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LInked In Vistage Presentation

LInked In Vistage Presentation






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  • 7:15 / 11.45      Temporary Vistage group dd/mm (406) Signs In on Flip Page lead by Host & Ambassador – presenter does badges, business cards, introduce nominee to host
  • RESPONSIBLE: Chair 1. EXPLAIN THE “Better, Better, Better” concept & purpose; i.e., 2. TIME – 2 MINUTES
  • Let’s start with the Vistage mission. Our mission is centered on you, the member. Simply put, our mission is to increase your effectiveness and enhance your lives -- each one of you, one by one, more than 14,000 of you around the world. At Vistage, our overriding purpose is to help you all become better leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results. In doing so, your effectiveness as business leaders is increased and your lives are enhanced. The fabric of the Vistage experience, the center of the triangle, is all about growth— your personal and professional growth. How do we do that? By challenging you in a trusting and caring environment. Through years of experience we’ve found that challenge happens most effectively in a caring environment. So trust in an environment of personal and professional growth, with the idea that it happens through challenge and caring -- these are the values we use to create the magic that happens inside Vistage groups.
  • As a new Vistage member, you’re beginning a wonderful journey -- a journey dedicated and committed to you as a member. The power that exists in a room where all your peers are there for no other reason than to help each other grow is truly amazing. Nobody’s trying to sell you anything or influence you in any other way. It’s all about your growth as a leader and a human being and your ability to help your peers in return. Vistage has a staff of more than 100, a powerful database of nearly 2,000 speakers, and a network of more than 14,000 members worldwide, and a rich, content-laden Web site to support this process. These resources are dedicated to your personal success, but only if you take the initiative to use them.
  • RESPONSIBLE: BPC 1. EXPLAIN BENEFITS OF VISTAGE VIEW • Vistage View is a very valuable member tool. • Best Practices can be researched from the home page. • Easily RSVP for meetings. • Find members in other groups. • Research articles for issue processing support. • Join private forums for your group. • Locate directory of Vistage staff. Specific Examples: • Personal Profile – By filling out the personal profile, members can join the network of members across the world. They can list their background, their business profile, and hobbies. • Online Advertising – Each member gets a free advertisement on the Vistage Member Marketplace. For a fee, the member can buy the Premium package which offers many more advertising options. • E-mail Group Function – From the My Group page, the member can select an option to e-mail the group which will send a message to every member in their group. • Network Requests – 95% of issues brought in by members have been dealt with before, so the Network should be the first place to look when trying to find answers to your own issues or questions. If an answer is not in the Network, members can submit the question to peers throughout the world. • Find Members with Similar Interests – Once the member has completed a personal profile, other members can search the directory for members who have similar interests, such as golf or travel. 2. TIME – 15 MINUTES **IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS VISTAGE VIEW LIVE, USE THE FOLLOWING SCREEN SHOTS TO TALK ABOUT VISTAGE VIEW FUNCTIONALITY. RESPONSIBLE: VISTAGE CHAIR **If you’ve used Vistage View to help process an issue and you feel you’ve covered it effectively, you may decide to skip the following Vistage View screenshots.** Point out the “Vistage View Log-in” tab on the public website. Also, anything else you’d like to show. RESPONSIBLE: BPC Point out “Log-in” procedure. Also, anything else you’d like to show. RESPONSIBLE: KEY CHAIR Point out: • Next meetings will appear in their Welcome box • Best Practices are easily accessible • Recent articles at their fingertips • Also, anything else you’d like to show. RESPONSIBLE: KEY CHAIR Point out: • Their next meeting will appear with the Host and Location information. • Member names appear here – stress they should strive to grow their group to 16 members. • Bulletin Board is latest updates for the group. • Forums/Private Discussions are good for dynamic dialogue over an issue. • Also, anything else you’d like to show. RESPONSIBLE: KEY CHAIR Point out “Search” and the different categories. Also, anything else you’d like to show. RESPONSIBLE: KEY CHAIR Point out “Member Marketplace” and the “Member Directory” tab. Also, anything else you’d like to show. Break 15 minutes More Issue Processing 􀂃 Continued if there is time… 􀂃 Protocol 􀂾 Issue 􀂾 Background Information 􀂾 What have I done to this point? 􀂾 Significance 􀂾 Ideal Outcome 􀂃 Group 􀂾 Ask Clarifying Questions 􀂾 Restate the Issue 􀂾 Provide Feedback 􀂃 Member Summary 􀂾 What did you hear the group tell you? 􀂾 Did the member hear everything from the group? 􀂾 What are you going to do? RESPONSIBLE: KEY CHAIR 1. IF THERE IS TIME (at least 45 minutes) PROCESS ANOTHER ISSUE 2. TIME – THIS ACTIVITY SHOULD CONCLUDE BY 4:15 p.m. to have time for Module 5. Last Updated: July 29, 2008
  • RESPONSIBLE: Key Chair REFERENCE: Personal Action Summaries (PAS) 1. EXPLAIN HOW THE PAS WILL BE USED in meetings and 1-to-1’s. 2. INTRODUCE DISCUSSION on setting goals and how to achieve them. • Professional goals • Personal goals 3. INTRODUCE EXERCISE and point out the Personal Action Summaries: • Each member should write one goal for each of the four areas listed on the slide. • 10 minutes to reflect and fill out the PAS • 10 minutes to share with a partner • 10 minutes to share with the group 4. HAVE MEMBERS fill out their PAS (10 minutes) 5. PAIR MEMBERS UP TO SHARE GOALS (5 minutes) 6. FACILITATE SHARING GOALS WITH GROUP (one or two volunteers for each area – 10 minutes) 7. MEMBERS SHOULD GIVE WHITE COPY TO CHAIR or buddy Key member for follow-up in teams. Then the Chair/members can assist the member in making the goals SMART. • The best made goals are ones that are SMART. 8. TIME – 30 MINUTES
  • RESPONSIBLE: Key Chair REFERENCE: CYCLE OF SUCCESS POSTER 1. DISCUSS CYCLE OF SUCCESS • Diagnosis – What are the challenges? • Priorities – Where do I start? • Planning – What will we do? • Key Indicators/Milestones – How will we measure progress? • Implementation – How will we do it? • Skills/Knowledge/Activities – What do we need to be better? • Results – What does success look like? • ROI/ROIT – How will it pay off? 2. TIME – 10 MINUTES

LInked In Vistage Presentation LInked In Vistage Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • The World’s Leading CEO Membership Organization
  • better leaders • better decisions • better results
    • As a Vistage member, you will:
      • Grow professionally with new ideas
      • Make better, more timely decisions
      • Have an enhanced focus through accountability
      • Initiate and manage change better than before
      • Have access to a g lobal community of members with common interests
    • “ Increasing the effectiveness and
    • enhancing the lives of chief executives”
    our mission & values
  • as a member, you’ll have access to:
    • A room full of peers with a single agenda
    • A staff of more than 100 at Vistage HQ
    • A global community of 14,000+ CEOs and senior executives
    • A powerful network of nearly 2,000 Vistage expert resource speakers
    • A rich Web site, full of content, called Vistage View™ ( www.view.vistage.com )
  • Value from our Website - Vistage View ™
    • Best practice articles
    • Industry forums
    • Speaker notes
    • Online global community
    • Personal profiles
    • Access to International Vistage members
    • Member marketplace
    • Access to members with similar interests
    • Group management
    • Calendar tool for one-to-ones
    • Meeting notices
    • Member feedback
    • E-mail group function
  • goals
    • Set goals for all areas of your business and life
      • Company goals
      • Leadership/management goals
      • Personal business goals
      • Personal relationship goals
      • Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T.
        • S pecific
        • M easurable
        • A chievable
        • R eviewable
        • T ime-dated
  • cycle of success
    • Welcome to Vistage!