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  • 1. Pulse Breakfast Forum 2010 Prepared by Pulse Group PLC Date: 11 th March 2010 SPORTING FEVER 2010
  • 7. RESEARCH DESIGN-OVERVIEW Random and Nationally Representative Sampling Qualifications Method Online Length of interview 25 minutes Sample Size n=1000 Males & Females aged 18 and above Research Area Malaysia Research Period Feb – March 2010
  • 8. General sporting events
  • 9. Badminton (73%), Football (48%) and Swimming (35%) are the top 3 sports /games played TYPE OF SPORTS/GAMES PLAYED Base: All respondent s S3/S4. Which of the following sports / games do you follow / personally plays? 73% of Malaysians follow Badminton
  • 10. When it comes to spending on sports equipments, overall 39% remained unchanged this year. Males are more likely to spend more in this year compared to females, and within the Younger age groups (18-30) as well. Base: All respondents S5.Will you spend more or less on sports equipments this year? EXPENDITURE ON SPORTING EQUIPMENT
  • 11. FIFA World Cup are the most interesting sporting event for all respondents (41%), followed by Winter Olympics in Vancouver (18%) S6. What are the major upcoming sporting events happening this year that you are aware of? / S7. Based on the following list of sporting events, please rank from 1-5 in order of interest to you. MAIN SPORTING EVENTS Order of interest Top Rank Base: All respondents 41% 18% 10% 16% 11%
  • 12. FIFA World Cup & Winter Olympics are the main sporting events on TV for both male & female respondents, Commonwealth games seem to be favored among female respondents. Base: All respondents S8.What would be your most watched major sporting event on TV? (SA) MAIN SPORTING EVENTS ON TV
  • 13. S9. Which of the following local / international sporting events that you would watch either live at the stadium / sports complex / circuits or on TV? Formula One Grand Prix (25%) and Thomas /Uber Cup (19%) are the top two sporting events watched live at the stadium VIEWING MEDIUM Base: All respondents
  • 14. Home(89%) is the right place to watch TV and followed by Mamak stall’s (42%) Base: All respondents S10. Where would you usually watch these live sporting events, which are televised on TV? (MA) VIEWING LOCATION
  • 15. ‘ Man Utd’ (41%) is the leading favorite English Premier League team Base: All respondents S11.Which is your favorite BPL team? FAVORITE EPL TEAM’s
  • 16. Strength of association among the favorite English Premier League Team’s Team association is high among men(26%) compared over females(7%) S12.How long have you been a fan of this team? EPL ASSOCIATION Base: All respondents
  • 17. Cristiano Ronaldo & Kaka are the leading players among international sports personalities While Lee Chong Wei & Nicol David are the top 2 local sports personalities. Base: All respondents S13. Based on the following list, who are your Top 5 favourite local and international sports personalities? SPORTS PERSONALITIES International Players Local Players
  • 18. Without Tiger Woods, the PGA will lack following. Ratings have proven so Base: All respondents S15.what would PGA without Tiger Woods? (SA) PGA WITHOUT TIGER WOODS
  • 19. Badminton is the dominant game in Malaysia, Followed by Squash (58%) & bowling (44%) Base All respondents S16. Which sporting category do you think Malaysia can dominate? DOMINANT GAMES by TEAM MALAYSIA
  • 20. 26% of total respondents are expecting the Lotus F1 Team to perform successfully in 2010, With an optimistic and encouraging following throwing support behind them Base: All respondents S17.With the participation of 1Malaysia F1 Team in 2010, how well do you expect the team to fare? LOTUS F1 TEAM PERFORMANCE
  • 21. Astro (25%) is also perceived as a suitable sponsor, while Petronas & AirAsia are the top 2 sponsors. Base: All respondents S19. Which Malaysian brands do you think will be best suited to sponsor our 1Malaysia F1 Team? LOTUS F1 TEAM SPONSORS
  • 22. Sporting Icons
  • 23. Overall 3 out of 4 respondents, accepts that sport’s personalities image reflect the image of affiliated sponsors. Older age respondents are more prone to correlate the images of players with affiliated sponsors S14.In your opinion, to what extent would the images of sports personalities reflect the images of affiliated sponsors? (SA) BRAND ASSOCIATION Base: All respondents
  • 24. Tiger Wood Average Very Professional , not very playful, but moderately friendly and relaxed TIGER WOODS (Pre-scandal)
  • 25. David Beckham Region Universal Average Professional and exciting and moderately mature and sophisticated . He is however seen as quite unfriendly and not very natural . DAVID BECKHAM (Post Scandal)
  • 26. Overall 3 out of 4 respondents, accepts that sport’s personalities image reflect the image of affiliated sponsors. Older age respondents are more prone to correlate the images of players with affiliated sponsors S14.In your opinion, to what extent would the images of sports personalities reflect the images of affiliated sponsors? (SA) BRAND ASSOCIATION Base: All respondents
  • 27. Overall, 70% of respondents felt that the recent financial crisis affected sponsorships. Base: All respondents S20. In your opinion, how has the recent financial crisis affected sponsorship of these major sporting events? FINANCIAL IMPACT ON SPONSORSHIPS
  • 28. The Malaysian Scene
  • 29. Sports Development programs (73%) and exposure(61%) are mainly required in making regional/global stars from among Malaysian Athletes. Base: All respondents S21. What is lacking / required in making regional/ global stars from Malaysian athletes? AREA OF IMPROVEMENTS
  • 30. Development programs with Good mentoring capabilities like Coaching, Psychology & Management are the top 3 needs of Malaysian Sports Camp. Base: All respondents S22. What are the sport development programs needed in our Malaysian sports camp? SPORTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS
  • 31. Apart from World Football Championship(49%), F1 Powerboat racing (46%) & World Snooker Championship (42%) are events requested in Malaysia. Base: All respondents S23. What sporting event would you like to see come to our shores in the next 5 years? OTHER SPORTING EVENTS
  • 32. FIFA World Cup 2010
  • 33. Brazil is top most, England (2 nd ) and followed by Germany, Argentina & Spain are the favorite winning teams in FIFA world cup 2010. Base: All respondents S24/S25 Please select your Top 5 favourite teams for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. / Which team would be win MOST FAVORED WORLD CUP TEAMS Winning Team would want to be … 41% 13% 8% 8% 4% 4% 8% 2% 1% 1%
  • 34. Kaka , Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo are top 3 players to watch out during the World Cup Base: All respondents S26. Who are the players to watch out for during the World Cup? TOP WORLD CUP PLAYERS
  • 35. Overall, almost 9 out 10 respondents would plan to watch live matches on TV Base: All respondents S27.Do you plan to watch these matches live on TV? TV VIEWERSHIP
  • 36. When it comes to late night timings, only 60% of total respondents would plan to watch live matches. Males are more likely to watch than females Base: All respondents S28.Do you plan to watch these matches live on TV between 10pm to 4am in the morning for a period of 30days? WHO PLANS TO WATCH
  • 37. Making coffee (65%) is the key activity during half time break Base: All respondents S29. What do you usually do during half time break if you watch it from home? ACTIVITY AT HOME
  • 38. 1/3 rd of respondents are likely to watch Replays after viewing live matches Base: All respondents S30.How likely are you to watch replays after you have watched the live matches? REPLAYS
  • 39. 59% of respondents would buy World cup merchandise during World Cup season Base: All respondents S31.Would you buy World Cup merchandise during the World Cup season? WORLD CUP MERCHANDISING
  • 40. Favorite country jersey (41%) & Memorabilia’s (30%) are among the top two items to get Base: Those would buy (n=352) S32. If yes, what are the items that you would get? ITEMS TO BUY
  • 41. When it comes to inviting “who” to watch TV live at home, top most priority are given to Friends (91%) , Base: All respondents S33. If you were to host the live matches on TV at your home, who would you invite? WHO TO WATCH WITH ?
  • 42. Adidas (65%) ,Coca-cola (61%) are the top two brands advertised and the next two are Visa (46%) & Sony (41%) Base: All respondents S34. In the run-up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, which of the following brands have you seen advertised? TOP BRANDS
  • 43. Media Consumption
  • 44. The Internet (88%) & TV(67%) are the preferred source in getting updates and information regarding favorite sporting events & football teams. Base: All respondents S35. What are your preferred sources of getting the latest updates and information regarding your favourite sporting events and teams? SOURCE OF INFORMATION
  • 45. Overall 81% of total respondents subscribe to Astro. Whereas 16% are currently with Astro B.yond. There are slightly more (21%) among young (18-25) subscribers. Base: All respondents S36.Do you or anyone in your household subscribe to Astro? S37.Are you currently subscribed to Astro B.yond? ASTRO SUBSCRIBERS
  • 46. Among all respondents currently subscribing to Astro b.yond, more than 61% are willing to pay RM20 or more for the upcoming World Cup series option Base: Those currently subscribe to Astro b.yond (n=95) S38.upcoming World Cup series, are you willing to pay RM20 more for this option? WORLD CUP OPTIONS (Astro Beyond)
  • 47. 2 out of 5 respondents would pay for the‘Pay per view’ TV programs Base: All respondents S39.Would you pay for ‘Pay per view’ TV programs? PAY PER VIEW
  • 48. Almost 50% of all respondents are aware of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Base: All respondents S40.Do you know what is Internet Protocol television (IPTV)? AWARE OF IPTV
  • 50. Thank You! Outsource…the new insource