Boyds® Bear of the Month Collection
                     January-December 2010 Limited Edition Series

Seasonally inspired...
JANUARY                                                                                       FEBRUARY
MARCH                                                                               APRIL

C. 4016881

SEPTEMBER                                                               OCTOBER

I. 4016887                            ...
NOVEMBER                                                                                                                  ...
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2010 Bom Sell Sheet Final


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2010 Bom Sell Sheet Final

  1. 1. Boyds® Bear of the Month Collection January-December 2010 Limited Edition Series Seasonally inspired designs showcase highly detailed clothing and embellishments making each the perfect home décor accent all year ‘round! Each Limited Edition Features: 3,000 Piece Limited Edition Series Whimsical and heartfelt designs that reflect the personality and character of each month. Hand-crafted accents and Available to All PAW Dealers! embellishments. Custom Blended Plush Fabrics. Bear of the Month Foot Sash. Hand-Numbered Foot Patch and Customized Bear of the Month Hangtag. ORDER ALLOCATION Diamond PAW Dealer 72 pc. Maximum Order Platinum PAW Dealer 48 pc. Maximum Order Gold PAW Dealer 24 pc. Maximum Order Silver PAW Dealer 12 pc. Maximum Order Bronze PAW Dealer 6 pc. Maximum Order We Make Orderin’ Easy…Contact Your Enesco Sales Representative or call 1-800-4-ENESCO Fax: 630-875-5351 * Enesco LLC * Attn: Sales Dept * 225 Windsor Drive * Itasca, IL 60143
  2. 2. JANUARY FEBRUARY B. 4016880 A. 4016879 BYDPL0001700 BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H VALERIE BLOOMINLOVE KATERINA WINTERBEARY In the bitter cold month of February, a lil’ Valentine’s love always heats things Ushering in a Frosty New Year is Katerina Winterbeary, January’s Bear of the up! Valerie Bloominlove is the February Bear of the Month and she’s got a Month! In beautiful shimmering ice-blue velour, her white faux fur trimmed whole lotta love to give! In her charming dress with whimsical hearts and dress, jacket and hat feature snowflake embroidered accents and scalloped flowers and red gingham, Valerie holds a felt flower pot sprouting a blooming, metal buttons. Crafted in soft felt, her figure skates repeat the snowflake appliquéd heart. Whip stitching and buttons accent her shoes and ear bow as embroidered accents. well as her blossoming heart. FISD: 12/15/09 FISD: 12/15/09
  3. 3. MARCH APRIL C. 4016881 D. 4016882 BYDPL0001700 BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H PATTIE MCBEARSLEY RAINIE DAYBEARY By the luck o’ the Irish, Pattie McBearsley is our March, Bear of the Month! Inspired by good ole St. Paddy and the start of spring, Pattie wears a festive With April, comes lots of rain and showers…But Rainie Daybeary, our April white and green polka-dot and floral print dress with ruffle and lace trim. Her Bear of the month, keeps things bright with her sunny yellow umbrella with beautiful lattice smocking apron with delicate clover embroidery is complete cheerful purple butterfly embroidery! Crafted in shimmering fabric, her with matching shoes, handbag and flowery, ribbon-accented ear bow. raincoat with purple polka-dot lining, matches her purple and lime green satin dress. Her yellow vinyl rain boots not only keep her dry…but they’re perfect FISD: 12/15/09 for April puddle hoppin’! FISD: 3/15/10
  4. 4. MAY JUNE E. 4016883 F. 4016884 BYDPL0001700 BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H BLOSSOM SPRINGBEARY LUCKY DOTTLESWORTH The sun is shining’, the grass is turnin’ green, and Blossom Springbeary, our Look real close on a warm June night and you’re sure to see the cutest May Bear of the Month, is ready to plant the seeds of friendship! Her oh so ladybug in town! Whimsically dressed in a gingham dress with polka-dot springy yellow ric-rac and ribbon accented pinafore overlays her colorful skirting with ric-rac trim. Her large brimmed hat features coiled antennae with floral calico print dress. Blossom holds a pink felt Seed bag with flower a button accented gingham flower, and a lil’ satin lady bug. Matching button embroidery. Her ear bow and pretty green shoes are adorned with pink embellished gingham and felt flowers accent her hat and shoes. appliqué flowers and intricate stitched details. FISD: 3/15/10 FISD: 3/15/10
  5. 5. JULY AUGUST H. 4016886 G. 4016885 BYDPL0001700 BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H SANDY SUMMERBEARY MEGIN MARIE BEARYPROUD Surf’s Up! And there’s no better way to hit the beach than with the style Like a warm summer 4th of July evening, filled with stars and streamin’ and sass of Sandy Summerbeary, our August Bear of the Month! In her red white and blue ribbons…Megin Marie is our July Bear of the Month! white Terrycloth cover-up, pink skirted bathing suit, and her totally cool felt She proudly wears the colors of the good Ol’ U.S.A. marked by floral, sunglasses, Sandy’s got everything she needs for a perfect August day on polka-dot and star patterns. Red, white and blue ribbons flow throughout the beach! Sandy’s outfit is embellished with the tiniest of whimsical her dress and from the gatherings of her large brimmed hat. Red, star details…from small stitches on the flowers accenting her sandals and shaped buttons accent the dress bodice and her adorable felt sandals. wide brimmed sun hat, to the ric-rac trimmed pocket on her cover-up and FISD: 6/15/10 even on the lil’ flowers accenting her sunglasses. FISD: 6/15/10
  6. 6. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER I. 4016887 Digital Rendering, Production May Vary BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H J. 4016888 HAYLEE AUTUMNBEARY BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H September may be scarecrow season, but Haylee Autumnbeary, our September Bear of the Month probably won’t be scarin’ anyone away with her GLENDA D. WITCHYBOO sweet face! Haylee’s scarecrow inspired dress features early autumn colors Trick or Treat! Glenda is our October Bear of the Month and she with a beige pleated collar, patchwork squares, and lil’ jute rope ties to keep just might be the sweetest lil’ Halloween witch you’ll ever see! In her frayed burlap “hay” from fallin’ out! A felt appliquéd sunflower is sweetly her orange plaid dress and darling black and orange cardigan with displayed on her flowery satchel and scalloped hat. whip stitch details and jack-o-lantern appliqué, Glenda is anything FISD: 6/15/10 but scary! With her striped stockings, lace-up boots and whip stitched felt witch hat, she’s absolutely bewitching! FISD: 9/15/10
  7. 7. NOVEMBER DECEMBER Digital Rendering, Production May Vary L. 4016890 K. 4016889 BYDPL0001700 BYDPL0001700 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H 1 EA min., 20 ctn., 12”H CHRISSY MERRYBEARY GRACIE FALLSWORTH ‘Tis the season for golden tinsel, festive trees, shiny red ornaments and A celebration of fall and giving thanks! Gracie is the perfect guest for of course, Chrissy Merrybeary our December Bear of the Month! A any Thanksgiving meal in her beautiful cinnamon corduroy and green festive embroidered design accents her dress with ribbon details checkered dress with matching slippers. Elegant leaf embroidery flows featured both at the bodice and on her layered ear bow. Both her around the trim of her dress and along her bow accented shoes. She shoes and handbag are crafted in green satin with ribbon and even carries a fabric pumpkin with ribbon attachments and embroidered accents. embroidered accents. FISD: 9/15/10 FISD: 9/15/10