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Griffith Workshop 13 November 2009
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  • Build Up Slide Let’s look reaching can producers using geographic segmentation. We know that sugar cane grows in three states: 95% comes from QLD 5% comes from NSW WA grows a small amount in the Ord River. Breaking that down further
  • Build Up slide In QLD a key geographic area in Far North Queensland. Within FNQ, the Shire of Hinchinbrook is a key area for growers.
  • Using geography let’s put a face to the cane growing constituency of Australia: 14 000 people live in the shire. Herbert River Express is the local (weekly) paper and that is published by the Townsville daily Bulletin 4KZ Innisfail is the most listened to commercial station and likes to carry news of interest to people in the area. May 2004 Australian-Italian Festival is the biggest event in the area and a good way to reach a lot of locals people in a short time. And for Key stakeholders we know that: Mayor Keith Phillips is a member of Lions. Three of the councilors are long time cane growers (Arthur Bosworth, Sherry Kaurila and Paul Mizzi) Male councilors all have fishing and boating as a common hobby.


  • 1. Promote your organisation for $500 or less Volunteering ACT Initiative
  • 2.  
  • 3.  
  • 4. www.harmony.gov.au www.ourcommunity.com.au/marketing
  • 5. http://mainestreet1.blogspot.com/
  • 6. Overview three low cost strategies mini - workshops Loads of discussion and ideas
  • 7. Likely reaction we could try that! you want us to do what? 0k here’s what we can do
  • 8. Why Raise Awareness? Promote services Maximise funding Attract new members Earn recognition
  • 9. Today’s marketing environment time poor community changing expectations corporate social responsibility communications environment
  • 10. Marketing truths When you don’t promote yourself No-one but you The triangle of effort Clean up the backroom No silver bullet
  • 11. know your values communications audit who we want to reach clear messages delivery systems timetable money being accountable Formula for increasing awareness
  • 12. Marketing is like herding cats
  • 13. Know your values
  • 14. Set marketing objectives S Specific - what exactly are you going to do M Measurable goals A Agreed - by your Board etc R Realistic - achievable within culture, budget T Limited by time
  • 15.
    • Over the next 12 months we want to:
      • Tell 25% more families with young children what we do
      • Attract 10 additional volunteers to run programs
      • Boost attendance at parent evenings by 10%
      • Increase donations by 10%
      • Secure a $5000 sponsorship
    Example objectives
  • 16. Identify your objectives Workshop #1
  • 17. what do we do now? what works? what do we keep? what do we abandon? Communications audit
  • 18. Key Audiences who are they? where are they? what do they think about us? What would get their interest? how can we reach them? Your audiences
  • 19. reaching cane growers                                                                                                                                                        
  • 20.                                                                                                                                 
  • 21. Hinchinbrook Shire 14 000 people Herbert River Express 4KZ and ABC Tvlle Australian-Italian Festival in May
  • 22. Things about today’s audiences They’re busy ….. so ….. keep it short and sharp They’re sophisticated ….. so ….. they expect you to be good They’re sceptical ….. so ….. earn their trust They’re info’d out ….. so ….. get their interest They’re diverse ….. so ….. be respectful
  • 23.  
  • 24. some-one who can use their networks to help or hinder you Key influencers
  • 25. The Aussie trust test Readers Digest
  • 26. What can your key influencers do? Network Positive word of mouth Media Communications channels Events
  • 27.  
  • 28. Which audiences count most? Key Relationships Active Dialogue General Information
  • 29.
      • understandable
      • relevant
      • consistent
    Your message “ Trade is important for Australia: 1 in 5 jobs depends on trade” DFAT “ This is about whales for lunch not whales for science” Anthony Albanese MP “ Make Poverty History” Bob Geldorf
  • 30.  
  • 31. Why should people trust you facts n’ figures case studies stories research and reports comparisons contrasts previous record … above all stories
  • 32. Stories that work Aspirations and beliefs David vs. Goliath Avalanche about to roll Counterintuitive/challenging Human interest How-to stories and advice Glitz and glam Seasonal/event-related
  • 33.  
  • 34. Time for a break?
  • 35. Low cost marketing strategies
  • 36.  
  • 37. Editorial calendars Different sections of the paper Letters to the Editor Opinion-Editorial Tips for Print
  • 38. Other People’s Newsletters What to offer the Editor 100 words 250 words 500 words Image and logo
  • 39.  
  • 40. TV is ruled by deadlines Reliance on easy to get news Stories presented in black and white Limited time for your story About TV
  • 41.  
  • 42.
    • Regional Listeners
      • 20% listen 20+hours each week
      • 55% talk about what they hear on radio
      • 23% trust local radio to inform them
      • 56% listen for information / news on their area
      • 67% prefer ads that give information
    • Nielsen Media Research,
    • Panorama, National Survey 3
    Regional radio works
  • 43. The media is attracted by… Newsworthy Calendar Dates Topical Issues
  • 44. December Internl Volunteer Day School year ends Christmas November Remembrance Day Melbourne Cup End of university year October Mental Health Week Water Week Mental Health Week Breast Cancer Day September Start of spring Floriade Citizenship Day Father’s Day August Vietnam Veterans Day Missing Persons Week Hearing Awareness Month Literacy and Numeracy Week July Christmas in July Small Business Awards Diabetes Week June Environment Day Tax time Ski season May May Day Mother’s Day Law Week Heart Week Volunteer Week April April Fools Arthritis Awareness ANZAC Day Road safety Easter March Internl Women’s Day Clean up Australia Harmony Day Canberra Day February Return to school Valentines Day January New Year resolutions Australia Day Summer holidays Children with special needs Young people starting work Tip: Use the calendar
  • 45. Use topicality
  • 46. Handy media tools
    • Media backgrounder
    • Three types of media release
      • Personalities
      • Events
      • Comment on trends
  • 47. Online strategies Your site Other people’s sites Council site Media sites Local business sites Tourist sites Local sports sites
  • 48. Social media blogs e-newsletters Facebook myspace bebo second life podcasts twitter YouTube Flickr
  • 49.  
  • 50.  
  • 51.  
  • 52.  
  • 53. How will we use social media? Control of information Privacy of members Frequency Guidelines on criticism Who does it Copyright Considerations
  • 54.  
  • 55. How word of mouth works
  • 56. What word of mouth needs Topics Talkers Tools Tracking Continuity
  • 57. Other (non media) opportunities Publications Signs Partnerships Events Government relations Direct marketing
  • 58. How low cost strategies combine Radio TV Newspaper Other Website Word of mouth Text message Email Blog Other
  • 59. Continue the conversation
  • 60. Budget Own Tasks Events Government relations Industry leadership Internal communications Media documents Databases Draft publications Word of mouth marketing Mentoring Case studies Copy for publications Media Specialist Support Mentoring staff Advertising Threat planning Website design Print Design Printing Media training Commercial photography
  • 61. Measure your marketing
  • 62. communications audit defining who we need to reach clear messages delivery systems timeframe budget measure your marketing Formula for greater awareness
  • 63. Budget Planning No follow through Marketing as a single event not a process! Threats you face
  • 64. 3B’s of community marketing Be persistent Be creative Be analytical
  • 65. http://mainestreet1.blogspot.com/
  • 66.  
  • 67. Measure your marketing Website Media Industry leadership Government relations Events Advertising Numbers of visitors Time people remain on the site Page rankings Feedback obtained through the site Number of media items Favourability of coverage achieved Requests from the media for information on relevant issues “ Share of media voice” on relevant issues Reaction to our research and reports Invitations to be represented at events, on panels etc Degree to which other organisations seek our views Requests from the media for information on relevant issues Appointments made with senior officials and Ministers Access to decision makers Invitations to participate in government publications, events, panels Number of MPs and officials that attend events, site visits etc Staff and Board’s subjective assessment of the state of relationships Numbers attending Numbers of VIPs Media coverage Our subjective assessment of success Inquiries/phone calls Website visitors Attendance at events Feedback from key people