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Snowskool ski instructor_brochure

  1. 1. S UP! CHAT U SKOOL.CO.UK @SNOW EMAIL: TEAM ) 1962 8551 38 TEL: +44 (0 03 | CONTENTS: SnowSkool AN INTENSE TRAINING PROGRAMME ON AN TO UCH US UP What do you mean AWESOME SKI HILL IN A LAID-BACK TOWN m/snowsko ol wskool twitter/sno kool snowskool.c you don’t like us?!> 6000 For great photos, videos, KOOLLIKES!!! to SNOWS competitions and jokes... tance uitment assis provide recr ng e SnowSkoo l service, we sis t you in findi As part of th rammes to as , we structor prog orts. To date Skool  s of our in reer in snow sp r your in terest in Snowool has for graduate job and be ginning a ca Schools in fourteen di fferent Thank you fo ption in 2003, SnowSk structor your dream tions to 125 Ski & Board are adding Sc hools to Since our ince in have connec res and we a compa ny offering two differe nt hemisphe spanning countries in grown into ible resorts . five incred every season P COMER courses in three cont hemisphere inents in th s. There are e northern an only about Skool is no d southern thre e months t running a the database For those lo oking for a shorter, shar of week-long per shock we improver co have just pu urses which blished r their train allow ing to WINN when Snow ’t worry, we ’s schedule riders to ta ilo www. each year e world...don next season ed skiers & tails online at COURSES FOR THE ewhere in th e to advanc ckcountry. De intermediat of course som are working to remedy th is! cated technical rid ing, freesty le, race or ba OLDIES AND COURSES FOR Photoason the se /12 d our long-s erving dedi e snowskool.c sharing THE YOUNGSTERS! perience, an aspects of th u at a show, 2011 This ex staff, ha s allowed us to fine-tune ensure all that your tim e ard to he aring from yo u, meeting yo iing/riding with you in resort! BEST programmes we offer to erything yo u dreamt it to be: ng, We look forw a cold one at a SnowSkoo l party or sk DAYS OF in reso rt will be ev tuition, insa ne skiing/ snowboardi YOUR LI top-notch us living and a vibrant so cial life. Phil Purdie. Director, Sn owSkool Lt d FE luxurio YEARS SNOWSKOOL HAS SPENT THREEREHENSIVE ST COMP COMPILING THE WORLD’S MO ABASE IN THIS EDITION! INSTRUCTOR RECRUITMENT DAT 04 - Banff Course e Your budget … Your Choic 06 - Big Sky Course se With customers aged between 17 and 60 years But, beyond that, we have tailored our range of courses are looking for a 08 - Big White Cour old and from countries all over the world, we know to hit different price points. If you fications as cheaply 10 - Why Snow Skool? pathway to get your instructor quali g an urse 12 - Three Valleys Co that everyone has a different reason for doin if you want to do it all everyone is looking for a as possible, we got you covered… instructor course and dible and luxurious style, that’s cool urse different experience. Of course, certain things must in the most incre too and we have the course for you. If you want to opt 14 - Treble Cone Co hold true – the skiing/ riding must be insanely good, r and out of flight or catering, that’s fine. If you want to opt 17 - Which Cour se for Me? the tuition must be delivered by the most senio do our best to 18 - Meet the Team out of something else…ask us and we’ll highly-qualified instructors, the SnowSkool reps must e and the instructor make it happen! ses Teaser Find us on Facebook be completely on top of their gam recru itment database must be available to you. 19 - Improver Cour Photo: Andrew Jay. Rider: Craig Calder DISCLAIMER - All information contained in this brochure is believed to be correct at time of going to press. For up to date information, please contact SnowSkool.
  2. 2. 04 | RESORT: Banff BANFF, ALBERTA Work Hard & Play Hard in Canada’s Premier Alpine ResortTHE HILL - Although there are a bunch of ski THE COMMUNITY - Banff is a very cool little ACCOMMODATION - On the SnowSkoolhills in and around Banff, locals and visitors town in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. course you will be living at the Banff Alpine Lauraalike will tell you that it’s all about the ‘Shine. You’d think the town planner was a rad Centre. Essentially it’s a lodge and it is the idealIf you say you’re going shredding in Banff, shredder herself as the whole town seems destination for young SnowSkool studentsyou’ll be talking about Sunshine Village. geared towards skiers and snowboarders and allowing you to live, eat, drink and socialiseThe ski area is spread over three individual then to entertaining them when the chairlifts stop running! together. It’s an awesome set-up - the sense of international community, of camaraderie Roberts, 19mountains – Mt. Standish, Goat’s Eye Mtn and of atmosphere is the most importantand Lookout Mtn - and each has something thing about this accommodation and has to Snowboard Instructortotally different to offer. For lessons days, BANFF IS A SKI AND be experienced to be fully appreciated. Banff, 2010Sunshine has some incredible trainingterrain: beautiful, big, wide-open green and SNOWBOARDING MECCA... The hub of the lodge is “SnowSkool HQ” – a “SnowSkool Banff! My memories – riding hard, great instructors, bigblue runs that are ideal for nailing the drillsrequired to pass your instructor exams. But, WITH A NIGHTLIFE TO MATCH! large chilling area where it’s all about sitting in front of the fire with your laptop, listening nights out, chilling at SnowSkool HQ, fancy-dress parties, poker nights…when not in training, you can smash it on If Carlsberg did instructor training courses, to some tunes, checking out Facebook (via lots of laughs – you get the picture?some of Canada’s toughest in-bound slopes...entry into the notorious Delirium Dive is only HQ would be Banff! There’s a bunch of pubs & bars if you fancy a drink or two. But if two the free WiFi!) and chatting (yes, actually chatting!) to your new best buddies about RESORT STATS Oh, and I nailed my Level 2 instructor qualification and park certificate! Itpermitted with an avi pack and a buddy! becomes three becomes four, you can get the day’s riding. Average Annual Snowfall: 30ft really was the best 13 weeks of mySunshine has it all from awesome tree-skiing your boogie on at Auroras, The Dancing life – I lived the dream!” Area: 3,358 acresto big-mountain powder faces and from sick Sasquatch or Hoodoos! As well as nights out, The Banff Alpine Centre has incredible Number of Runs: 107 named runs A year after her SnowSkool course,parks with monster hits to some of the most we will also organise trips to the ice hockey, facilities too; we mentioned the free WiFi but Terrain Breakdown: 20% beginner - 55% intermediate - 25% expert Laura was back in Canada workinginsane backcountry terrain. bingo bowling (more fun than it sounds!), we didn’t tell you about the ice-climbing wall, Top Elevation: 9,000ft / 2,730m as an instructor at Nakiska – “thanks cinema & DVD nights, football & basketball the restaurant – Cougar Pete’s - or the Stormy SnowSkool!” tournaments, fancy dress parties and poker C!!! The Storm Cellar is the on-site pub and is Freestyle: Rogers Terrain Park with range of jumps (from 5ft to 35ft), XL hip, various nights. Banff is where it’s at. Your SnowSkool a perfect hang-out for SnowSkool students. boxes & rails (from flat-down box to 40ft kinked rail) and the 24ft Mail Trench! reps will be there to ensure that you make the For your amusement is free pool, free darts If Carlsberg made most of your season. and table football…also FREE! The TV is SKOOL BREAKDOWN instructor always pumping out sick movies like the Art of Flight or, at times, Premiership matches! TYPICAL RECOMMENDED Wednesday night is open-mic jam night so AGE PROFILE GENDER RATIO NATIONALITIES EXPERIENCE if you fancy a strum, a drum or a sing, you can get involved. Friday night is karaoke night and every night is cheap drinks night. The Storm Cellar has developed legendary status 17-20 training courses, 21-24 HQ would be in Banff and it will be approximately 50 paces from your bed! 25+ AVERAGE AGE 20 MALE 80% 20% FEMALE BRITISH AUSSIE 70% 20% 10% OTHER MINIMUM 3-4 WEEKS Banff QUALIFICATIONS Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) For more information on the specific courses Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) we run at Sunshine Village, Banff please get in touch: or visit...
  3. 3. 06 | RESORT: Big Sky TIM FAGAN, 24 Ski Instructor Big Sky, 2012 “I phoned SnowSkool about their Banff course but by the end of the call I wanted to jump on a plane to a place I’d never heard of…Big Sky!!! BIG SKY, MONTANA I’m stoked they told me about it RESORT STATS and I’m stoked I joined the course. It is just such a cool place to ski – Average Annual Snowfall: 35ft unbelievable terrain, so much snow, Area: 5,532 acres my skiing got so much better so Come to the Wild West and Ride Cowboy Country! Number of Runs: 150 named runs quickly. The instructors were great, Terrain Breakdown: 14% beginner – 26% intermediate – 60% advanced the accommodation was amazing, theTHE HILL - With more than 5500 acres of THE COMMUNITY - Best thing about Big the hill and enjoy a 3-course meal with live Top Elevation: 11,166ft / 3,403m (second highest vertical drop in US) restaurants & bars were cool and theterrain, Big Sky’s motto is “The Biggest Skiing in Sky…ski-in/ ski-out. This is pretty rare (and acoustic music in a backcountry yurt! people are super-friendly…I could goAmerica.” But that is not even half the story…our generally super-expensive) in North America. Freestyle: In Big Sky, 2 Terrain Parks with jib park, kickers, tables, boxes and rails, also super-pipe and on! I’ve made it my mission in life tobro’s in the States regard Big Sky as a training So after a big day shredding the pow, you can Apart from life’s essentials – skiing/ riding, standard half-pipe. In Moonlight Basin, 3 Terrain Parks with jumps, boxes and rails (all from S to XXL) tell people about this place!”ground for Alaska. Why…? Well, 4350ft of vertical sink into a hot-tub, dive into the pool at the eating and drinking, there’s a lot of fun to be Big Sky:descent and 35ft of light, fluffy snow make thisa full-on steep & deep resort. And some of the Huntley Lodge or point your tips to one of the local bars for a cheeky beer. had at Big Sky with a zipline, snowshoe-ing, high ropes, bungee trampoline, climbing wall SKOOL BREAKDOWNterrain is fully insane…with long couloirs opening and snow-tubing. And there’s free WiFi all TYPICAL RECOMMENDEDinto huge powder fields, cliff drops into tight Big Sky is a lively mountain village with four round the village! The atmosphere is super- AGE PROFILE GENDER RATIO NATIONALITIES EXPERIENCE riouschutes and single descents stretching 3000 or five grubby bars (!) and a few more classy relaxed and friendly and everyone’s always The Notovertical feet in waist-deep powder! establishments. Kick back with some live music at Scissorbill’s Saloon or head over ready to say “Howdy” and have a chat! 17-20Now please let me remind you of the name of for a beer at the Lone Peak Microbrewery. If ACCOMMODATION - SnowSkool Big Sky 21-24 .I.G.this resort: BIG SKY. You’ve probably not heard it you fancy something to eat, you’ll be spoilt students will be housed in a series of slope- Bbefore. And that, my friend, is the beauty of the for choice with over twenty eateries – Italian, side condos. All condos have two or threeplace. Even during the busiest weeks, lift lines Fondue, Steak, Burger, Seafood, Pizza, Thai, bedrooms and have a spacious, open-plan 25+are non-existent. Locals say that the only thing Fine Dining and…The Montana Dinner Yurt! kitchen/ diner onto a living room with large AVERAGE AGE MALE FEMALE BRITISH AUSSIE OTHER MINIMUMthat will slow down your riding is your own leg Jump onboard a snowcat, travel 2 miles up fireplace, cable TV, DVD player and freestrength…or lack of it! WiFi. SnowSkool students have access to 23 75% 25% 65% 25% 10% 3-4 WEEKS a fitness centre, large swimming pool and THE BIGGESTIf you want to get down with some freestyle hot tubs at the nearby Huntley Lodge. Theriding, Big Sky has a sick park but the inter-connected Moonlight Basin is the place to go condos are ideally located ten minutes from all the amenities in the village centre and with QUALIFICATIONS For more information on the specific SKIING IN AMERICAwith two incredible snow parks with everything stunning views of Lone Mountain and out Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) courses we run in Big Sky, please get infrom basic boxes to monster table-tops! over Lake Levinsky. American Association of Snowsport Instructors (AASI) touch: or visit…
  4. 4. 08 | RESORT: Big White HELENE Bowater, 27 Ski Instructor Big White, 2008 “After talking to SnowSkool about what BIG WHITE, BRITISH COLUMBIA I was looking for from my ski instructor RESORT STATS course, I knew that Big White was the ideal place for me – great skiing Average Annual Snowfall: 25ft (and somewhere to learn how to ski Area: 2,765 acres powder!), luxury lodgings on-hill, a Luxury Accommodation in Canada’s Largest Ski-in/ Ski-out Village Number of Runs: 118 named runs/ 27 unnamed friendly ski community and a more Terrain Breakdown: 18% beginner – 54% intermediate – 28% expert “mature” crowd on the course. It livedTHE HILL - Despite being one of Canada’s five slide to the sounds of the latest beats pumped over-emphasise. You’ll quickly appreciate the Top Elevation: 7,606ft / 2,319m up to expectations in every regard!”largest ski resorts, Big White is refreshingly out by the Park Crew! But Big White is probably simple things like an extra half hour in bed onuncommercialised and lift lines…well, them most famous for its tree-skiing…wherever you a cold Canadian winter morning or the ability Freestyle: Telus Terrain Park with range of jumps (from 5ft to 30ft), 7ft quarterpipe, various boxes & rails (from After impressing during her trainingother resorts can keep ‘em! Biggie is well- are on the hill, cast the piste map aside and dive to return home for lunch! Like it should be, 8ft box to Stepchild Round Rail - street style with Donkey Kick), halfpipe and skier-/ boarder-cross circuit course, Helene was approached by theregarded by those “in the know” in the search into the nearest patch of trees to experience a the slopes form the main part of the resort’s Big White Ski and Board School with a SKOOL BREAKDOWNfor pristine powder snow. The weather rolls in different line every day! infrastructure and are a useful way to access job offer for 2008/09.from the Pacific Ocean, dries out on its journey all the local amenities – restaurants, bars andover interior BC and, when it hits the Monashee THE COMMUNITY - Big White is Canada’s shops. The atmosphere in Big White is friendly Big White:Range, the slopes of Big White get hammered largest ski-in/ ski-out village…the High Street and super-relaxed but with some great bars TYPICAL RECOMMENDED AGE PROFILE GENDER RATIO NATIONALITIES EXPERIENCEby bucket-loads of Canada’s driest, fluffiest in Big White is actually a pisted ski run! and a bustling nightlife.powder snow! Although commonplace in Europe, ski-in/ ski- out access is not so easy to come by in North ACCOMMODATION - In spite of all our tight 17-20A natural playground, Biggie is incredibly fun America and the benefits of being able to clip organisation and hard work, feedback tells us sssshhh... 21-24 don’t tellto ride. It offers fantastic training terrain that is in at the back door of your digs are hard to that the main draw of the SnowSkool Big Whiteideal for the SnowSkool course; lots of cruisy course is the accommodation! All students are 25+ BIG WHITE’Sgreens and wide-open blue runs that are housed in luxurious and spacious ski-in/ ski-essential for perfecting drills and learning the out apartments, each with a private hot tub as anyone!!!more technical details of skiing/ riding like a well as a swimming pool and gym. Whatever AVERAGE AGE MALE FEMALE BRITISH AUSSIE OTHER MINIMUMsnowpro. To test your mettle, you can move onto the tougher black runs, drop into the double- MOTTO IS “IT’S THE SNOW” we say about it, you will be overawed! 25 60% 40% 55% 40% 05% 2-3 WEEKSblack diamond Cliff Area or hit up the steeps &deeps underneath the Powder Chair. IN REFERENCE TO You can finish your day’s lessons and be in the hot-tub on your balcony with a cold beer in QUALIFICATIONS CANADA’S LIGHTEST, your hand within two minutes of leaving the FLUFFIEST POWDERThe Snow Park is super well-tuned with some pistes. After dinner, fall into one of the huge For more information on the specific courses Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) we run at Big White please get in touch:insane hits and rails and you can flip, spin and leather sofas, stoke a fire and relaaaaaaax! Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) or visit...
  5. 5. 10 | WHY SNOWSKOOL? WHY SNOWSKOOL? We love it when you ask why you should book with SnowSkool instead of one of the other operators…it’s our chance to show off a little!BIG IS BETTER WHAT DO YOU WANT?! on nights out, researching questions for pubWe are the market leader - more people book At SnowSkool, we like to give you the choice quizzes, offering you a consoling arm afteronto season-long instructor courses with of what you want to do. We run five season- a tough day on the slopes, writing up theSnowSkool than with any other company. long courses in two different snow seasons – weekly e-newsletter, being on hand 24:7.SnowSkool’s size benefits you in two main ways; the southern and northern winters. We cater And that’s just the tip of the iceberg forwe have lots of groups of ski instructor trainees for those looking for not just a little luxury as them!and lots of groups of snowboard instructor well as those looking to get their qualificationstrainees meaning that groups can be split up as cheaply as possible. We have short courses WHAT NEXT?!according to ability ensuring you are not riding (2 to 5 weeks) and long courses (8 to 12 SnowSkool has spent three years compilingout of your comfort zone or being held back weeks). We have courses specifically designed the world’s most comprehensive instructorby less-experienced skiers. On a social level, to appeal to an older crowd and we have recruitment database and so if you want toSnowSkool is where the party’s at…we have big courses that are lapped up by the younger find work as an instructor after the course,guest lists, we have big roadtrips, we get better lot. You can opt out of flights or catering. You we can help! We have connections toprices for a bigger group and there’s always can arrive early or you can stay late. You can (at last count) 125 Ski & Board Schools insomeone to go for a beer with, to chill and even structure your own payment plan! If we fourteen different countries in two differentwatch a DVD with or to ski/ ride with! have missed anything, let us know and we can hemispheres. We also run jobs seminars in probably be flexible on that too! resort and are pioneering a new “ReportSKI THE GLOBE Card” scheme whereby we monitor and trackSnowSkool has operations in five of the most SEXY REPS your performance throughout the courseincredible ski resorts…and counting! We don’t It is as if our reps were plucked straight to give your potential future employers anthrow a dart at a world map to make our from the pages of High Street Honeys or the unbeatable insight into your developmentchoices; we pick the sickest resorts with the cover of Men’s Health because, man…they as an instructor.gnarliest terrain, the highest annual snowfalls, are good! Their job descriptions include:the biggest vertical, the best trainers, the making breakfast, organising football FINANCIAL PROTECTIONcomfiest accommodation and the best off- tournaments, offering you some technical You want to know that your money’s safe…snow activities and nightlife. advice (they’re all qualified instructors), it is! But don’t take our word for it - check video-ing you on the slopes, booking trips with ATOL (! SnowSkoolI’s DOTTED, T’s CROSSED to other resorts, sharing an après-ski pint, is ATOL bonded meaning that if we fail,When we ran our first course way back in arranging ice hockey matches, writing up ATOL will reimburse your course fees and2004, it was a lot of fun but, admittedly, a bit the score card for pub golf, taking photos repatriate you if you’re abroad.of a shambles in terms of the organisation!Since then, we’ve got better every year and wehave now run nearly 30 season-long instructorcourses in five countries in two hemispheres.Over one thousand people have become aninstructor with SnowSkool. The lessons we SNOWSKOOL HAS SPENT THREE YEARShave learnt over the past decade (almost!) areput into play on all aspects of every course COMPILING THE WORLD’S MOST COMPREHENSIVEand the courses run as smoothly as a smoothSmoothster in Smoothland! INSTRUCTOR RECRUITMENT DATABASE LIVE THE DREAM JOIN A SNOWSKOOL COURSE!
  6. 6. 12 | RESORT: Three Valleys THREE VALLEYS, FRANCE The Largest and Most Diverse Ski Area in the World INSTRUCTOR COURSE FRANCEThe Hill - Granted, it is a little bizarre to refer to THE COMMUNITY - The Three Valleys are ACCOMMODATION - On the SnowSkool coursethe Three Valleys as “the hill”! In reality, more home to 16 different villages giving you plenty you will be staying in one of our chalets, all ofthan 600km of pistes connect up eight world- of choice for not only where to ride but also which are based in the Méribel valley. Eachfamous ski resorts spread over three beautiful where to stay and where to hang out. The chalet has its own unique charms but somevalleys in the French Alps and all under one lift Three Valleys unique mix of pedestrianized things remain consistent across all SnowSkoolpass. It is the world’s largest ski area. It is theworld’s favourite ski destination…which makesit just about good enough for SnowSkool! villages, spa towns, family resorts and lively towns catering to the most hedonistic of après-skiers offer a little bit of everything to chalets – large living area with comfortable seating and open fire, dining area with large banquet table sufficient to seat all guests and ANNE Kessler, 18 SnowSkool seasonnaires! fully-equipped kitchens. The chalets range inWith such a large area to choose from, not size from five to nine bedrooms and so, with aonly will you be able to find runs to suit your Although a massive resort, the Three Valleys standard two people per room, host between Snowboard Instructorability and experience but the mountain will still retains the local and personal feel of ten and eighteen students. Three Valleys, 2012soon invite you to pick up new skills and to many of Europe’s smaller resorts. SnowSkool “I’d always loved snowboarding andchallenge yourself. It is the biggest and the operations are based at the heart of the Our chalets become a real home-from-home couldn’t wait to finish school so I RESORT STATSbest…there is not much you can’t do in the Three Valleys, in and around Méribel. which and the comfy sofas and crackling fire are a could kick-off my career working as aThree Valleys! Join the families on the green is generally-regarded as one of the liveliest welcome sight after a tough day on the slopes. snowboard instructor. After my firstand blue runs, practice your carving on the destinations within the Three Valleys. With Kick back, grab a beer and enjoy some of the Average Annual Snowfall: 25ft call with SnowSkool talking about thered runs, hit the moguls on the black runs, fantastic off-slope facilities including a sports multimedia options available…all chalets have Area: 600km of pistes Three Valleys course, my mind wasdrop into one of the numerous snow parks centre, swimming pool, climbing wall and ice TV, DVD players, stereos and free WiFi. Number of Runs: 335 named runs made up – biggest ski area in the world,and pick the brains of your instructors as you rink as well as a host of restaurants, pubs, bars Terrain Breakdown: 45% beginner – 35% intermediate – 20% expert super-professional qualification, greatget to know the secret powder stashes well & nightclubs, it is the perfect place to base Top Elevation: 10,600ft/ 3,230m – highest village in Europe (Val Thorens) chalet accommodation and a companybeyond the reach of the punters! the SnowSkool Three Valleys course. KICK OFF THE MORNING IN that just had the right vibe and who I MERIBEL, HIT UP VAL THORENS FOR Freestyle: Lots of snow parks in the Three Valleys including DC’s Area 43 in Méribel with a host of jumps, mini-skate ramp, 3 street lines, 220m of rails and an airbag! clicked with immediately. I haven’t been disappointed.” LUNCH AND THEN CRUISE AROUND COURCHEVEL IN THE AFTERNOON... SKOOL BREAKDOWN After finishing the course, Anne headed back home to Australia to work a season. UNBELIEVABLE DIVERSITY TYPICAL RECOMMENDED Three Valleys: AGE PROFILE GENDER RATIO NATIONALITIES EXPERIENCE 17-20 good enoug 21-24 h for Posh & 25+ AVERAGE AGE MALE FEMALE BRITISH AUSSIE OTHER MINIMUM Becks 21.5 70% 30% 80% 15% 05% 8-10 WEEKS QUALIFICATIONS For more information on the specific courses British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) Alpine Ski we run in the Three Valleys please get in British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) Snowboard touch: or visit...