Tell stories to promote your Club


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Tell stories to promote your Club

  1. 1. promote your club in 2013promote your club in 2013……. one story at a time …. one story at a time …
  2. 2. Why Lions stories can doWhy Lions stories can dorecruit new membersrecruit new membersretain current membersretain current memberscontinue community supportcontinue community supportcontinue community recognitioncontinue community recognition
  3. 3. Community environmentCommunity environmenttime poortime poorcommunications cluttercommunications clutterevolving volunteer modelsevolving volunteer modelscompetition from otherscompetition from others
  4. 4. Achievements become stories
  5. 5. Club achievement
  6. 6. what was the situation before Lionswhat was the situation before Lionshow did he/she hear about Lionshow did he/she hear about Lionswho are the Lions helpingwho are the Lions helpinghow exactly did Lions helphow exactly did Lions helpwhat was the resultwhat was the resultcall to action for the communitycall to action for the community
  7. 7. narrativenarrativenot about us … about themnot about us … about themsimple & understandablesimple & understandablehuman interesthuman interestlocal benefitlocal benefitcall to actioncall to actionMessagesMessages
  8. 8. who are theywho are theywhere are theywhere are theywhat do they know about Lionswhat do they know about Lionshow do we connect with themhow do we connect with themPersons of interest
  9. 9. some-one in your communitysome-one in your communityusing their networks to help Lionsusing their networks to help LionsKey influencersKey influencers
  10. 10. Who Aussies trustWho Aussies trust
  11. 11. Delivering your storyDelivering your story
  12. 12. benefitsbenefitsrisksrisksdifferent environmentsdifferent environmentsrealistic expectationsrealistic expectationsWorking with local mediaWorking with local media
  13. 13. Be newsworthyBe newsworthy something newhuman interestlocal benefittrends (local and national)the st factor (first, latest etc)images and statistics
  14. 14. Club media toolsClub media toolsmedia backgroundermedia backgrounder• your clubyour club• hearing dog programhearing dog programmedia release built on your storymedia release built on your storymedia alertmedia alert
  15. 15. Own mediaOwn media
  16. 16. Social mediaSocial mediaone to one conversationsone to one conversationsDIYDIYfree but intensivefree but intensivebrand journalismbrand journalism
  17. 17. Club social mediaClub social mediatype of informationtype of informationcontrol and privacycontrol and privacyfrequency and commitmentfrequency and commitmentcriticismcriticism
  18. 18. Paid mediaPaid media
  19. 19. Re-purpose yourRe-purpose yourstoriesstories
  20. 20. BudgetBudgetyour storiesyour stories
  21. 21. Schedule your storiesSchedule your stories
  22. 22. measure your storiesmeasure your stories
  23. 23. club reviewclub reviewmine your calendar for storiesmine your calendar for storiesconsider district/national needsconsider district/national needsset expectations (4/4)set expectations (4/4)share the effortshare the effortNext 100 daysNext 100 days
  24. 24. light up your PR with storiesof people you help
  25. 25. ContactContacttel:tel: 0401 063 3870401 063 387email:email: @bobcraw@bobcraw