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BOA GBM (09-15-2011)
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BOA GBM (09-15-2011)


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Second GBM of Bio-engineering Organizational Alliance in Fall 2011.

Second GBM of Bio-engineering Organizational Alliance in Fall 2011.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Bioengineering Organizational Alliance
      2nd General Body Meeting
    • 2. Le BOA Logo
    • 3.
      • 2nd GBM sign-in sheet
      • 4. Preferred T-Shirt Size
      • 5. Preferred Email (We prefer if you have a Gmail account—more on this later)
      • 6. Missed the 1st GBM?
      • 7. Outlined each program and society.
      • 8. Committee sign-up sheets.
      • 9. New BOA credit system.
      • 10. Without you, BOA doesn’t exist.
      • 11. Not a member yet?
      • 12. Join for only $10—helps pay for a T-shirt, food for meetings, exclusive BOA-sponsored outings/events, and more.
      Opening Smorgasbord of Technical BOA Mumbo-Jumbo
    • 13.
      • Activities Program
      • 14. Art Program
      • 15. Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AEMB) Biomedical Honors Society
      • 16. Big Brother/Sister Program
      • 17. Bioengineering Volunteering Program (BVP)
      • 18. Internal Bioengineering Exposure (IBE)
      • 19. External Bioengineering Exposure (EBE)
      • 20. Community Outreach Program (COP)
      • 21. Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
      • 22. BioPhysics Society (BPS)
      • 23. Engineering World Health (EWH)
      • 24. Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS)
      • 25. Open Source Laboratory Program (OSLP)
      • 26. Tutoring Program
      BOA Programs and Societies
    • 27.
      • Front will be the BOA logo
      • 28. Back will say “Bioengineering Organizational Alliance” and “University of Illinois at Chicago”
      • 29. Ordering 150 of them.
      T-Shirts Update
      $ Million Dollar Question $
      Do you want anything to be on the back bottom?
      …Or is that too much?
    • 30. Social Media and BOA on the Interwebs
    • 31.
      • Old GBM Presentations
      • 32.
      • 33.
      • 34. 2nd GBM will be posted right after the meeting
      • 35. Events
      • 36. Now able to RSVP via email invitation
      • 37. Click “more details” to see if there is an attached document for a particular event.
      • 38. New Event Albums Are Up
      • 39. Try to tag embarrassing photos of your friends.
      Website Updates
    • 40.
      • BOA Credit list:
      • 41. BOA Credit Card:
      • 42. Redeem Credits anytime after 10 for a sweet prize, a BOA Certificate, your name on our website, and recognition at the BOA Awards Ceremony at the end of spring.
      • 43. Prizes will have credit values associated with them.
      • 44. The person who obtains THE MOST CREDITS over the Fall and Spring (wait for it) will receive….(wait….for….it)……………………………………
      BOA Credits Explained
    • 45. A NEW CAR!!!!!
    • 46. BOA Credits
      • For real, the person with the MOST CREDITS will receive the most prestigious award at our BOA Award Ceremony.
      • 47. Recognition by BOA and professors.
      • 48. BOA will also hook you up with a unique package of items
      • 49. Not quite a new car (unless our Funding Director pulls some epic strings)
      • 50. Contents still to be determined.
      • 51. To the future winner of this award, BOA is flattered and appreciates you immensely.
    • Latest BOA Survey Trends
      • You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.
      • 73. Every 5 credits you can advertise something through BOA.
      • 74. Advertising includes:
      • 75. Flyers with BOA logo on it
      • 76. Facebook/Twitter/Google+
      • 77. Front page of our website
      • 78. Display Monitors by BIOE office
      • 79. GBM Slide
      • 80. Email
      • 81. *If you don’t have 5 credits yet but still want to advertise something, let us know. We’re nice.
      Advertising Through BOA
      Obligatory Cliché “Advertising”
      Concept Art That Is Trying To—Wait, Why Are They Standing on Buildings?
    • 82.
      • Blackboard Learn Mobile App
      • 83. iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries
      • 84. Works like a charm for UIC.
      • 85. Ignore bad ratings, people are strange and don’t understand things.
      • 86. Go Google…seriously.
      Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office
      Syncs Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. to Google Docs on each save.
      Google Docs Mobile App
      Helpful Hints and Tips of the Week
    • 87.
      • About 10% of BIOEs have an updated UIC Careers account.
      • 88. What are you missing out on?
      Baxter Info Session / Interviews(Position: Intern)
      Oct. 10th (Info Session on campus)
      Oct. 11th (Interviews on campus)
      Can only attend Info Session if you are approved for an interview.
      Deadline to submit application: September 27, 2011
      Zoll Medical Positionfor Spring 2012 (Position: Co-op)
      Deadline to submit application: Sep 30, 2011
      HospiraPosition for Spring 2012 (Position: Co-op)
      Deadline to submit application: Oct 29, 2011
      Jobs/Internships/Co-ops through UIC Careers
    • 89.
      • BIOE Jobs/Internships/Co-ops are among the most scarce
      • Kathy Corcos ( wants to hear from you.
      • 90. Tell BOA or Kathy the companies that interest you!
      • 91. 34th Annual UIC Fall Diversity Career Fair on Sept. 29th
      • 92. Guess who isn’t represented? Us.
      • 93. If you have any contacts with biomedical companies, tell BOA!
      • 94. Guest Speakers for Future GBMs
      • 95. Research?
      • 96. Industry?
      • 97. Medical?
      What Companies or Guest Speakers Are YOU Interested In?
    • 98.
      • Located in Main BIOE Office on the countertop.
      • 99. Best way to communicate with us anonymously.
      • 100. Can be so much more than just suggestions…
      A Short List of Things You Can Put into the Suggestion Boxby Me, David Franz
      • Companies you’re interested in working for.
      • 101. An idea BOA can implement to improve student life
      • 102. Areview of a recent BOA outing
      • 103. A particular person you’d like see talk at a GBM
      • 104. A gripe or a compliment about a class you’re taking.
      • 105. Silly haikus.
      • 106. Serious haikus.
      • 107. Idiosyncrasies of one of your professors.
      • 108. A doodle.
      • 109. Money.
      BOA Suggestion Box
      What you think this guy’s name should be.
    • 110. A Short List of Things You Can Put into the Suggestion Box (Continued)by Me, David Franz
      • Hints and tips for students to feature at next GBM.
      • 111. Why you forgot to wear shoes before going to class.
      • 112. An amusing thought you had in class.
      • 113. The best joke you got.
      • 114. Why does he have a red beard?
      • 115. Problems you’re having at home, work, or school.
      • 116. Questions about ANYTHING, like stem cells or wormholes, or why it takes so long for your HD television to turn on.
      • 117. The alphabet, just for the sake of showing off your handwriting.
      • 118. Humorous top 10 lists about life as a bioengineering student at UIC
      • 119. How many Mini-Ditkas it will take to beat the Saints.
      BOA Suggestion Box
    • 120. Upcoming Events That Might Be Relevant To Your Interests
    • 121.
      • “Today’s Engineering Challenges – Tomorrow’s Solutions” 
      • 122. Technical Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday, November 15, 2011
      • 123. Time: 7:30am – 7:00pm (aka All Day Extravaganza)
      • 124. Interested? Fill out top half of IEEE registration forms and give to board member or leave in BOA mailbox, or RSVP to by October 1.
      • 125. Tickets are $50 but they will be free for all BOA members!
      • 126. Party Bus to Argonne (Keg not included).
      IEEE Conference at Argonne National Laboratory (November 15, 2011)
    • 127. "Engineering Biology: From tools to insights“
      • Takes place at UIC Forum.
      • 128. All day event: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
      • 129. Dr. Eddington is presenting “Leveraging the Microscalein Biological Models”
      • 130. Receive 1 BOA credit for attending!
      • 131. Registration Deadline: September 16th at noon
      or go look at the Events Calendar on BOA’s website for the link.
      9th Annual Chicago Biomedical Consortium (Friday, October 21, 2011)
    • 132.
      • Full
      • 133. Literally 100s of exhibitors
      • 134. Location: McCormick Place North
      • 135. Registering: “Visitor Registration”  “Expo Hall Admission” +“No QuikReg number”.
      • 136. For company, say UIC.
      • 137. On the company detail page, just put what makes sense ifUIC is your “employer”.
      Medical Design and Manufacturing Conference (Sep. 20-22, 2011)
      Need more help?
      Email Sagar:
    • 138. Google is hosting a student outreach event with:
      • a Resume & Interview Workshop 
      • 139. a Lightning Tech Talks highlighting a few of Google's awesome projects.
      • 140. **Google is flying in a handful of PhD Googlers for this UIC event.
      Location: The Cardinal Room in SCE.  
      • 5:00-6:00pm Resume & Interview Workshop
      • 141. 6:30-7:30pm Lightning Tech Talks (food included)
      No registration required!
      Google Visits UIC! (Tuesday, September 27th)
    • 142. Dunkin’ Donuts Study Night (Monday, Sept. 19, 2011)
      • Stay on campus after 5pm and study with BOA!
      • 143. Coffee and donuts to stimulate the mind.
      • 144. Form mini-study groups, study on your own, or discover another BIOE studying the same thing!
      • 145. Please don’t hit and run.
      • 146. *Must be a BOA member to get free coffee and donuts*
      • Come join us outside SEO on Friday (TOMORRAH)
      • 147. Bring clothes for our volunteering drive!
      • 148. We’ll have food for meat-lovers AND vegetarians!
      • 149. 12pm-3pm AKA FREE LUNCH!
      • 150. We’ll have some footballs, soccer balls, and Frisbees.
      BOA Outdoor Grill Party and Volunteering Drive
      Friday, September 23rd
    • 152. Stem Cell Society
      • Status: In the works
      • 153. Goals:
      • 154. To compile the latest stem cell research and applications from various outlets to discuss, analyze, and learn with other members.
      • 155. To provide a setting where various UIC stem cell research labs can discuss their latest research and explore collaborative possibilities with each other.
      • 156. Operation:
      • 157. Bi- or tri-weekly meetings
      • 158. Members compile material they’ve discovered and outline main talking points, things of interest, and background information.
      • 159. Research labs present progress at select society meetings.
      • 160. Interested? Contact David Franz (
    • BOA Check-Out System
      Any other ideas for a check-out system?
      Interested in donating items?
    • 169. UIC Bioengineering Promo Video
      $ Will be monetary incentive $
      • Looking to “hire”:
      • 170. Videographer, video editors, and actors.
      • 171. Requirements
      • 172. Roughly 30 minutes in length.
      • 173. Showcases live BIOE classes, professors and students in labs, faculty members, and BOA.
      • 174. Short interviews from students and faculty.
      • 175. Promo Video Uses
      • 176. Will be shown at high schools for our External Bioengineering Exposure program.
      • 177. Will be featured on the BIOE website and BOA’s website.
      Shoot footage for the
      BIOE Promo Video like a boss.
      Interested? Contact: Salman
    • 178. C.O.P. Upcoming Events!
      Clothing Donation:Fri. 16thFri. 23 at the BOA Outdoor Party
      • Bring gently used t-shirts and sweatshirts to donate to Needy Shelters in Chicago
      15km Marathon: Date TBA—Special volunteering members needed as well as multiple meetings to determine the location, cost, set-up, etc. The registration cost of those entering marathon will be donated to a selected charity or research organization
      Used Book drives: Date TBA– Have any old books you no longer need? Anything from baby books, novels, and picture books to SAT/ACT prep books and old college textbooks will be collected to donate to the Open Books Program