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A donkey's desire path
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A donkey's desire path


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Design and user experience approaches to foster behavioural change

Design and user experience approaches to foster behavioural change

Published in: Design, Business, Technology

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  • 1. A donkey’s desire path AKA Design and user experience approaches to foster behavioural change Franco | August 22nd, 2009 CC by giuliomarziale
  • 2. by Phil Gyford UCD Title •  eth Following or leading 22 July 2009 Franco Papeschi | Persuasion 2
  • 3. by Paul Mayne Comfort zone
  • 4. Human traits
  • 5. by colin.brown It happened to me
  • 6. by Marvin (PA) We have never been rational
  • 7. by Lys* Stereotypes and biases
  • 8. by onkel_wart (on/off) Animal, social
  • 9. Authority and reputation
  • 10. Feedback and rewards
  • 11. CC by VermontJm We love stories
  • 12. CC attribution by Adam Melancon Actions influence beliefs influence future behaviour
  • 13. by giuliomarziale Changing?
  • 14. Mass media approaches
  • 15. Attribution 2.0 Generic by psd Miss media
  • 16. Muscle media
  • 17. Heroes (follow the -)
  • 18. Mess media
  • 19. …so what?
  • 20. Follow the path of least resistance Images taken from the livescribe smart pen website. All Rights Belong to livescribe
  • 21. Access to complete information will surely help us get our head around the problem and, thanks to the full knowledge acquired, we are going to change the world (and our behaviour) for better
  • 22. Carbon Diem Mash 22 UECD Sustainability Images taken from the CarbonDiem website. media 23 April 2009 All Rights Belong to Carbon Hero Ltd
  • 23. Reality Checking Device susanna hertrich | Images taken from susanna hertrich’s website. All Rights Belong to susanna hertrich
  • 24. Persuasive Personal Informatics scales – not diet
  • 25. Groups Communities Reputation
  • 26. Booyah society Goals + progress + (nudges) Images taken from the Booyah’s website. All Rights Belong to Booyah
  • 27. by damclean Try me simulations
  • 28. Show consequences Global Sea Level Rise Map (
  • 29. Support to keep motivation (challenge me / support me / punish me)
  • 30. Want Challenge me Inform Measure Sustain me me me Don’t know / Let me Know / believe try believe Appeal to Let me follow me Tell me a path of a story least resistance Confuse me Punish me Don’t want
  • 31. Thank you! Franco Papeschi @bobbywatson Franco dot papeschi at gmail dot com Franco Papeschi Portfolio