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                           17, 2008
Who is SRA?

• A leading provider of technology and strategic            Our Vision:
  consulting services and solutions
SRA Market Demands

Intel Counterterrorism   Cyber              PBL Performance Based        Health IT
Force Generation Drives All

FORCE Generation Drives Demand-Side…. = Customer “Takt” Rate
    ….Requiring An Effective Sup...
SRA Recent Company Awards and Recognition

FORTUNE Magazine as One of the '100 Best Companies to Work For‘
SRA Lifecycle Management Solutions Offerings 
•   Command & Operations Center Engineering
•   Infrastructure Engineering a...
What LMS Does

Primary Products and Services
  Logistics Optimization, Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain /
  Sustainment ...
LMS Supply Chain Optimization

LMS Value Proposition

GAP 1 closes through                                Past Experience
understanding                 ...
LMS Performance Alignment Model

Why LMS Exists –
        To Help It’s Customers Become Faster, Better, Cheaper

LMS Supply Chain Optimization

When you enable the
Enterprise to examine
its supply chain
processes, analysis
acting like ...
LMS Time Trap Analysis

                                                    Order Cycle Time: 117 Days (Air)

LMS Example of Aligning Metrics to Targets to Close Gaps
           PERFORMANCE ATTRIBUTE (GOALS)                   AFMC K...
Performance Based Lifecycle Management (PBLM©)


Integrate & Synchronize Acquisition, Logistics & Technology

• LCM GOALS                                          RDT&E, ...
What is Performance Based Logistics?

            It’s all about                   It’s not about

           Buying Res...
LMS PBLM Construct

                                         PM Oversight & Accountability

Senior Principal
Bob Daniell
Senior Principal
Lifecycle Management Solutions
                                 Give Us A...
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Welcome to SRA LMS


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Welcome to SRA LMS

  1. 1. Lifecycle  Management Solutions 2/13/2010 1:26 PMJune 1 17, 2008
  2. 2. Who is SRA? • A leading provider of technology and strategic  Our Vision: consulting services and solutions SRA aspires to be the • Serve public and private‐sector clients in  world’s best company in the national security, civil government, and  everything we do, global health markets guided by our unwavering commitment • Operations throughout the U.S. and Europe to honesty and service. • FY09 revenue of $1.65B – 88% as a prime contractor Our success is measured 91% win rate on recompetes by the value we bring to our clients and • Publicly traded company (NYSE: SRX) stakeholders, the careers we offer our • Founded in 1978; a deeply embedded culture  employees and the focused on creating real value for customers contributions we make • Employer of choice for 6,900+ employees to our local and global communities. 2 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  3. 3. SRA Market Demands Intel Counterterrorism Cyber PBL Performance Based Health IT Logistics Management Counterterrorism Cyber attacks DoD spending on PBL is Government to address the remains top Justice continue to grow expected to continue rising cost of health care Department concern growing at a rate of through significant 10.3% CAGR to reach investment in health IT $7.4B by 2013 3 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  4. 4. Force Generation Drives All FORCE Generation Drives Demand-Side…. = Customer “Takt” Rate ….Requiring An Effective Supply-Side Response…. = PBL “Dynamics” ARFORGEN PBL Layer I COMPLIANCE LA ND PBL Layer II FO R GE CULTURE N 1 Details of the multi-echelon supply and value chain PBL Layer III SEAFORGEN1 Informed lead times required by each “For ARFORGEN we PROCESS supplier Manufacture Brigade 1 Combat Teams” EN Critical paths and specific bottlenecks ….therefore what is: RG Make to Stock? FO Actual days required to support a Make to Order? R supply chain, versus unsupported Engineer to Order? AI estimates 1 Notional Takt Time Planning drumbeat: How often completed units NEED to come out the end of the pipe – 4 as established by customer demand SRA PROPRIERTARY
  5. 5. SRA Recent Company Awards and Recognition FORTUNE Magazine as One of the '100 Best Companies to Work For‘ (1999-2009) Washington Technology Top 100 Three Alliance for Workplace Awards: Excellent Place to Work | Health and Wellness Trailblazer | Ecoleadership Best Place to Work in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Large Company (Scranton) Bisnow Green Leadership Award Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals’ Annual Awards | SRA Headlines | SRA Annual Report Black Collegian Top 100 Employer Silver Sponsorship Appreciation Award for participating in the American Freedom Foundation Festival to raise awareness for U.S. veterans Quality-Assurance award for Era’s performance over a five-year period from the ENVIRO organization SRA selected as winner of Supply Chain Council’s 2009 Operational Excellence Award 5 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  6. 6. SRA Lifecycle Management Solutions Offerings  • Command & Operations Center Engineering • Infrastructure Engineering and O&M Support • Command and Control Systems Engineering • Complex Systems Integration • Directory Services • Enterprise Architecture • Worldwide Technical Support • Network Managed Services • Netcentric Enterprise Services • Afloat Operations • Automated Identification Technology • Enterprise COTS Integration • Identity Management & Cross‐Credentialing • Lifecycle Management Support • Integrated Logistics Support • Industrial Base Support • Transportation & Logistics Systems • Modeling, Simulation and Analysis • Multimedia Training & Curriculum Development • Performance Based Logistics  • Cyber Security for the Supply Chain • Supply Chain Management • SETA Support • Web Development & Enterprise Portals 6 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  7. 7. What LMS Does Primary Products and Services Logistics Optimization, Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain / Sustainment Excellence Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Sensei Lean Masters, Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Certified Instructors with the International Supply Chain Council Project / Program Management Professionals (PMP) OEM Logistics Services Background C-Level, VPs, Staff- and Line-level Managers, Logisticians Ops Managers, Engineers, Planners, Buyers, Sales and Mktg… 7 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  8. 8. LMS Supply Chain Optimization 8 ® Registered Copyright of the Supply Chain Council, Inc. SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  9. 9. LMS Value Proposition GAP 1 closes through Past Experience understanding Industry Standards and Norms customer value Standards of Competitors structure. Situational Requirements GAP 2 closes through greater commitment to Business Customer Expectations GAP 1 customer value. Expectations GAP 2 GAP 3 closes through better system alignment to reduce Customer Actual Service GAP 3 Customer GAP 5 Customer variability. Response Decisions Service GAP 4 closes through reliable delivery of GAP 4 service. Internal Customer Perception Perception of GAP 5 is closed by of Service Service reducing GAPs 1-4. 9 SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  10. 10. LMS Performance Alignment Model Custo me r Intima cy Reliability Velocity What level of Responsiveness Flexibility Research Time Supply Chain Enable Make / Maintain Value Plan Design Performance Cost Sell Source Amend Material Assist Will Impact Relate Return t Information Deliver m en Op Integrate ge Customer, e ra tio an a n Contract M Supplier, al E c le xce cy Employee, l len L ife ce e ss oc Pr Behavior? As-Is Should-Be 10 SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  11. 11. Why LMS Exists – To Help It’s Customers Become Faster, Better, Cheaper •Responsive •Agile Performance •Lean Level Loosely Coupled Supply Chains Agility “Flexibility and Adaptability” Integrated Supply Chains Velocity “Integration at the interface” Functional Supply Chains Effectiveness and Efficiency “Independent optimization” Performance Based Lifecycle Management 11 SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  12. 12. LMS Supply Chain Optimization When you enable the Enterprise to examine its supply chain processes, analysis acting like Sonar, helps profile performance. It is only then that the real problems begin to surface 12 SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  13. 13. LMS Time Trap Analysis Order Cycle Time: 117 Days (Air) ERP = 64 days 77.1 days or 66% 39.9 days or 34% Notional (EPAT Portal) 15 days 37.8 days 14.3 days est 10 days 2 days est. 4 days 9 days 1 days 23.4 days est .5 day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Turn In SSA Transfer CCP Receipt CCP Transfer POE Receipt POE Transfer POD Receipt POD Transfer Stow Receipt Depot Transfer SR2.1 DR2.4 D2.3 D2.4 DR2.3 DR2.4 DR2.3 DR2.4 DR2.3 DR2.4 12.8% 32.3% 12.2% 8.5% 1.7% 3.4% 7.7% .09% 20.0% .04% Source: Phase 3 Cycle Time Analysis Source: EPAT (electronic portal) Source: EPAT 90% of Turn Ins were done under 20 days 700-800 items per TCN Data: 5/22/2008 – 6/6/2008 4-8 triwalls per pallet Source: Phase 3 Cycle Time Analysis GTN shows can take up to 10 days to load Txns | Min | Max | Median | Stdev 3.75 hours to process asset Header create vs ship / receipt discrepancies Total: 290 1 1 1 0.0 1-4 days for pickup depending on loads Bagram: 52 1 1 1 0.0 3 Transportation Consolidation Points No Source to validate time from CCP to POE Balad: 238 1 1 1 0.0 have no RIC designation Estimates 1-3 days Kuwait: N/A 2 8 8 2.9 Loading Containers (20 and 40 footers) Source: EPAT No Source Big SSAs like WVE are loading containers Data: 5/22/2008 – 6/6/2008 No data to determine dwell time Txns | Min | Max | Median | Stdev May 12th Visit Depot Mr. Snow: Source: CCP Quality Inspection Total: 1153 2 9 4 2.9 • STO shipping discrepancies TDC had 286 containers backlogged Bagram: 53 2 9 9 0.9 • No validation prior to receipt trxn. CCP receives 20-40 containers per day (24x7) Balad: 339 2 2 4 0.8 • ERP records DDTP shipment SRA CCP processes 20 containers during day and 30 containers per night Kuwait: 759 2 8 8 2.9 regardless of error. • No metrics to measure delivery Therefore running about 14.3 days backlog Source: EPAT reliability against Depot req. [286 / (50-30)] = 14.3 days Data: 5/22/2008 – 6/6/2008 No triwalls damaged during unloading Txns | Min | Max | Median | Stdev 40% boxes are sent to black hole (no doc) Winner of the 30% sent straight to QSU serviceable warehouse Total: 353 1 9 11 3.7 30% unserviceables are receipted with proper doc STO discrepancies SCC 2009 Award Bagram: 52 5 5 5 0.0 5 loaded flatbed trucks sat from 1330 to 1430 waiting for MHE Balad: 238 9 11 11 0.9 For Government owned containers are lower priority for unloading (notional) Kuwait: 63 1 1 1 0.0 Operational Excellence 13 SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  14. 14. LMS Example of Aligning Metrics to Targets to Close Gaps PERFORMANCE ATTRIBUTE (GOALS) AFMC KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR COMPETITIVE POPULATION GAP Current Parity Advantage Superior SCOR AFMC KPI From CHIP Opportunity State 10% 15% 20% 139,128 TNMCS Aircraft Availability 91.0% 91.9% 92.3% 92.8% 1.8% Improve Material Hours Availability Time Definite Delivery Reliability MICAP Hours: MSD Items 141,862 MICAP 141,862 MICAP 709,309 638,378 602,913 567,447 (FY04 Q1-Q3) Hours Hours EXTERNAL Improve Customer Satisfaction MICAP Hours: GSD Items 239,542 MICAP 239,542 MICAP 1,197,709 1,077,938 1,018,053 958,167 (FY04 Q1-Q3) Hours Hours Customer Wait Time: MSD Items 4.19 3.87 3.71 3.55 0.32 Days 0.32 Days Responsiveness N/A Customer Wait Time: GSD Items TBD Reduce End-to-End Flexibility Source Cycle Time (AQLT=ALT+PLT)) 307 276 261 246 31 Days 31 Days Cycle Time Cost / Flying Hour: TOTAL $13,258 $11,933 $11,270 $10,607 $1,989 $492,816,287 (AFTOC FY04 Actuals) a. Cost / Flying Hour: Mission Personnel $4,765 $4,288 $4,050 $3,812 $715 $177,075,483 b. Cost / Flying Hour: Unit-Level $1,426 $1,283 $1,212 $1,141 $214 $52,963,799 Cost Effective Supply Consumption, excluding AVFUEL INTERNAL Cost Chain Operations c. Cost / Flying Hour: AVFUEL $1,652 $1,487 $1,405 $1,322 $248 $61,391,470 d. Cost / Flying Hour: Depot-Level Maint $2,594 $2,334 $2,205 $2,075 $389 $96,379,168 (not DLR) e. Cost / Flying Hour: Contractor, $2,822 $2,540 $2,399 $2,258 $423 $104,857,674 Sustaining, & Indirect Support Asset N/A N/A $0 14 SRA PROPRIERTARY PRACTITIONER BASED – SOLDIER FOCUSED – ARFORGEN ENABLING
  15. 15. Performance Based Lifecycle Management (PBLM©) Product Manager Government P BL M Product Product Product Product Support Support Support Support Integrator Manager Integrator Provider Happy Place Customer 15 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  16. 16. Integrate & Synchronize Acquisition, Logistics & Technology • LCM GOALS RDT&E, PA $$$ OMA, AWCF $$$ Life Cycle Cost – Overcome culture of “Acquisition COMMITTED $40B+ in FY08 then Logistics” 100 – Reduce Life Cycle Cost Shift CUM PERCENT – Optimized decision making ACTUAL FUNDS 28.6% of SPENT the – Affordability Benefits Army’s budget – Increased sustainability 0 A B C YEARS – Better Responsiveness to RDT&E Supportability Customer Requirements PRODUCTION – Equip and Sustain OPERATION & SUPPORT – Better, Faster, & Cheaper What can we leverage to help address these problems? 16 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  17. 17. What is Performance Based Logistics? It’s all about It’s not about Buying Results Buying Resources Not Provider Assumes Responsibility Buyer assumes responsibility for Buyer wants a solution that works performance results Using Performance Using Design Not Specifications Specifications Defining the Process and Buying a Solution or Methods to achieve a pre- Not Outcome determined course of action Assigning Assigning Responsibility Responsibility to the Not to the Requiring Provider Organization 17 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  18. 18. LIFECYCLE LMS View of PBLM CONOPS 1 2 3 4 5 GOALS INCREASE REDUCE IMPROVE REDUCE INTEGRATE / REDUCE Mission Reliability Logistics Response Time Operational Availability Cost Per Unit Usage Logistics Footprint 6 OBJECTIVES 7 8 LIFE CYCLE ENABLE OPTIMIZE AND CONTROL ESTABLISH CLEAR LINKAGES Effective LCM strategies and mechanisms End to End LCM performance, Between process performance and LCM that promote, foster and direct LCM Proactively responding to non-immediate Objectives, for day to day monitoring, improvements and immediate issues execution and redirection RESPONSIBILITY 9 10 11 12 13 14 ADVOCATE SUPPORT CONDUCT INFLUENCE STANDARDIZE PREPARE LCM interests LCM LCM constraint Buy/repair priorities and consolidate and present with players improvement analysis and execution reqs. and reports formal reviews 15 16 17 18 19 20 APPROACH MANAGE DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE REALIZE CONTROL LCM operations or understand LCM the LCM LCM to a strategic LCM process performance process Process business plan process performance data improvements performance COMPETENCIES PROCESS 21 22 23 24 25 26 EQUIP ANALYZE ADVOCATE INTEGRATE MONITOR INFLUENCE Strategic Business Business Collaboration Continuous Team Business process case & relationship process based planning performance development management improvement thinking ENABLERS 29 30 27 31 32 28 LCM Value propositions Executive LCM Clear and Organizational standardization For Weapons sponsorship Process Consistent Construct SCOR, DCOR, Systems for LCM role transparency communications CCOR Data/input/output © 2009 SRA International. All rights reserved 18 ® Registered Copyright of the Supply Chain Council, Inc. SRA PROPRIERTARY
  19. 19. LMS PBLM Construct PM Oversight & Accountability (MONITORS) PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES PSI (EXECUTES) Product Support Product Support Program Providers PBA Integrator PBA Manager PBA Customer (PSP) (PSI) (PM) MOU F Com DLA MACOMs MOA L PSP1 E Com Product Support FMS Organic SYSTEMS X Supplier SYSTEMS Manager I PSP2 SUBSYSTEMS B SUBSYSTEMS (PSM) AMC NATO COMPONENTS I COMPONENTS PSP3 L Monitors Other I TRADOC Performance Services PSP4 PPP T Y Other Data Other Services Warehouse Agencies (REDIRECTS) Business Case Analysis (Benchmarking) 19 SRA PROPRIERTARY
  20. 20. Senior Principal Lifecycle Management Solutions Bob Daniell 732‐861‐1487 • 4 Years Regular Army 75th Rangers, 101st Airborne. • 25 Years Commercial Experience – Operations P&L, IT,  Supply Chain P&L, Management Consulting. • Johnson & Johnson, Dun & Bradstreet, Siemens, Barnes & Noble,  Supply Chain Associates, Total Plastics, Xelocity Ltd, SRA International.  • 6 Years implementing SCOR® best practices within DoD at operational levels. (KC‐135, B‐52, A‐10, AFMC, PM CAS, CECOM LCMC) • Has project led 18 SCOR SCE Implementations within industry and DOD. (Siemens Warranty Management, B16 Class IX Retrograde) • APICS Certified, L6S Master Black Belt, SCC Certified SCOR®/M, PBL Practitioner.  • Chairperson for SCOR® SOURCE Technical Development Committee 1998‐1999. • Chartered the SCC SCOR® Lean Six Sigma Convergence Forum in 2003. • Two‐Time Winner of SCC Award for Operations Excellence (1998 and 2009). • Currently Life Cycle Management Technical Program Lead for SRA International. • International SCM experience in Haiti, China, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand) • Something Unique About Me.... Lacrosse Player, Founder, Coach, Referee, Author, Past Owner 1970 20 ® Registered Copyright of the Supply Chain Council, Inc. SRA PROPRIERTARY
  21. 21. Bob Daniell Senior Principal Lifecycle Management Solutions Give Us A Call 732‐861‐1487 21 SRA PROPRIERTARY