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Social Networking For Commercial Real Estate For Previous Versions
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Social Networking For Commercial Real Estate For Previous Versions


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A presentation on what commercial and investment real estate pros should do when starting out in social networking and professional networking via the Internet

A presentation on what commercial and investment real estate pros should do when starting out in social networking and professional networking via the Internet

Published in: Technology, Business, Real Estate

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  • 1. Social Networking for CRE: The Basics Mid Atlantic Real Estate Marketing Association – November 19, 2008
  • 2. Taking the Temperature of the Room
    • How many people here are involved in a social network?
      • Personal
      • Professional?
    • Do you get a lot out of it?
  • 3. What is Social Networking?
    • Social networking is a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way
    • A social networking site allows you to identify your contacts and establish a link between you and each of your contacts (clients, prospects, friends)
    • People have always social networked, but the Internet has opened new ways of doing it globally
  • 4. Types of Social Networking
    • Remember that there is professional social networking, and there is personal social networking.
    • The two shouldn’t mix ... unless you want it to!!
  • 5. “ Places” to Social Network
    • Personal
      • General – Facebook, MySpace, countless others
      • Interest-based – Flickr, DailyMugshot, about a billion others
    • Professional
      • General – LinkedIn, Plaxo
      • Industry-Specific – Sibdu, ActiveRain, i-Meet, CultureMob
      • Demographic or other niche –
  • 6. “ Places” to Social Network
    • Professional / Personal
      • Can be done ... but needs to be handled differently
      • Best place to do this is Facebook
  • 7. So ... ? (WIIFM)
    • Use social networking to:
      • Find new prospects
      • Strengthen relationships with current/past clients
      • Gain referrals (top of mind)
      • Network with allied professionals
      • Network with out-of-town brokers/agents
  • 8. So ... ? (WIIFM)
    • Common theme? Social Networking = $$$
    • But ... it takes:
      • Time
      • Patience
      • A willingness to really work with and help people
        • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • 9. Social Networking – Business Use
    • For maximum ROI, participation should be in a community where interests are / can be shared
    • Interaction with your network(s) – the big “key”
      • Your networks are just like buildings that need maintenance
      • Maintain them by communicating with them and supporting them
  • 10. Social Networking – Business Use
    • Build yourself up, by becoming an “expert” in the minds of people with whom you network
      • Your submitted blogs, articles, opinions, photos, videos, multimedia, reviews, etc.
      • Different networks have similar tools ... use all of them
    • You have to become a “rock star” to your audience
      • Not only in putting out your voice, but responding to people in your network as well
  • 11. Social Networking – Business Use
    • Media today is no longer about “elites” [professional media, marketing departments of companies] pumping out information and sales pitches while the masses listen in. The Internet is the dominant force in our culture today because it enables people to find and talk to others -- existing friends and new ones who share their interests -- and talk to brands that they care about ... YOU.
  • 12. Recommendations
    • Join networks!
      • But not just any networks – remember, maximize ROI
    • For CRE and Business Brokerage, I recommend:
      • Sibdu (
      • LinkedIn (
  • 13. Recommendations
    • If you want to have a “personal / professional” presence, I suggest Facebook (with caveats)
      • Realize that you’re sharing personal information with professional contacts
      • My rule: Only let the people you’d invite to a party or out for drinks at a Happy Hour .. and share only that kind of information in your personal / pro social networking presence
  • 14. Recommendations
    • If you want to have a personal presence, I suggest Facebook as well
      • This is probably the most “protected” sites from the “unwashed public”
      • Make sure you have control over your information
        • Who knows what will show up in a Google search?
  • 15. What NOT To Do
    • Join all kinds of different networks for business
      • Keep in mind ROI when deciding to join/not join, mainly from a time standpoint
      • You’ll start getting requests from people in your current networks to join new ones (see the above point)
    • Join MySpace solely for business purposes
      • Exception: If you’re marketing to “retail” clients, particular businesses or specific demographic groups that use MySpace
  • 16. Tips for Successful Social Networking and Marketing
    • Use social media and social networking as a way to listen to your network of clients/customers
      • You’ll learn what they want, gain invaluable market intelligence, and be well equipped to improve your product or service -- or create new ones -- knowing exactly what the market wants.
  • 17. Tips for Successful Social Networking and Marketing
    • Treat your relationships with consumers as long-term conversations
      • Don’t just devise short-term programs that open up the conversation for brief periods.
      • Figure out how to become “friends” with your customers.
      • Friends talk to each other, over the long haul.
  • 18. Tips for Successful Social Networking and Marketing
    • Participate intelligently in the online social community.
      • Bad: Posting a press release about a new listing, etc.
      • Good: Share pre-release news of an upcoming listing and offer sneak details to selected enthusiasts within your online community, asking them to be reviewers and offer feedback.
  • 19. Tips for Successful Social Networking and Marketing
    • Bring clients (past, present) and prospects into your inner circle
      • Product planning meetings no longer are limited to the ideas of your staff.
      • Use social marketing techniques to identify core enthusiasts, then tap their ideas.
  • 20. Tips for Successful Social Networking and Marketing
    • What do your clients, prospects and / or brand enthusiasts care most about?
      • That’s what you want to create interactive, participative online communities around.
      • The opportunity in social media/marketing is in serving this passion.
  • 21. Potential Social-Networking Strategy
    • LinkedIn – general professional network
    • Sibdu – network that’s specific to your industry
    • Facebook – for personal or professional/personal
    • MySpace – ONLY if you’re going after “retail” clients
    • Learn how to use each effectively – tools, tools, tools!
  • 22. What is Sibdu? (
    • Professional / social networking for anyone in CRE
      • Business brokerage can easily use as well
    • Think of it as Facebook meets Craigslist, but with tools specific to CRE
      • Local Groups
      • Ability to form Public and Private Groups
      • Associates
  • 23. What is Sibdu? (
    • For Brokers and others buying, selling and leasing property, we have our Market Match tab
      • Full listing support, including documents and video
      • RFPs – let other real-estate pros know about the properties you’re looking for
    • Sibdu is there with you from the start to the end of your deals
  • 24. A Potential Use for Sibdu
    • Build your own “network” of customers and allied professionals, using Sibdu’s tools
      • Create a Public Group
      • Invite all of your prospects, clients, allied pros, etc.
      • Get them networking and building their relationships
      • Provide your own content – be their “expert”
    • Tribes by Seth Godin
      • How to lead a “tribe” and build your business
  • 25. A Second Use for Sibdu
    • Set up an “intranet” for your company / group / ofc.
      • Make a Private Group
      • Invite only people from your company / group / office
      • Use all of its features
        • Share documents, intelligence
        • Schedule meetings
  • 26. Interested in a “Sibdu” or bringing social-media / Web 2.0 functions to your company’s Web site?
    • We have solutions available
    • Ask me after the presentation / Q&A
  • 27. Q&A / Thank You!
    • Bob Woods |
    • 240.482.8276
    • [email_address]