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Perspectives in the Park
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Perspectives in the Park


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Bobbi Klein and Jack Gillen have written a book on the psychological study of perspectives using short stories from a day in Millennium Park in Chicago. You never know what you will find in this with …

Bobbi Klein and Jack Gillen have written a book on the psychological study of perspectives using short stories from a day in Millennium Park in Chicago. You never know what you will find in this with excerpts from Broadway, the misfit movement, paleo, doctors, passions, high school drama, writers, photographers, and teenage mothers.

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  • 1. Perspectives in the Park By: Bobbi Klein & Jack Gillen
  • 2. 1 Day in Chicago
  • 3. 5 People &/ or Groups
  • 4. 10 Short Stories
  • 5. “I really wish you’d come to Tokyo with me next year for the celebration Angela, your mother’s going to get the key to the city!”
  • 6. The museum had gotten creative and designed “Quiet” signs, similar to the ones at PGA tournaments held by over enthused fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Tiger Woods, with details of “sleeping man inside.”
  • 7. What’s Your Perspective?
  • 8. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” -Wayne Dyer
  • 9. “Perspectives create your reality. They can hold you back or expand you into knew dimensions of being, allowing you to thrive in new ways you would've never perceived as possible.” -Jenn Seffrin
  • 10. A woman always knows when she’s being watched upon, and Daphne could tell that now in her early sixties she has gone from being a metaphoric Vogue Magazine to Parade Weekly.
  • 11. She thought it was almost scientific how a simple piece of street art could harness the image of an entire city and warp it in such an amusing way.
  • 12. How Do You See the World?
  • 13. The energy and brilliance of walking through the park knowing that you are being photographed was amazing and fulfilling.
  • 14. “Life has a way of working out and making it a great celebration with people that I love,” Karen said.
  • 15. It was a given, the sky is blue, cake is delicious, and the Vavrick girl and the Hammer girl are best friends.
  • 16. She read the words, but they did not have any meaning. Her mind was in another place thinking about where she wanted to be and what she wanted to do with her life.
  • 17. When we start doing what we love, there is an incredible amount of passion visible, and it is difficult for people not to notice.
  • 18. ...“I wonder what would happen if people began to follow their intuition instead of someon eles’s desires.” Marc replied, “The world would be a wonderful place to live.”
  • 19. Are You Judging Others?
  • 20. Jenna and her friends have for several months wondered how to best tell Kristy McElly that it was okay for her son to have a snack time, not a snacks time.
  • 21. She let the rain cleanse her insecurities, the doubts worthiness. In many ways she was like the rain, going through life with a solid bravery, never knowing quite where she was going to land…and she liked that.
  • 22. See, for Marissa, her dating life was upside down. People were trying to set her up with guys who did not know how to take Marissa’s philosophies on life, friend of friends, and the classic, “he is in the same industry as you.”
  • 23. She had her morning cup of coffee bulletproof style now (with pastured butter instead of cream). It gave it a richer taste without the creaminess of adding heavy cream. She began to watch the sunrise and thank God for this wonderful day that she has to live.
  • 24. She was one cab ride away from change, something Daphne hated more than almost anything, and the change that was more frightening to her than a botched up surgery was the change that would occur within herself after admitting that she was getting old.
  • 25. Over the years Hoken had watched helplessly as he transformed in his Heather’s eyes from solid provider to out-of-touch pest.
  • 26. The prosecution argued that he would use me to get information on Hollie when I hung out with her. That last one made me so sick to my stomach I cannot even begin.
  • 27. “I am not going to be like Paula Deen and help promote diabetes across the United States and the world saying all of these grains are super healthy in this cupcake with icing that has twice as much fake sugar as a soda and enough margarine to make a French pastry chef cringe,” she decided.
  • 28. Many saw Marissa as a person that was just traveling around the world and did not have any desire to settle down, but those who knew her best knew that the opposite was true.
  • 29. Children from school or the neighborhood that she didn’t even like would come over for “play-dates” and spend a whole afternoon as her mother’s captive audience as she performed her greatest Saturday morning hits for them live in her den.
  • 30. Bobbi Klein @bobbiklein Jack Gillen @jgill444