Volunteering ACT Sponsorship Presentation 27 June 2009


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Volunteering ACT Sponsorship Presentation 27 June 2009

  1. 1. sponsorship and fund raising sponsorship and fund raising for smaller community groups
  2. 2. We’re looking at… Budgeting Potential sources of funds Sponsorships Media Partnerships Fund raising events
  3. 3. Why are you raising money?
  4. 4. We need money for Events Ongoing programs for our clients New projects Equipment Education and training Awards Scholarships Research Survival
  5. 5. Understand the financials <ul><ul><li>Operating costs </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Staff costs </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Admin costs </li></ul></ul>people will rarely provide money for your admin costs
  6. 6. Funding Sources - Donations Direct appeals Online donations Planned giving Bequests Door knocks Telephone appeals Direct mail Service Clubs
  7. 7. Funding Sources - Grants Federal Government State and local government Companies Service and other clubs Philanthropic foundations Benefactors
  8. 8. Funding Sources - Sponsorship Long term Event specific In-kind support Media partnerships Employee involvement
  9. 9. Funding Sources - Members Fees and dues Alumni “ Friends” Supporters Past clients
  10. 10. Funding Sources - Income Charge for services Charge for information Charge for access to membership details Merchandise sales Selling others’ products Hiring fees
  11. 11. Funding Sources - Events Special events Annual fund raisers Support others’ event (help with parking, catering, set up, mail drops)
  12. 12. Sponsorship
  13. 13. What does a sponsor want? Exclusivity Financial gain Access to markets Access to information Image and goodwill Recognition Contribution to the community
  14. 14. What does a sponsorship policy cover?
  15. 15. Sponsorship policy The “property” - what are the funds for? Types of organization you will accept help from? How much money is needed? What will you offer sponsors? Who will be approve the sponsorship? Manage the sponsorship? Are we willing to fund a sponsorship proposal (travel, production) How and who will you deliver on your promise?
  16. 16. What benefits can you offer? Naming rights Official product or supplier Exclusivity Endorsement Media and advertising Signage, publications, online Access to membership/clients Merchandising rights Venue sales and catering % of profits or proceeds Consulting services Our networks Our data
  17. 17. Potential Sponsors “ Hit List” Industries we deal with Specific companies Specific individuals
  18. 18. Research potential sponsors What they sponsor When they sponsor? Sponsorship guidelines? Is there a specific format? Who to contact? Is there a national/international precedent? Organisation’s website Annual report Publications Google Ask the marketing team
  19. 20. What’s in a sponsorship proposal Who you are “ Property” details Research you have done How you will market your event/program Benefits you offer the sponsor Investment Way ahead
  20. 21. Timeframes for sponsors Very significant activity = 12 + months Key activities = 6 – 12 months or for major in-kind support Transactional = Under 6 months or for minor in-kind support
  21. 22. Sponsorship paperwork Sponsorship proposal (3-5 pages) Covering letter (1 page) Meeting thank you letter (1 page) Contract/memorandum of understanding/letter of agreement Rejection thank you letter (1 page) Database of sponsor contacts, reports etc
  22. 23. Servicing the sponsorship Responsibilities Patron, CEO and Board involvement Checklist to ensure you meet your promises Regular updates Written updates All variations in writing Immerse the sponsor in what you do
  23. 24. A continuous conversation Show appreciation from start to finish Communicate continually Show proof of performance
  24. 25. Special fundraising events
  25. 26. Why special events? Good way to bring your volunteers together Provides a platform to seek sponsors and donations Creates exposure for you, your sponsors and supporters
  26. 27. What kind of special events could you arrange?
  27. 28. sales fetes garage sales trivia nights fashion parades talent contests art shows cultural evenings dances discos film nights restaurant functions walk-athons read-athons games nights fun runs raffles competitions auctions entertainment books Special Events
  28. 29. Charity and novelty auctions can be a fun way to fund raise Different events
  29. 30. Work with a Council Volunteering Wingecarribbee got a Council grant to photograph local volunteers in action. The images will be on the group’s website and used in a local photo exhibition
  30. 31. Work with a university The University of Canberra is sponsoring Tuggeranong Arts centre to run a video making competition for final year high school students
  31. 32. Work with big business 24 February 2009 IHOP and Children's Miracle Network want to raise $1m Free pancakes between 7:00am and 10:am Donations and merchandise on sale $1.3m
  32. 33. 6 lessons when working with others If you are small ….you are easily overlooked If you are small …. people need to know about you and your cause If you are small ….you need to be persistent, targeted and disciplined If you are small ….you must be creative and different If you are small …. deliver what you promise If you are small …. say thank you often
  33. 34. www.ourcommunity.com.au has great resources for not for profits