• Five-year old packaging company• Leadership change due to death of one of the founders• Marquee-style client list• Brought in to create and implement plan to doublerevenue in 5 years.
  10. 10. Case StudyOutside looking in5/2/2013 10• Great revenue growth ($0 -12.7mm in five years)• Enviable margins (>30% net)• Small group of highly dedicated managers• Capturing share from other local vendorsIsn’t broken, don’t fix it.
  11. 11. Case StudyOnce Inside5/2/2013 11• Majority of revenue generated by CEO• High-turnover in sales-force• Small group of highly-overworked managers• Very young/untested managers• Lack of delegation and clearly defined roles &responsibilities• Statutory compliance issues:• HR• OSHACurrent internal environment was incapable of sustainingcurrent growth, let alone doubling revenues.
  12. 12. Case StudyPrescription5/2/2013 12Comprehensive, multi-discipline approach thataddresses people, processes, and market in a holisticfashion.Transparency ofProject ManagementPlatform allowsclient to followprocess and seeprogress.• Product Marketing• HR• Legal• Branding• ProfessionalDevelopment andCoaching