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Sed   Ver 9.0  Concept & Idea By Bobby
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Sed Ver 9.0 Concept & Idea By Bobby


The School Of Entrepreneur Development is a virtual on-line school that identifies entrepreneurs in the semi-urban and rural parts of India (In Phase I). …

The School Of Entrepreneur Development is a virtual on-line school that identifies entrepreneurs in the semi-urban and rural parts of India (In Phase I).

Today the need for Entrepreneurs in this society is highly felt. Thanks to the lackadaisical approach of Education Reforms in most Indian Institutions, the Graduate student is faced with the problem of Being Unemployable even though Education per se is touching more and more Indians.

Being Educated does not guarantee Employment and being employed does not gaurantee that one is happy with what one is doing. It is this quest, this inner compass that is within our selves that guides us to what we want to do best with our lives.

More and more youngsters are wanting to be on their own. They have the power of the Internet, the power of computing and the willingness to do more.

Thus, the School of Entrepreneur Development, was born.

The difference between this School and any other is that while the student is learning the student is also earning. The School of Entrepreneur Development hopes to become one of the most connected e-commerce networks, the most happening information network and the most influential distributor of products, produce and information.

Your support in creating this could change the destiny of many thousands of hopeful folks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The School of Entrepreneur Development.

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  • 1. Launch on April 14 th Tamil New Year’s Day
  • 2. Specific Vision of SED To Create Entrepreneurs specifically in the Middle and Lower Middle Income Levels of Semi Urban and Rural India World Class Entrepreneur Development and Leadership Centre. (Certificate in Entrepreneur Development)
  • 3. Why SED or why an entrepreneur school? Unemployability is a bane of Modern India. The School of Entrepreneur Development will bridge the need between creating entrepreneurs, the power of technology and a new structured pedagogy in a clear seamless marriage between opportunity + technology + learning thus leveraging the created network in one seamless motion.
  • 4. Why SED Employees Consumers Shareholders Government General Economy Great opportunities Greater income New products, services Increased wealth Additional tax revenue Reduction in social benefit need Secondary and tertiary creation of opportunities We need to unleash the power of entrepreneurship on the problems facing rural and semi-urban India Entrepreneurship creates positive change
  • 5. Entrepreneurship in India comes in three forms Individual Micro & Small Enterprises Large Markets Types of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship driven by instincts to survive Vegetable vendor Cattle rearing Tea Stall The area of microfinance Supported by small loans between USD $50 - $200 Debt structure; short payback period Proven area for finance Small to medium businesses with scope and employment 5-100 employees Relies on internal business sense to succeed Currently with limited financial support Need USD $20K to $250K Generally rely on personal funds, family, friends, and money lenders Large businesses with large scope and employment Typically run by highly educated managers Exit markets well understood Significant conventional venture capital support Need USD millions in equity Primarily service export or urban focused Proven area for finance
  • 6. Micro and small enterprises are the key, but receive the least support Entrepreneurship Type Synergy w/ Rural and Semi Urban India Individual / Microfinance Flexible, meets local requirements Demonstrated ability to scale numbers of individuals Microfinance an established and growing industry Micro and small enterprise / informal sources Can provide value added employment to multiple people Only need one entrepreneur for multiple increases in income Flexible – tailored to local market and infrastructure requirements Large markets / mainstream venture capital Can mobilize crores of rupees quickly Brings most sophisticated business experience Commercial venture capital entrenched in India Limit to impact Skills of great entrepreneurs not dispersed to others Diminishing returns with market saturation Hamstrung by lack of capital and business building support Scale requirements limit flexibility Limited understanding of rural and semi-urban India Rural and semi-urban India unlikely to be attractive currently Dis-synergy w/ Rural and Semi Urban India Micro and small enterprises are the best current option for entrepreneurial development in rural and semi-urban India
  • 7. COURSE PHILOSOPHY SED Offers the rural and semi-urban students The independence to become their dream The environment to develop necessary skill sets A platform to become an entrepreneur SED believes in the philosophy of ‘ Learning while doing ’. COURSE LOGIC
  • 8. Learning while Doing A child of 2-3 years of age learns a language by itself but in next 10 years of schooling, it is not able to learn a single other language as easily. The only reason for this is that the child learns its mother tongue by the Natural System Of Learning, which involves observation, practicing it further and acquiring the skill. We found that this method of learning is effective. The system of ‘ Learning while Doing, in real life situation’ adopted by SED, involves doing community service work in real life as part of education. Education and Development have been integrated
  • 9. Learning @ SED Psychometric Evaluation to help students unravel their talents, potential and further development Develop Entrepreneurial Interest based on inherent talent Identify and Analyzing SWOT Identifying Markets Identifying Competition Planning Resources Execution Learning to Create a Business Indentifying Self and Talent Developing a Vision Passion Decision Making Team Building Character Commitment Perseverance Innovation & Ideation Intuitive Development Opportunity Seeking Nurture Entrepreneurial skills Learning to Run a Business Mentoring Coaching Ideating Advisory Body
  • 10. Seminar via Computer Mediated Technology/ Video Conference Lecture via Video Conference / collaboration Learning Resource Centre Internet/ WWW Experiencial Learning Environment- Teacher Assisted Pedagogy with Technology Intensely Supportive Learning Environment
  • 11. Course Design from Babson College rated the best undergrad entrepreneurship program in the USA
  • 12. Students choosing an entrepreneurship concentration graduate with a set of skills based on academic study and experiential work that allows them to be confident in starting a new venture and include an understanding of the fundamentals of effectual and causal thinking.  Course Methodology
  • 13. SED Student Profile Some basic Education, but not necessary Have ambition to become an entrepreneur Have a business Dream Age Limit – 60 years
  • 14. SED Game Changer Advantage – It’s a wired world Cellular Connectivity for students! Laptop for students! Internet Connectivity for students!
  • 15. SED Game Changer Advantage – Cloud Computing Teaching Entrepreneurship calls for huge lessons in cost cutting in order to enhance cost, capital and CAPEX efficiency and thus enhance profitability
  • 16. SED Game Changer Advantage – Cloud Computing Teaching Entrepreneurship calls for huge lessons in cost moderation in order to leverage capital and CAPEX efficiency and thus enhance profitability Starting from as low as Rs. 25 or $0.5 per user The web, social software and cloud computing are having a great impact on enterprise IT – but according to Thomas Bittmann, a distinguished analyst with Gartner®, the impact of web, social software and cloud computing on our educational system will be astounding. Cloud computing is a new delivery method and choice available today for all Education Enterprise Systems. It is a massively scalable, offsite infrastructure accessible on demand across the internet on a pay-per-use basis eliminating upfront investment costs. In this challenging economic environment, it enables institutions to drastically reduce their IT costs involved in automating their administrative and academic processes. Both server compute and storage capacity can be accessed in near real-time, when needed, without waiting for resources to be assembled in an on-premise data center.
  • 17. SED Game Changer Advantage – WAN Connected Every student is connected To a Large network Information on Demand
  • 18. Can access lessons, submit assignments, tests and projects on-line. Can analyze and self-evaluate performance and ranking. Can track attendance, fees dues, notices, events & schedules etc. Can access wealth of information from libraries & information portals etc. Can have discussion forums and community for easy interaction and personality development. Can seamlessly connect to their Alumni and communicate with them Can upload CV’s and easily coordinate with the placement cell Can give online interviews Can attend virtual classes Can maintain his/ her own personal calendar SED Game Changer Advantage – WAN Connected Every student is connected To a Large network Information on Demand
  • 19. Can focus more on teaching rather than working on cumbersome reports Can craft lesson as per school’s requirements Can monitor progress and provide feedback Can monitor progress of students on both academic and non-academic front through effective student monitoring system and work for student development. Can check their timetable easily and can request do the necessary changes whenever required. Can post assignments and homework and progress on to the web; encourage mentoring sessions. Can initiate score card update through more convenient procedures and automation Can generate student reports by a click of a button Can know the load and can self assess based on the performance Can maintain schedules using the scheduler especially if you are a visiting faculty Can conduct online quizzes within half an hours’ time SED Game Changer Advantage – WAN Connected Connected Faculty Means Information on Demand
  • 20. Broadband Enabled Mobile Enabled Classroom Enabled “ Business” Enabled Great on Quality Uniform Teaching Standard Commute is minimized SED Game Changer Advantage – Quality Education
  • 21. Course Delivery Model Broadband Delivery Project Work Integrating Course Content into a Business Model Source Funding Incubation Funding (Nationalized Banks) Formal Business Roll out
  • 22. Roll out methodology – Phase I Identify the Districts that will be priority Tamil Nadu – Choose select District/ blocks Tamil Nadu State has at present 32 Districts.  Districts are divided into Taluks for the purpose of Revenue Admn. The Tahsildar is the head of taluk level administration.  Taluks consist of a group of Revenue Villages. Development administration in a district is coordinated by the Panchayat Unions (also called as Blocks) for the rural areas.  Panchayat Unions consist of a group of Panchayat Villages. Launch on April 14 th Tamil New Year’s Day
  • 23. Based on Ground Level Data Analysis / Feasibility / Viability study contact centers will be established These are contact centers where weekly / fortnightly / bi-monthly and monthly “meetings” (not classes) are held These are contact centres where “business” success / personal success and other points are discussed This is the “focal point” where local hero’s are celebrated, feted and showcased Roll out methodology – Phase II! Identify Contact Centre Locations
  • 24. SED will not offer generic courses / materials In order to do that a team of people will gather factual ground level data (intelligence) about the opportunities available This has to be analyzed Analyzed Results will be the logical backdrop of courses / opportunities for student participation Data will also be gathered about broadband / electricity /local infrastructure / purchasing power etc Data gatherers / analysts will be local boys and girls, net savvy who will be hand picked and trained and upon completion of this primary exercise they will become SED’s district / taluk coordinators Roll out methodology – Phase II Realistic Baselining ofProduct Offering
  • 25. Sign up with Insurance Companies Retailers who want a rural presence Telecom Operators – Sim Card Sales OTC drugs Fertilizer Tailoring / Embroidery / Basket Weaving Dairy Products Roll out methodology – Phase III The E-Commerce Side of SED Students can choose any one of these options in SED’s Year One these options will increase as we grow Marketing Manufacturing Sourcing Dairy Products Agro Produce Non Toxic Toys Pottery / Ceramics Bio Degradable Fertilizer Toys Handicrafts / Furniture / Woodwork Dairy Products Agro Produce Non Toxic Toys Pottery / Ceramics Bio Degradable Fertilizer Toys Handicrafts / Furniture / Woodwork Tailoring / Craft / Weaving
  • 26. Curriculum is per choice from a compiled list Prescribed number of papers have to be completed before year one Course material understanding and mastery is translated into business excellence Therefore the more the application of courseware into business the better the chances of success – because most of the course is actually guide ware and not blind / rhetoric based data Classroom based education is not available SED provides a lot of mentoring Personality Development / Communication excellence / Innovation / Ideation and Networking will be part of the curriculum Roll out methodology – Phase IV The Curriculum The Idea is that SED is not just a school, its an entrepreneur incubation environment where SED sets up business opportunities and students choose fields they want to / have aptitude for and using both the opportunity and the education that SED provides, students can become the stuff of their wildest dreams.
  • 27. Multiple Locations & Thousands of students
  • 28. That is a network Multiple locations Multiple people All connected Thru one system The SED E Commerce and School of Entrepreneur Development SED becomes a community that incubates entrepreneurship The Idea is that SED Network power will create a social entrepreneur network that is a combination of e-bay + facebook (or any other social networking site) It will create the largest online re-seller / retailer / online education community portal where one can get semi urban + rural information, find a market, distribution network and above all learn The SED SHINe network will become the largest online entrepreneur development network
  • 29. S H I N e ™ S eamless H ighway of I nformation Ne tworks ™ A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. Mahatma Gandhi SED Game Changer Advantage – True Blue Blood Networking
  • 30. S H I N e ™ S eamless H ighway of I nformation Ne tworks ™ Overhead the VSAT provides the communication link and on the ground is the S H I N e™ network which is designed by HP and an IIM (A) incubatee for a seamless WAN e-commerce bazaar SED Game Changer Advantage – True Blue Blood Networking
  • 31. New Accounts for Banks / NBFC Insurance Products Micro Finance Enterprise & Entrepreneur Development Dairy Products Sales Fertilizer and Biotech products Rural Education Project Identification & Roll out S H I N e ™ Rural Marketing with a different T – Technology This will create a Live Network that is accessible (Mobile + Comp with Internet) on the Go! SED Students will also be entrepreneurs and will provide these services
  • 32. Incubate Rural Industry such as Dairy Farming in as many viable places as possible Farm assistance / Farmer assistance Take over Rural Sick Industry – BOOT Women empowerment – Self Help Groups S H I N e ™ A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. Mahatma Gandhi
  • 33. Cooperative for Labourers Providing healthcare / education / alternative livelihood developer Eradicate Unemployment at that level in Maharashtra Provide Labour class with unemployment cover & benefit / insurance S H I N e ™ A Private / Public Rural Initiative for Laborers The SHINe network envisages to Connect Every district and every village The SHINe network will roll out the Farmers Club on behalf of NABARD
  • 34. S H I N e ™ Use the Network for Telemedicine Women and children’s health focus Improve rural Health care by highlighting the needs and bringing volunteers, activists, funds in a real time beneficial action Create a Health Network The SHINe network envisages to bring about a parity of Quality Healthcare to rural areas especially to women and children
  • 35. S H I N e ™ Map information of every single district / taluk / village Local News / Information / Health / Awareness / Needs / Water Management / Energy Management / Health Management / Food Chain Creation to Distribution Advertise / Source / Train for New and Existing Project Warriors Compute all this onto an active website Track it with a dedicated team Create an e-market SED Student network mans this portal From Intelligence Gathering to Economic Benefit
  • 36. The SHINe Network Villagers Information In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Mahatma Gandhi Building information highway that cut across every segment of society and help empower the ones who are in need anywhere anytime by connecting them To the rest of the world using SED Hub Government providing agricultural, job , health , infrastructure related information, job Designed for multiple services & products Business, Banking, NGo's SED Entrepreneur
  • 37. Content Management Laptops Provider- Data Cards- Reliance Blackboard Technology? Network Manager
  • 38. Location of the Centers In TN there were 2000 examination centres set up across the State for the HSC Examinations In TN there are currently 1361 Primary Health Centres which cater to 1361 blocks Each block has approximately 50 villages Our Initial Research will indicate to us the most ideal, the most feasible and the best ROI locations (Pick the low hanging fruit first) We are talking approximately 4000 centre‘s
  • 39. SED The Other Sides It is an Entrepreneur Development School It is a Distribution Network It has a Captive Audience of 18 -30 age group It is an Intelligence Gathering at the Gram Panchayat level upwards. The youth bank They are the future of this country Develop them, we develop the country
  • 40. School of Entrepreneur Development The Other Sides It is a modern Digital School and it can grow into one of the biggest digital schools of Asia It can become the largest virtual non brick and mortar distribution network in India This group is the Blue Brigade, India’s youth Lack of “rural ground level” information is a dampener attracting investments / opportunities
  • 41. A Model SED Graduate Profile Refused 25K by bankers Today Cavin Kare is 11,000 Crore Co Takes on mighty Levers, ITC Takes the bottom of the pyramid approach Carves a niche in the rural market Occupies top slot in many brands / products CK Ranganathan Founder CEO – Cavin Kare
  • 42. Model SED Graduate Profile Personal Info Vineet is the founder and CEO of AVMS and is the Managing Partner for our flagship SME fund (AIMVCF), as well as the two microfinance funds (AGIMDC I & II). He has over 16 years of experience in leading innovative interventions in the development sector and has deep knowledge of small business incubation, the SME sector, microfinance and venture capital investments. In addition to founding Aavishkaar, Vineet is the Co-founder and Director of Intellecap, a leading pioneer in the multiple bottom line investment advisory industry. He is also the Co-founder and Director of Villgro Innovations Foundation, a Chennai-based non-profit company that creates networks for rural innovations. Vineet serves on the board of several portfolio companies and also plays a number of advisory roles.. Vineet is an Ashoka Fellow, and has been bestowed honorary membership to the Xavier Labour Research Institute (XLRI) Alumni Association, a premier management institute in India. The two awards were made in recognition of his contribution to the field of social entrepreneurship. He holds a Post-Graduate diploma in Forestry Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal. Vineet Rai Co- Founder and Chairman -Intellecap Founder - Aavishkar
  • 43. A Model SED Graduate Profile Personal Info Suhas started his career in an Internet shop; he worked there and also designed websites for Western companies. Picked up his leadership skills on the job Believes “ Educational Qualifications do not make you, what you believe in and achieve is what matters” says this non-graduate Suhas Gopinath, Founder CEO Global Inc. Worlds Youngest CEO @ age 14
  • 44. Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. Anita Roddick A Model SED Graduate Profile "She brought sustainable products to a mass market. She will be remembered as a great entrepreneur." She was the first to introduce socially and environmentally responsible business onto the High Street and she was talking about fair trade long before it became a buzz word Took handmade products to the best of the West and turned the business into a billion dollar enterprise
  • 45. Partly Created with cash provided him by his wife, Infosys is today a Dream for Entrepreneurial Excellence A Model SED Graduate Profile The Economist ranked Narayana Murthy among the ten most admired global business leaders in 2005. He topped the Economic Times list of India’s most powerful CEOs for three consecutive years: 2004 to 2006. He has been awarded the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India, the Legion d’honneur by the Government of France, and the CBE by the British government. He is the first Indian winner of Ernst and Young’s World Entrepreneur of the year award and the Max Schmidheiny Liberty prize, and has appeared in the rankings of businessmen and innovators published by India Today, Business Standard, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Time, CNN, Fortune, and Financial Times. He is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering and a foreign member of the US National Academy of Engineering.
  • 46. A Model SED Graduate Profile “ I am now providing employment to 13 workers. My annual income is in between 3-4 lacs. I want to advise the young educated youths to start their own business like piggery, dairy farming and horticulture”, Utpal Bora. Bora’s father Darubheshwar said : “I am very happy with my son (Utpal) for employing poor educated youth of this village on his fish farm. So, I want this generation''s youth to take up this kind of self-employment very seriously.” Utpal’s decision to start his own business has worked. Check out this link!! Utpal Bora Unemployed Graduate turned Entrepreneur from Assam.
  • 47. The Bottom Line Why will SED Succeed? Opportunity at the right time at the right place We are providing opportunity to exactly the right kind of people We are providing hope and aspiration By creating winners in this space, the program will win Winners are perceived as Hero’s and we create Hero’s in the semi urban and rural space – something that does exist in large numbers today. Finally, we are giving people the right to choose their income in the manner in which they want to and in the time they want to – In short – we are giving people the Freedom to earn their income
  • 48. Together we can make this Nation a Proud Nation. Subsidies, doles, and hand outs of pots and pans, sari’s and dhoti’s are not the solution. We are a proud Nation and our People are a proud people. Help me to help them stand upright and walk tall. Please write me at