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  1. 1. account planner. bobin kim
  2. 2. bobin[bo:bin]- noun1. a curious person who has a bicultural experience, an open-mind, and also has an optimistic view of life2. a smart planner who has creative thoughts, clear analytical views, and a strong sense of responsibility3. an talented artist who is capable of visualizing and fully free to express visually
  3. 3. About Me BOBIN KIM 501 Taylor Street Apt.304 San Francisco, CA 94102 P. 415.939.5131 E. B. Objective A position as an entry-level account planner or related position in the strategy department of an advertising agency. Experience Woman’s NO.1 Korean Weekly Magazine, Everett, WA (June 2007~ July 2008) Graphic Designer/Editorial Designer - Responsibilities include for both developing magazine advertising and manag- ing publication contents. Assigned photo editing, page layout for print. Freelance Graphic Designer for Teriyaki Restaurant, Lake Stevens, WA (Jan. 2008) - Created main menu, gift coupons, and punch card. Planning Skills Creative briefs, market research/analysis, brand strategy, consumer segmentation, branding, visual presentation, advertising communications, media planning Design Skills - Highly proficient computer skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, Final Cut Pro - Logo design, coporate identity (CI), package design, page layout
  4. 4. EducationMFA in Advertising focus on Account Planning2008 - 2011, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA• Special courses included; one-on-one directed study with; - Account Planner at Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco - Media Planner at Carat, San FranciscoBFA in Graphic Design2004 - 2007, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GAScholarshipRecipient of one of the highest awards at the Savannah College of Art andDesign: Frances Larkin McCommon Portfolio Scholarship in the amount of$7,500 per year for four years, 2004-2007Other Information• Bilingual in Korean and English• Skilled in black and white photo developing, jewelry making, drawing, painting• Talented piano/keyboard player
  5. 5. Putting Bisquick pancake back in thebreakfast conversation. Instructor: Michael Luzzo
  6. 6. Creative Brief: Bisquick Shake ‘N PourStrategic Challenge Traditional Breakfast Convenient BreakfastBisquick’s line of pre-mixing baking products has 77 years of history. As the yearshave passed manufacturers are busy following the latest trends. Bisquick, how-ever, remains a trusted staple in America’s kitchens. The new Bisquick Shake ‘NPour is a tasty and easy-to-prepare pancake mix.Pancakes have been a long time American favorite family breakfast, which bringsa happy and fun memory. Many people have a memorable experience eatingpancakes at least once in their lives, especially when they were very young.The problem:Today, the world has become much easier to live in but at the same time peopleare living much busier lives. People frequently skip a breakfast or eat somethingquick and convenient to prepare. When was the last time you had a leisurelybreakfast with your family? Breakfast Scene in the Past Breakfast Scene in the PresentObjectiveTo increase sales of Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour in the United States. How can we do that?Let people know Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour is a convenient meal of today, which also has a classic feel.
  7. 7. Target Insight Primary target “I don’t remember when was the last time I had a leisurely breakfast with my family. I struggle every morning to get the kids ready for school. Suddenly I find myself shopping for simple and convenient meals to save on cooking time. I want to feed my kids a delicious meal but time is a big issue.” Lisa, age 40, stay-at-home mom with three children Secondary target “I am a college student, living with two other roommates in a small apartment near my college. For breakfast, I usually eat an apple or an egg scramble if I have time to cook. But I always miss my mom’s fluffy pancakes. Every holiday I visit my parent’s house, mom serves a full delicious meal every morning, includ- ing tasty pancakes. I can’t imagine making pancakes every morning. That is so time consuming!” Ashley, age 20, college student Big Idea “ “ Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour is a big wholesome classic breakfast in a small effort.
  8. 8. Execution: Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour The print execution: Along with a Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour, making a pancake is fun, fast, and easy. Its homemade flavor gives a classical feel. Art Directors: Bobin Kim Raza Durami
  9. 9. Unpack Muni #38: who rides Muniand how to create communicationwith them? Instructor: Alan Stout (Goodby, Silverstein and Partners)
  10. 10. Observational Research: Muniobserving & analyzing in the fieldmid of September, 2009 Assignment: Through first hand observation, segment Muni riders and cre- ate insight into how to communicate with them during their Muni experience. Location: #38 Muni Station, Geary Street Muni: The San Francisco Municipal Railway is the public transit sys- tem for the city and county of San Francisco, California.
  11. 11. Overview:All the segments ride Muni at different times according to their jobs or situations and I divided into daytime and nighttime. Daytime Riders: Office is everywhere Wide-eyed wonder Seeking comfort Focused on family Nighttime Riders: Me, myself, and I Getting to the part-time gig Out for fun
  12. 12. Day Time Office is everywherehow to spot them; ce of pastry, sunglasses- smart phone, messenger bag, semi-suit, held up coffee or a pietheir world; ery 5 minutes- check tons of business emails ev tion to other people- donʼt have a time to pay atten- be pressed for time- never sit in the back of the bus - work is their primary goal world? how to breakthrough into that - stimulate their hearing or smelling - action is better than words atching display ad, - audio commercial, fre e tasty drink/breakfast pastry, eye-c smart phone apps free stationary gift, banner ads in
  13. 13. Day Time wide-eyed wonderhow to spot them; t, hoes, backpack, wide-brimmed ha- map, guide bo ok, camera, comfortable clothes/s sunglass, hip-sack, water bottletheir world; memories/places- expecting something unforgettable they purchase something because- pretend not they are tourists when they believe people will rip off them curiosity- keep looking all around with full of the place where they - think bus driver is a tour guide; keep asking about want to go world? how to breakthrough into that a guide - create communication that act as how to get their attention - showing free memorable event/s formation booklet - hand out some free guide book/in
  14. 14. Day Time seeking comforthow to spot them; t-weighted jacket, reading glasses,- walking stick, co tton trousers, checked shirt and ligh ief senior citizen ticket pass, handkerchtheir world; use senior seats are always prepared- not hesita te to use a public transportation beca arthritis or other ailments- slow mover, may be suffering from- lonely, kind and gentle- take longer to get/adapt something daily life - having a monotonously repetitive rld? how to breakthrough into that wo more easier; - create experiences make their life senior seat, elevator, escalator e-on-one communication - appeal to their friendliness: using on
  15. 15. Day Time Focused on Familyhow to spot them; , small-sized toy/doll, baby towel- big diaper bag, stroller, baby carrier, comfortable clothes/shoestheir world; ir baby; their health, safety....etc.- “baby, baby, and baby!!!” always concern the es around the babies- conversations with strangers revolv family- want to have a secure SUV for their tantrum- sometimes feel distracted by babyʼs rld? how to breakthrough into that wo te babyʼs curiosity; - parents are always concern their baby so stimula ices or images of cartoon characters touch screen, animal sound/images, vo s, or coupon books - offer some discount/free donation item
  16. 16. Night Time me, myself, and Ihow to spot them; bler, t-shirt with jean,- mo bile device, backpack, books, tum 3 player headphone/earphone, laptop, MPtheir world;- not interested in others s, listening loud music,- used to being alone; reading book disturbed phone texting, they donʼt like to be ing something- hate boredom; they constantly do world? how to breakthrough into that , and interactive visuals; - showing something creative, fun re eye-catching way; touch-screen ad, or de sign the bus inside/outside in a mo .etc. bus straps, bus seats, bus shelter.
  17. 17. Night Time getting to the part-time gighow to spot them; thing, comfortable shoes,- tote bag, MP3 player, earphone, black-colored clo ron in the bag monthly Muni ticket, and washed-aptheir world; penses by themselves- mostly college students who earn their living ex or bicycle- mostly using public transportations managing both work and classes- look exhausted and tired-- maybe dy or relax- commute is extra time to either stu world? how to breakthrough into that t cheer them up; - need something physical things tha t spa/massage coupon books, free energy drink/coffee, free discoun free sample kits
  18. 18. Night Time OUT FOR FUN!how to spot them; h-heel, small purse, not be we ather appropriate, club clothes, hig- evening attire, that may or may d who they will meet-up withcell-phone (usua lly texting) talking about plans antheir world; tonight- their mind is on what will happen- fashion/style conscious together- very talkative, usually gathering dancing, singing, mingling- fun, active, optimistic, outgoing / love world? how to breakthrough into that eyes visuals for catching their - need something new or trendy y to connect with them. - using a star marketing is another good wa for their hurt feet - hand out free us eful items like foldable flat shoes or breath mints s you can share with them - create social experience or thing
  19. 19. Conclusion:Hundreds of different people ride Muni everyday and they all have different experiences. To communicate with them, we need to observe their behaviors and create communication that speaks to their own set of unique motivations.
  20. 20. Breaking through the perception ofthe boring brand. Instructor: Sean Staley (Venables Bell & Partners)
  21. 21. Creative Brief: Dell Inspiron DuoBrand ImageDell’s low-cost policy is competitive in the market place, however, it has weakened their brandimage. Due to their low-cost model, consumers find Dell computers better suited for education orbusiness use, rather than for personal computers.However, Dell recently launched a new innovative line, called ‘Inspiron Duo’ and tries to breakaway from their institutional, old-fashioned brand image.What is the advertising going to accomplish?Introducing Dell’s new innovative product to young target market and make them purchase it.Who are we going to connect with?- Mostly college students, ages between ages of 18 to 25- Trendsetter, have a, passion, curiosity, participation, and strong individuality- PC users, SNS-friendly, multi-entertainment user (game, movie, music player, book reader)- Design and its uniqueness > specifications- Looking for a 3-dimensional tablet/netbook that can be used at anywhere, anytime- Have a wide variety of interests; game, sports, music...Students and young workers who are flipping between fun and functionality whenever they want!
  22. 22. What is the single most effective idea? “ “ Inspiron Duo what happens when the fun and functionality of a convertible car comes to computing. Having a fun weekend with my friends. Having a busy working day with a cup of Date out night! Open my car roof My car turns up an entertainment morning coffee. My sedan turns me up and drive along the beach. Her place for singing out loud! like a high-class businessman. wind-blown hair looks sexier.convertible style convertible style convertible styleDuo style Duo style Duo style
  23. 23. Turning product features into a bigger brand purpose.Instructor: Sean Staley (Venables Bell & Partners)
  24. 24. Brand Strategy: Flip Mino HDabout Flip Mino 10 unique things about Flip MinoThe Flip Mino HD is a sleek, pocket-sized high quality videorecorder, allowing you to take it with you everywhere you go.Its small size is complemented by an interface that’s incredibly compact quick stylish crisp convenienteasy to use. Simply power on and press record. You will cap-ture video in seconds. There is no limit to where you can takeit and what you will end up shooting. Flip Mino HD providesyou the power of self-expression, enabling you to shoot andS Wshare your stories with people all around the world! easy personal simple ultra-slim self-expressionSWOT Analysis Ultra-slim and portable People love small gadgets Personalized platform design SNS (Social Networking Service) becomes popular trend High quality video and sound No other extra payment for device Easy interface design Too sensitive touch buttons Multifunctional devices keepO T releasing (iPhone, Nano, iPad, Limited battery charging option Galaxy Tab) Shows fingerprint and dirt easily Not suitable for professionals Small memory capacity Economic recession
  25. 25. problemTechnology is developing rapidly with the advances in the smart phoneindustry and multi-functional electronic device industry, markets for HDcamcorders are decreasing. Therefore many digital gadget makers areconstantly trying to find ways to differentiate their products both visuallyand functionally. The Flip Mino HD would fall under this objectiveMake people choose a Flip Mino HD as their must-carry second device,in addition to smart phones so that the company can increase sales in theUnited States.communication objectiveCommunicate to everyone that the Filp Mino HD is a ‘moment capturing de-vice’, which is simpler and easier to use. Consumers deserve a simple andbetter experience to save their unforgettable moments.who are we going to connect with?The primary market is generation Y, who are 18 to 30 years old, young, creative andoptimistic males/females. They are accustomed to using all forms of technology, i.e.,mobile, social media, and all kinds of digital entertainments. They love to share orcommunicate their lives with others through the Internet or other digital mediums.
  26. 26. Brand Strategy: Flip Mino HDwhat are the most insightful things we know about them?Generation Y (Millennials) - Born between 1980 ~ 2000- young, smart, and brash / very active, creative, independent, insanely busy- crave simplicity - Apple, Toms, Fixie- culturally liberal, racially and ethnically diverse- hyper connected with digital culture: familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies- multitaskers, can juggle e-mail on their BlackBerrys while talking on cell phones while trolling online- they may wear flip-flops to the office or listen to iPods at their desk- tech-savvy: plugged-in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They prefer to communi cate through e-mail and text messaging rather than face-to-face contact- 97% owned a computer / 94% owned a cell phone / 56% owned MP3 player- 76% used instant messaging / 92% doing multitasking“ My first day at school is always exciting but can be nerve-racking at the same time.I would like to memorize the students’ names and then add them on my Facebooklater at home, rather than I make the first move and say hi to them. Social network-ing is a simple and comfortable way to get to know each other. Through sharing viasocial networking, we find some intimacy and build our relationship.” (Josh, age 18, student) brand truth The pocket-sized HD camcorder is quickly captured your moment and simply share with others. tagline Never Miss the Moment! “ “ single most important message One button quickly saves your never-coming-back moment!
  27. 27. Execution Ideas
  28. 28. Current brand + Needs of new target ------------------------ Competitive white spaceInstructors: Eric Solomon (Venables Bell & Partners) Elisha Greenwell (Wieden + Kennedy)
  29. 29. Brand Strategy: Jack Link’s Portion ControlStrategic Challenge Jack Link’s Portion Control is a healthy beef jerky snack that contains only 100 calo- ries in each package. Jack Link’s is doing a great job with their current Sasquatch campaign and is in the current leader in the beef jerky market. According to the survey, people recognized Jack Link’s simply because of their Sasquatch campaign. Problem: However the meat snack has a small market share in comparison with other snacks, making up only 2% of the total market. Although Jack Link’s Sasquatch campaign is extremely successful, their commercials mainly market to young males. To increase their market share, Jack Link’s should also market to other audiences.Who is the new audience and what are they like? What is the roleof the brand in their lives?The audience should be moms with children between the ages of 5 and 16.They value convenience, price and health, all of which are strong equities thatJack Link’s can leverage in order to communicate to this new market. However,most moms have a misconception about beef jerky snacks being unhealthy. Too Unhealthy Much Sodium <Moms incorrectly view Beef Jerky as unhealthy>
  30. 30. Moms’ Top Priorities “ Convenience “ Parents typically look to themselves when it comes down to the ultimate responsibility for their children’s health. 29 Convenience “ Health 47 Price 24 Health targeted as never before by marketing and “ Childhood obesity is a serious and escalat- ing public health concern, yet children are high-calorie, nutritionally deficient foods. PriceWhy should people believe it?Promoting Jack Link’s (JL) beef jerky as a healthy snack is not going to be enough toseparate them from their market competitors. What JL can leverage in their marketingcampaign is “portion control’, which no other competitors in the market are doing. Ofall the things moms’ value most in a snack, portion control is the most credible for us.• The product is affordable• The product is pre-packaged, which makes it very easy to pack in a kid’s lunch.• Portion Control packs contain only 100 calories.• Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is a leaner form of protein.• Jack Link’s is a healthier, longer-lasting alternative to other salty snacks like chips, which don’t fill you up the way beef jerky can.• Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is low is carbs, unlike other salty snacks.• Sodium provides a good source of electrolytes, which all active kids need.
  31. 31. If Jack Link’s was a car... Too Manly Just Right: Too Mom-ish cool and edge but also safeSo, Jack Link’s is... Too Unhealthy Just Right: Too Healthy cool packaging and good taste but also healthy
  32. 32. Big Idea “ “ Jack Link’s Portion Control is a new revolutionary snack that toughen up your kid’s health.How and where are we going to bring this to life? • The product should undergo a packaging change that appeals more to moms but also maintains the edginess of the current packaging/ marketing so as not to loose appeal to current market and to gain appeal with kids. • The product should be re-positioned in the grocery aisles near healthier snacks such as nuts, protein bars, etc. • TV, print, and Internet are all valid media through which we can reach moms. Consider mom blogs when targeting the online audience.What does success look like?1. Moms start buying Jack Link’s for their kids.2. Kids start asking moms to buy Jack Link’s.3. Moms start buying it for themselves.4. An overall shift in consumer perception of beef jerky occurs, causing other companies to follow suit.ToneThe campaign should communicate to moms by educating them about beef jerky’s assets but it should not takeon a typical “mom” tone. We need to find a balance between the edginess of the current campaign/consumerperception and the mom commercial so that we effectively communicate to moms without turning kids off to theproduct or alienating the current market.
  33. 33. Mapping and augmenting the online shopper’s journey.Instructor: Sean Staley (Venables Bell & Partners)
  34. 34. Consumer Insight: Online Fashion Shopper Behavior Inspiration Thought Process ebay Connection Point Inspired by media ‘Is this a new trend? -Fashion magazines These flat shoes look -Television/Movies cute! I want to buy one.’ Inspired by surroundings ‘Where did you get How connects -Friends, co-workers this? You look cute!’ with consumers? -Window display Inspired by fashionista -Celebs ‘Omg! I want to have -Paparazzi pictures Lindsay’s Lohan’s bag!’ -Blog stars -Street fashionista Collections!!! -I never skip to watch Inspired by myself Trend forcasting every seasonal collections ‘Yes! Spring season is -I am a trendsetter! -Study fashion trend: ( coming soon! It is gonna I know what I want colors, themes every -Check out fashion be my season.’ (fashion-related people) season bloogers recent updates
  35. 35. Frugal ConsumerseBay is a world’s famous online marketplace, offers great discountproducts, second hand items, and auction-style listings. Consumerswho are looking for moderate goods, they check up eBay website.Busy Career WomenSmart phone is a great marketing tool for them. Busy workinggirls don’t have enough time to do window-shopping or skimming Purchasethrough fashion magazines. Instead, they play with smart phone -Okay this is worth it!apps during their break time. eBay iPhone app offers introducingnew products virtually, style gallery, useful fashion tips, and limited Return/Exchangesale items. -Size isn’t fit! -Don’t like the color -Change my mindInternet Bloggers Closet forevereBay opens a digital shopping style magazine, called ‘The Inside -Oops, it was anotherSource’. They offer fashion trend, pop culture, and home & garden impulse itemstories. Bloggers save useful blogs and visit them frequently in or- Reviewder to get a good source or tip. -Kindly write a review for future consumersSNS UsersSNS is an online networking service focuses on building social rela-tions among people. eBay also has Twitter and Facebook networkand expand their consumer market.Emotional connection is important to me- I love to visit offline stores and actually see, touch, and feel it!- I don’t trust online shoppingFor these consumers, eBay recently opens “eBay Outlet” in UK
  36. 36. “Thus, the task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to thinkwhat nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.” - Arthur Schopenhauer
  37. 37. bobinkim@gmail.com415.939.5131www.bobinkim.wordpress.comAcademy of Art UniversityAdvertising MFA
  38. 38. Hire Me!