Biblical Overview of Fasting


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This is a sermon slide series giving a short biblical overview on fasting. Fasting is one of the most common and powerful spiritual disciplines in the entire Bible. My experience & God's word have convinced me that if you want to get serious about prayer needs, fasting is like throwing gasoline on the fire of your prayers.

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Biblical Overview of Fasting

  1. 1. Fasting to Encounter God A Biblical Overview 1-5-14
  2. 2. My Journey ✤ Began with Jr-Hi ministry at Glendale Pres.! ✤ Led by God in job transitions: Fl- to here! ✤ Long fasts, weekly fasting ( Wesley)! ✤ More of God: prayer and fast! ✤ Prelude to promotion, progress in spiritual growth
  3. 3. Fasting Defined ✤ To abstain from food or drink in some form for a season! ✤ Definition of verb: To hold fast and not be moved. To be fixed, firm, secure; constant, steadfast, obstinate.! ✤ That rope is dangerously loose. Make it fast!! ✤ Hold fast. Don’t move.! ✤ To seek with deep commitment. Not casually.
  4. 4. Fasting in OT: God’s 911 Number ✤ Times of war or threat of it (Israel)! ✤ Sick Loved Ones ( David), Grief of Death ( Saul)! ✤ Seeking forgiveness from God ( Ahab, Daniel)! ✤ God’s protection (Ezra)! ✤ Pagan Nineveh! Changed God’s mind! ✤ Hard to find a religion that does not promote fasting
  5. 5. NT Fasting: Super-charged Prayers ✤ Jesus : 40 days to prepare for ministry & defeat of devil. ! ✤ Jesus taught how to fast: “When you fast..” “How” not “If.”! ✤ Paul: three days before salvation & Baptism of Spirit & many times during ministry! ✤ Before Choosing leaders: Antioch, Elders in Galatia! ✤ Fasting done by Who’s Who of Bible: next slide!
  6. 6. Moses Anna! David Jesus Elijah Paul Esther Antioch Leaders! Daniel Galatian Church
  7. 7. The Choice to Fast ✤ Choosing God’s strength above our strength! ✤ Choosing God’s Presence above our pleasure! ✤ Choosing heavenly resources in place of earthly ones! ✤ Making our bodies a living sacrifice ( Rom 12:1)! ✤ Bringing our bodies under submission to our spirit ( buffet my body)
  8. 8. Fasting: Gas on Fire of Prayer ✤ Spirit saying: fast for MORE of the Presence of God in our lives and in our gatherings! ✤ Prepares our hearts: purifies & intensifies faith & sensitivity to God’s heart ( Vineyard fast)! ✤ ✤ Syncs our heart with God’s more deeply! Defeats the devil easier and faster
  9. 9. Fortnight Fast: 14 Days Fortnight and fortnightly are commonly used words in the English-speaking world, where many wages and salaries and most social security benefits are paid on a fortnightly basis. American and Canadian payroll systems may use the term biweekly in reference to pay periods every two weeks.! ! Expect the wages of heaven to be paid to you in this fortnight fast! !
  10. 10. ✤ This is the first call to fast in this fellowship! ✤ Great opportunity to: ! ✤ Know God better! ✤ hear His voice more clearly! ✤ understand the scriptures better! ✤ prepare yourself for a visitation from God! ✤ Prepare yourself & this church to bless others!
  11. 11. Prayer Targets: Experience God! ✤ More & deeper personal encounters with God: new passion, intimacy, joy, peace, contentment & spiritual power. Invite God to meet with you in a more profound way.! ✤ Deeper encounters with God for our fellowship. None left behind.! ✤ Greater encounters with God for our community and for the world from our fellowship
  12. 12. How? ✤ Ask God what He expects of your fast! ✤ Do your best but refuse guilt/legalism. Do for love! ✤ Ask for accountability if needed! ✤ Rejoice: God’s loves gifts that cost us something! ✤ Use mealtime for prayer. Linger more with God. ! ✤ Listen a lot. Meditate a lot. Let God direct your prayers
  13. 13. Expect ✤ The fortnight wages of heaven: Deeper relationship with God! ✤ A great beginning to your year! ✤ More victories, more joy & peace in God! ✤ More passion and maturity in your walk with God! ✤ More understanding of the value of fasting & prayer! ✤ More grace to help others encounter God