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Back to School Newsletter

  1. 1. Welcome To Mr. Boatman’s 4th Grade Classroom!!!! Hello parents and students. I am really excited to get to know all of the parents and students this year. This is the Welcome Back newsletter, and subsequent newsletters will follow throughout the year to keep you informed on what your child is learning as the year progresses. In my classroom I expect the students to stay focused, learn, and ultimately have an exciting and fun school year. Students will have the opportunity to work on homework in the classroom, and whatever they don’t finish, will be sent home as homework. I want my class to be a welcoming environment, so if you would like to volunteer, feel free to contact me. Social Studies Reading & Language Arts This week in social studies we will begin to This week we examine a list of vocabulary discuss the history of the great state of Idaho. words. Students will get a new list of Students will participate in a fun classroom words every week, and be quizzed on them project of creating Idaho’s state flag. We will also go over the general history of Idaho, at the end of the week. Students will also including state facts and important historical have access to the classroom library. We events in Idaho’s past. Students will also use the have begun to read Fantastic Mr. Fox, computer lab, to access relevant websites and and soon I will have a homework articles in writing a report on the Constitution. assignment, in which the kids draw a map of how they would go from their house to where they would go if they had to create tunnels to their favorite or necessary places in their neighborhood. We will also watch a short clip of the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie utilizing our classroom television. With this technological capability, students will be able to compare/contrast a specific scene from the Math This week we will be learning about decimals and movie with the book. fractions, using fraction blocks and plotting decimals on a giant line plot. We will also be using fake cash and change to represent how much of a certain amount of change (fraction) compares to a dollar (whole). Science *Parents if you have any concerns or questions This week we will be learning about various reptiles. I have a few lizards (kept in a tank) in the classroom, which is a fun way for Contact Information:students to observe reptiles directly. Students will break into groups, Mark Boatman do research on a specific reptile, create a poster representing the Phone #: Email: reptile, and present that information to the class