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Childhood obesity 2
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  • 1. CHILDHOOD OBESITY IN AMERICA By Anooshka, Kassie, Ross, Chay, Henry
  • 2. WHAT IS IT?  Lots Body fat  Over weight  Medical condition  BMI 30+( BMI is body Mass index)
  • 3. AFFECTS  Heart disease  High Blood Pressure  Cancer  Stroke  Diabetes
  • 4. CAUSES  Kids eat in front of TV  No Nutrition School  Not Enough Sleep  Unhealthy diets  Parents Overweight
  • 5. HOW OBESITY HAS CHANGED OVER TIME. 1985 10% 10%--14% No data Alabama New Mexico Arizona Georgia Alaska Oklahoma California Indiana Oregon Connecticut Kentucky Arkansas Pennsylvania Florida North Dakota Colorado South Dakota Idaho Ohio Delaware Texas Illinois South Carolina D.C. Vermont Minnesota West Virginia Hawaii Virginia Montana Wisconsin Iowa Washington New York Kansas Wyoming North Carolina Louisiana Rhode island Maine Tennessee Maryland Utah Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey
  • 6. CONTINUE… 1990 10% 10%-14% No data Alaska California Alabama Ohio Arkansas Colorado Arizona Oklahoma D.C. Massachusetts Connecticut Oregon Kansas Minnesota Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey Montana Florida Rhode island Nevada New Mexico Georgia South Carolina Hawaii South Dakota Wyoming New York Idaho Tennessee Utah Illinois Texas Virginia Indiana Vermont Iowa West Virginia Washington Kentucky Wisconsin Louisiana Maine Maryland Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire North Carolina North Dakota
  • 7. CONTINUE… 1995 10% 10%-14% 15% - 19% No Data D. C. none Arizona Alabama West Virginia California Alaska Wisconsin Colorado Arkansas Delaware Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Hawaii Indiana Lowa Idaho Kansas Maine Kentucky Massachusetts Louisiana Montana Maryland Nevada Michigan New Hampshire Minnesota New Jersey Mississippi New York Missouri New Mexico Nebraska Oklahoma North Carolina Oregon North Dakota Rhode Island Ohio South Dakota Pennsylvania Utah South Carolina Vermont Tennessee Washington Texas Wyoming Virginia
  • 8. CONTINUE… 2000 10%-14% 15%-19% 20%-24% No Data D.C. Arizona Virginia Alabama California Washington Alaska Connecticut Wisconsin Arkansas Delaware Wyoming Georgia Florida Illinois Hawaii Indiana Idaho Lowa Maine Kansas Maryland Kentucky Massachusetts Louisiana Minnesota Michigan Montana Mississippi Nevada Missouri New Hampshire Nebraska New Jersey North Carolina New Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island Pennsylvania South Dakota South Carolina Utah Tennessee Vermont Texas West Virginia
  • 9. CONTINUE… 2006 20%-24% 25%-29% 30% 15%-19% Colorado Arizona Vermont Alabama Mississippi Connecticut California Virginia Alaska West Virginia Hawaii D. C. Washington Arkansas Massachusetts Florida Wyoming Delaware Idaho Georgia Illinois Indiana Maine Lowa Maryland Kansas Minnesota Kentucky Montana Louisiana Nevada Michigan New Hamshire Missouri New Jersey Nebraska New Mexico North Carolina New York Ohio North Dakota Oklahoma Oregon South Carolina Pennsylvania Tennessee Rhode Island Texas South Dakota Wisconson Utah
  • 10.  25% of boys are obese  33% of girls are obese  ¾ of parents fail to see their kids are obese  1 in every 5 children are obese in the USA
  • 11. QUIZ What is Obesity? a) BMI 20+ b) BMI 30+ c) BMI 10+
  • 12. What Disease is caused by obesity? a) high blood pressure b) Heart Disease c) Cancer
  • 13. What is the main cause of obesity? a) Unhealthy diets b) Not enough sleep c) Not enough of exercise
  • 14. What two states have the most population of obesity in 2006? a) Alaska, Arizona b) Hawaii, Florida c) West Virginia, Mississippi
  • 15. BIBLIOGRAPHY        
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