The Progress of an  S&T Information Gateway
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The Progress of an S&T Information Gateway



by Dr. Ted Lau

by Dr. Ted Lau



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The Progress of an  S&T Information Gateway The Progress of an S&T Information Gateway Presentation Transcript

  • The Progress of an S&T Information Gateway for Taiwan Dr. Ted Lau, Senior Engineer The Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) National Applied Research Laboratory (NARL) March 27, 2009
  • Topics
    • From Open Source to Open Access
    • Taiwan Government’s Policy and Its Implementation for Sharing S&T Information
    • Toward an Open Access S&T Information Gateway for Taiwan
  • Open Source Movement
    • Richard Stallman launched GNU project in 1983 and founded Free Software Foundation in 1985.
    • GNU General Public License (GPL) was designed to promote copyleft and more free software.
    • Free software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
    • Linux and FreeBSD distribution ramped up in Taiwan during 1994 - 1998.
  • Copyright Status in Taiwan
    • First Taiwanese Newspaper: Taiwan Hu-Sia Church News, July 1885, published by Rev. Thomas Barclay, a missionary from Scotland.
    • Japan’s Copyright Law applied to Formosa during 1899 - 1945.
    • ROC Copyright Law has been in operation since1928 and on Taiwan since 1945.
    • Significant modifications were made during 1985 - 1998 under the pressure of the US and to be compliant with WTO/TRIPS.
    • There is no GPL/Copyleft related legal term.
  • Creative Commons Taiwan
    • Researcher in the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica learned about Creative Commons while doing open source project.
    • The Institute joined iCommons project in November 2003 and formed Creative Commons Taiwan. (
  • Serials Crisis in ARL The subscription expense on research journals in 2004 is 2.73 times that in 1986.
  • Trend of Licensing Fee in Taiwan (in Million US$ ) Figures are limited to payments negotiated through Concert.
  • Serials Crisis in Taiwan
    • For the past 8 years in National Taiwan University, a steady 10% yearly library budget increase has been devoured by the raising cost of the subscriptions.
    • In National Chiao Tung University, for the past 5 years, the library has to cut down subscriptions or switch to alternatives of lower cost due to budget freeze.
  • Open Access Movement
    • The worldwide effort to provide free online access to scientific and scholarly research literature, especially peer-reviewed journal articles and their preprints.
    • In OA self-archiving , authors publish in a subscription journal, but in addition make their articles freely accessible online.
    • In OA publishing , authors publish in open access journals that make their articles freely accessible online immediately upon publication.
  • Declaration on OA
    • The OA movement has gained momentum through three major statements made:
      • Budapest Open Access Initiative (February 2002)
      • Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing (June 2003)
      • Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (October 2003)
  • Citation Impact
    • In England and Germany, open access increased citations of articles by around 5%.
    • while in India the increase was almost 25% and close to 30% in Brazil.
    • The influence dipped back to 12–16% in very poor countries, such as Afghanistan, Uganda and Nepal.
    Source: Science 20 February 2009 Open Access and Global Participation in Science. James A. Evans and Jacob Reimer.
  • Pilot Agreement for Open Access Journal Publishing
    • Articles by UC-affiliated authors accepted for publication in a Springer journal beginning in 2009 will be published using Springer Open Choice with full and immediate open access.
    • UC faculty members want open access publishing options in order to increase the impact of their published work and eliminate barriers to educational and research use.
  • WorldWideScience Alliance
    • was launched in June 2007, aimed to be the Global Science Gateway.
    • The Alliance was formally founded in June 2008 in Seoul, Korea.
    • Operating Agent: Office of Scientific & Technical Information, United States Department of Energy.
    • Now with 45 countries participating.
  • Within S&T Basic Law of Taiwan
    • Item 20 (effective in January 1999 ): The government should set up policy for sharing S&T information and take an integral approach for creating an information network system encompassing domestic as well as foreign S&T research and development efforts.
  • Government Information Act
    • Put into law at the end of 2005.
    • Item 7 : unless otherwise defined, government should publish all reports produced by all research projects that are funded through government budget.
    • The exceptions, that are defined in Item 18, include national security information and information that may invade personal privacy, expose business/trade secret or hinder the author’s copyright.
  • Information on S&T Performance
    • Established in 1959, the National Science Council (NSC) is the highest government agency responsible for promoting the development of science and technology.
    • NSC conducts yearly national S&T survey and publishes Indicators of Science and Technology, Taiwan . (
    • NSC assigns STPI/NARL to edit and publish Yearbook of Science and Technology, Taiwan ROC . (
  • Government Research Bulletin GRB Search Number of records: 58,538 Total inquiries in 2008: 585,214 Abstract of Proposals Abstract of Research Reports TW Research Institutions Meetings Proceedings Full text Research Reports
  • CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan
    • Established in 1998
    • Facilitate the licensing of foreign electronic resources through group purchasing and resource sharing
    • Cost down the expense of purchasing
    • Around 210 members (169 universities, 41 government institutions) in 2008
    • Leased 41 database systems including 110 databases
  • Nationwide Document Delivery Services
    • Established in 1999
    • Integrate library resources and enable information sharing
    • Incorporate the union catalogues of the major local libraries
    • Around 437 members in 2008 include libraries, universities, research institutes, corporations and individual researchers
    • Number of document requested in 2008 is 146,339
  • STPI Think Tank
    • Established in September 2005
    • A platform for exchanging S&T policy ideas
    • A bridge between government and civic society
    • Topics of Concentration: Nature Disaster Prevention and Recovery, Environmental Protection, Agriculture Biotechnology, Energy Resources, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, and Information Society
    • In 2004, TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network designed by the Center for High-performance Computing under NARL to serve the research and education communities in Taiwan.
    • TWAREN can serve as the infrastructure for the eventual “integral system” as mandated by the Law.
  • About NARL Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI)
  • S&T Information Gateway
  • Problems Encountered
    • Copyright?
    • Academic Credit?
    • Quality of Research Results Published?
    • Cooperation from External Institutions and Researchers?
  • Thank You and Have a Nice Day!