Boavida Corporate Presentation english


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Corporate presentation of Boavida Modular. Who are we? What do we do?

Modular building, Microarchitecture, Urban Furniture.

Tree gratings, bicycle stands, benches, bollards, showers, fountains, marquees, tables, advertising panels, pergolas, street chairs ...

Prefabricated, easy installation, for parks and gardens

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Boavida Corporate Presentation english

  1. 1. Who we areWe are a multidisciplinary team that is constantly looking to create something new anddifferent in the fields of architectural design and construction.We create construction solutions for companies (Urban Series) and individuals (Home Series).We build modular solutions that are quick and easy to install and offer endless functions.On top of all that they can be adapted to any project, and you can customise and relocatethem how and where you choose.servicios services• Project creation and design• Technical advice• Sale of microarchitecture solutions, modular buildings and accessories (pergolas, street furniture, bus shelters etc)• Transport and installation• Customisation of standard designs• Customer service
  2. 2. modular buildings Design your spaceWe respond to the ever-changing circumstances ofpeople and companies by providing flexible solutionsthat can be tailored to your project needs, right downto the specifications we use. We also take care of all administrative and technical procedures so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Speedy availability Ready to live in Solutions to fit your budget, no matter how big or small A level of comfort, strength and security to match that offered by traditional solutions An endless range of finishes and specifications Agreed prices and delivery deadlines
  3. 3. microarchitecture For businesses and individualsWe provide microarchitecture solutions in a host of sizes thatcan be adapted to any project and offer an endless rangeof functions. You can also customise them with the finishes, colours and designs of your choice. New and original Ready to use Quick and easy to install Relocatable Strong Rural and urban environments
  4. 4. Companies Health Social and leisure activities Telecommunications Catering Education Institutions and energy Hotels Events Schools and kindergartens Industry and commerce Tourism and the Beaches, swimming Promoters Disaster response environment pools and promenades Trade shows and exhibitions Estate agentsmicroarchitecture modular buildings Information point Offices Control rooms Head offices Vendor kiosks Health clinics Points of sale Laboratories Cloakrooms Classrooms Changing rooms... Sports centres...
  5. 5. Games rooms Holiday homes Living spaces on terrace roofs Extensions Dining rooms and floating platforms Gymnasiums Stand-alone houses Offices Housing for domestic staff Apartments Private spas, jacuzzis and saunas Garages Changing rooms–swimming pools Study roomsmicroarchitecture modular buildings Loft Stand-alone houses Spa Residential buildings Guest room Halls of residence Studio... Residential developments Hotels...
  6. 6. Park benches Pergolas Cycle stands Fountains Bus shelters Advertising panels Decks Planters Beach decking Tree surrounds Showers and foot showers Litter bins Bollards Access ramps Railings Signalling Pergolas Cycle standsBus shelters Park benches