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  • 1. The Emerging Phenomenon ofMakerspacesMaking Some ThingsFrom NoThings:
  • 2. What is a makerspace?
  • 3. What is a makerspace?• Origins• Hackerspaces• Community Workspace• Metalworking• Woodworking• Textiles• Electronics• Biology• Chemistry• Imagination!
  • 4. But, using the word “hacker” in hackerspacemight give some the wrong idea…So,we are callingit a “makerspace”Instead.
  • 5. What is a makerspace?• Community:• Like minded folks• Collaborative• Technology New & Old• Innovative• Incubator for Innovation• Open• Outreach• Inspiring• CommunityInvolvement• Urban
  • 6. What is a makerspace?inspire, learn, teach, create, and much more!• Learning Environment• Classes• Seminars• Exploration• Self Discovery• Shared Engineering• Exploratorium
  • 7. What is a hacker?Who and Whatare makers?
  • 8. Makers are:Scholars, improvers,and sharersLinus Torvalds –Developer of theLinux kernel
  • 9. 2. An expert or enthusiast of any kind. (i.e. an astronomy hacker)(RFC1392, The Internet Users Glossary)Makers are:.Problem SolversBrent SolinaFounder ofMicrOrganicTechnologiesSquare Inc – Creditcard paymentprocessing solution
  • 10. Why makerspaces?
  • 11. What happens ina makerspace?• Learning
  • 12. What happens ina makerspace?• Art
  • 13. What happens ina makerspace?• New Technology
  • 14. What happens ina makerspace?• Traditional Technology
  • 15. What happens ina makerspace?• Biology
  • 16. What happens ina makerspace?• Even Ham Radio!
  • 17. What makerspacesdo:Some examples
  • 18. What makerspacesdo:RepRap – Self Replicating 3D Printer
  • 19. What makerspacesdo:Creative Security Enhancements
  • 20. What makerspacesdo:Aerospace Engineering!
  • 21. What makerspacesdo:Even Electric Cars!
  • 22. Where are makerspaces?
  • 23. Makerspaces are everywhere!
  • 24. Makerspaces are everywhere!
  • 25. • Boston University Group• Student Run(Division of the AssociationOf Computing Machinery)• Help develop the school’sown linux distribution(BULinux)• Facilitates student-run techinitiatives
  • 26. • Boston• Cooperative• 50,000 ft2• Classroom• Machine Shop• Welding Shop• Wood Shop• Electronics• Bike Shop• Screen Printing• Fabric Shop
  • 27. Makerspaces are also appearing in another area:Libraries!
  • 28. • Fayetteville Free Libraryin New York• Spurred the movement to puttinkerspaces in libraries• Offers lots of workshops to thepublic on a wide range oftech/maker technologies
  • 29. • Westport Ct.• Opened Summer 2012• Offers classes, lectures• 3D printing• Maker in Residence program
  • 30. How to makea makerspace?
  • 31. Setting up a makerspace:It’s not as hard (or expensive)as you’d think
  • 32. What do you need?• Space• Interested People• Website / Blog• Equipment• A little funding• Enthusiasm!
  • 33. But what about the money?• Mackerspaces are notexpensive• They encourage restorationof “vintage” equipment• There’s lots of grantfunding available• Donations of time,equipment and money mayfar exceed yourexpectations
  • 34. Funding sources for makerspaces● Grants● Sponsorship● EconomicDevelopment● Kickstarter● Fund drives● Subscriptions
  • 35. Makerspacemodels● Community● Co-op● Subscription● Landlord● Corporate● Municipal
  • 36. MakerspaceFAQ● Legal● Governance● Budget● Space● Storage● Materials● Safety
  • 37. Summing it all up● Makerspaces are places that provide theopportunity for people to innovate and learn● Places for sharing resources● Shared tools, shared ideas, sharedenthusiasm!● Access to things you can’t do at home● They aren’t difficult to start up
  • 38. ●QQuestions?