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1a transmedia tools for visioning v2 w instructor notes
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1a transmedia tools for visioning v2 w instructor notes



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  • Purpose of Slide: To introduce this seminar, make the point that this seminar is NOT about their ventures but rather about them as information age professionals who have to share their vision with the wider market. It is our contention that there are things today that every information age professional needs to know, no matter who they are or what they do, or how big their company is.. It ’s often good to jump right into the first slide. Suggested Use of Slide: If you ’re in a room full of early stage entrepreneurs, it is sometimes good to frame this presentation in the context of them getting startup toolkit. In that case, you can open by first getting them to realize that they need to own their venture and their project. If that approach, try asking them: Who are you? (they usually say, Mary, or Jill, or Sarah). You want to say, no, you are the CEO and Founder of X. Or no, you are Mary, the President of Y. You guys need to own your new identity as entrepreneurs. Then say, we ’re here to teach how to gain traction fast, and outrace the fact that we’re smaller and less resourced than anyone. Perception is key, as is transparency, agility, and the ability to organize lots of people with little infrastructure. We ’re able to do that because of the end of the Digital Revolution, and the tools we’re going to show you. Our advantage: the end of the digital revolution One needs to think differently in a public era. Everything is public, you need to make your organization public, to provide “surface area” for contact with your customers. To do this you—and your staff—need to have the basic tools in your pocket to do WHATEVER is Necessary one web. And all sorts of things might be. Understand, when my dad was growing up cars were complicated. Now they work. Same today with digital. To be able to function you neeed to know how to do these things or you ‘ re not fully armed. More than that, it is an issue of encouraging your organiztion to start becoming niche experts and commentators. Does your CEO have a blog, or a video blog? Are you where you need to be? This presentation is a quick checklist of things you want to lock down, and then we’ll talk more about how to use them.
  • Purpose of this slide: Here ’s where you ram home your point about Times a Changing. Show them how an experienced business manager listed Microsoft Word on his resume in the early 2000’s. This makes explicit the way that technology brings about revolutions in what is expected from them as basic knowledge. Use this to talk through the notion of the ending of the Digital Revolution, drawing on Nicholas Negroponte and 80’s music. You can also use the example of cars to highlight the mechanical revolution’s end Suggestions for Using this Slide: Before you reveal this slide, ask a question and play it out with the group: “Who here has updated their resume in the past two years. What sort of things have you listed? Education, yes. Work experience. Skills? Ok, what sort of skills? Ok, who here has been in an interview, or hired someone recently? Have you been asked, or been asked, whether you know how to use Microsoft Word? Let me show you a resume from the early 2000’s. Jess Kendall, an experienced business manager, mentions that he has proficiency in microsoft word.” From here you go into the fact that tools and tools expected are changing.: Just like once it was considered a big deal if you knew how to use a typewriter machine, or Word, and today it is considered just normal. So to, today, a lot of the skills and approaches that were once considered the sphere of experts are part of what we all need to know to be good Digital Age entrepreneurs and professionals. That’s ultimately what this series of seminars is about. It’s about taking you through a process of learning and deeply engaging the theories and approaches of the Digital Age. I’ll walk you through the highlights of what we’re going to do, and give you a sense of the skills and tools that we’ll learn.
  • [NOTE to Presenter: Consider whether this slide is appropriate to your audience] Purpose of this Slide: You maintain the principal that even if they had a staff of a thousand people, they should know digital tools. That said, to give them some sort of context as to why Digital Tools are important for startup folks, you want to point out this slide.
  • Other Options: Squarespace, Jimdo
  • Includes CRM functionality through tying into 37Signal ’s Highrise system
  • Also Aviary for lots more power
  • Ask people in the room to share their URLs – and show a few examples to the group as to what can be done in 20 minutes. (Total: 5 minutes)
  • Summarize. (Total: 5 minutes)


  • 1. Pre-Exercise: Think for a Moment
    • What was the last way you learned about an organization you care about?
    • How long did it take you to form your opinion?
    • Has the organization taken you along for the ride?
  • 2. Guerilla Web 1 Sharing Vision Transmedia Tools for Visioning
  • 3. Resume from the early 2000 ’s: Jesse, a dynamic business leader and manager, indicates skills with Microsoft Word
  • 4. The Quickie Website Bridging the Belief Gap
    • As a startup venture you need to mobilize resources, including volunteer hours, dollars, advice, and connections.
    • To do this you will quickly and constantly need to prove that you ’re “real.”
    • Digital Tools are aimed at accelerating your ability to demonstrate presence and bridge the belief gap.
  • 5. The Quickie Website What establishes presence?
    • Testimonials
    • Volunteers and supporters
    • Web and Social Media Presence—make everything a story (transparency)
    • Programs and meetings amplified through the net
    • Surveys and assessments
    • Leveraged gatherings (ie, viral parties)
  • 6. The Quickie Website Digital Real Estate Basics
    • Buy Domain:
        • www.yourname.com
        • www.name.com
        • www.GoDaddy.com
    • Evaluate Ownership
      • WHOIS: www.networksolutions/whois
      • www.namechk.com
  • 7. (Because if you don’t own it…)
  • 8. Build it because they will come.
    • You need a website. Fast.
    • Many tools exist to build fast, representative sites. We like Weebly.
    • Weebly is free to start, lots of functions, and easy to make look professional.
    • Try it out. Or check out a weebly-built site: www.nycfellowship.com
  • 9. Get to know your audience
    • People want conversation, not lectures
    • First rule of any conversation: know who you are talking to
    • Survey tools help gather information
    • Wufoo, a survey tool, can help you build a quick and flexible platform
    • Try it out – it is free at first, and premium is great.
  • 10. Keep tabs on you-know-who
    • Don ’t lose track of the people who visited you – tie in your surveys with a CRM
    • Customer Relationship Manager tools abound – free ones too. Key is to enable data portability.
    • Highrise is one such service with a freemium model and Wufoo integration
    • Doorbell is great too
  • 11. Tell compelling stories via presentations
    • Presentations are a way to structure a story and share that story with many people
    • Put your presentations online – either just the slides, or sound too
    • One service that does this is Slideshare.net
    • If you want to go interactive, prezi.com is an interesting alternative
  • 12. And use the Social Networks (you know)
  • 13. Images? Download and Spruce
  • 14. Need a logo? You can bid on it
  • 15. Most important, update (we like Posterous).
  • 16. The Quickie Website Workshop: Establish Presence
    • Set up a weebly page for a project
    • Set up a wufoo survey and embed in your weebly
    • Find and download an image from the web and edit it using picnic
    • Flip a video or snap a picture and send to one of your sites through posterous, and post to weebly site
    • Establish a Doorbell account with bcc ’ing, and forward several project related emails to account
    • Do something we didn ’t think of……
  • 17. The Quickie Website Share? Your Site Here
  • 18. The Quickie Website And remember: if you’re not online…
    • Key is to bridge the credibility gap.
    • Best way to do that: Show, don’t Tell
    • Questions?