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Back to School Slideshow

  1. 1. About MeHello parents and students. I am reallyexcited to get to know all of the parentsand students this year.• My name is Mark Boatman, and I’m 25 years old• I was born in Boise, and now live in Meridian• I graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Anthropology in 2008• I was an Archaeologist for 3 years• I have been married to my lovely wife Morgan for over 2 years• We have an energetic Border-Collie mix name Finnley Home page
  2. 2. • Come To Class• Participate in Class• Have FUN!!!! Home page
  3. 3. Follow the 3 R’s• Be RESPONSIBLE – Carefully listen and follow all directions – Use respectful language – Work quietly – Raise your hand to speak – Keep hands/feet/objects to self• Be RESPECTFUL – Complete all assignments on time – Keep your desk/classroom neat and clean• Be READY – Have necessary supplies and school work ready – Follow classroom procedures – Be on time Home page
  4. 4. • You will receive a letter grade in all subjects based on the following: – Classroom Behavior – 25% of grade – Participation – 25% of grade – Homework – 25% of grade – Tests and Projects – 25% of grade• I’m sure everyone will do greatHome page
  5. 5. Reading & Language Arts• This week we examine a list of vocabulary words. Students will get a new list of words every week, and be quizzed on them at the end of the week. Students will also have access to the classroom library. We have begun to read Fantastic Mr. Fox, and soon I will have a homework assignment, in which the kids draw a map of how they would go from their house to where they would go if they had to create tunnels to their favorite or necessary places in their neighborhood. We will also watch a short clip of the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie utilizing our classroom television. With this technological capability, students will be able to compare/contrast a specific scene from the movie with the book.Social Studies• This week in social studies we will begin to discuss the history of the great state of Idaho. Students will participate in a fun classroom project of creating Idaho’s state flag. We will also go over the general history of Idaho, including state facts and important historical events in Idaho’s past. Students will also use the computer lab, to access relevant websites and articles in writing a report on the Constitution. Home page
  6. 6. Math• This week we will be learning about decimals and fractions, using fraction blocks and plotting decimals on a giant line plot. We will also be using fake cash and change to represent how much of a certain amount of change (fraction) compares to a dollar (whole).Science• This week we will be learning about various reptiles. I have a few lizards (kept in a tank) in the classroom, which is a fun way for students to observe reptiles directly. Students will break into groups, do research on a specific reptile, create a poster representing the reptile, and present that information to the class Home page
  7. 7. Things To Look Forward To:• This year we will be going on a few field trips: – Boise Birds of Prey Center: For one of our science units on Biology we will learn about Birds of Prey in Idaho and the world. The website link is • Link to fun activity we will do in class: California Condor Mask – The Capital Building: We will take a tour of the capital and meet the governor and members of the state legislature• Parents: We always need adult volunteers, so if you’d like to attend, please click here. Home page
  8. 8. Technology
  9. 9. • Technology has a variety of uses for teaching and learning in my classroom• We will use technology to enhance learning in a range of subjects, including language arts, science, social studies, math, and art.• Students will have Computer Lab Class – every Monday for 1 hour – Each have access to a computer – Learn the basics of various programs – Fun computer games that teach across the subjects – Access to appropriate websites for research projects• Throughout the year students will use a word-processing program the same way a professional writer does: to prewrite, draft, revise, and publish work.• In my class students will have access to a computer, and I like to teach using a large screen display linked to my computer for various lessons• Parents can click on the image below to view the website for Education Technology Standards• I encourage students (with parental supervision) to visit the link to play the fun typing game:
  10. 10. I want my class to be a welcomingenvironment, so Parents if you wouldlike to volunteer, feel free to contactme.• Student Newsletters: Bi-weekly newsletters will be sent home with the students, and will have information about what we are learning and upcoming events• Call Me: (509) 528-6287• Email Me:
  11. 11. Fun Activity Following Field Trip Instructions for Awesome California Condor Mask fig. 1 1. Print pages 2-3 of this document on construction paper. We recommend 65 lb paper. 2. Use page 3 to cut out the strips for the mask body. 3. Tape 2 of the strips together to make a ring that fits on top of your head. 4. Tape the 3rd strip at an angle to opposite sides of the ring. (fig. 1) 5. Use page 2 to cut out the shape of the head of a fig. 2 California Condor. 6. Tape the condor head piece to the angled strip. 7. Wear the mask! (fig. 2) 8. You have 3 left over strips. Print another condor head piece and make a 2nd mask. 9. Visit our web site to find directions to make condor wings with a 9ft wing span! Designed by Jude Streicher, volunteer