Boardwalk Capital Management Overview


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Experienced financial management with a global perspective.
Transparent. Tax-aware. Disciplined.

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Boardwalk Capital Management Overview

  1. 1. The Boardwalk Capital Difference Experienced financial management with a global perspective. Transparent. Tax-aware. Disciplined. Registered Investment Advisors Atlanta, Georgia
  2. 2. Investment and Financial Advisory Services In the current era of extreme market volatility and rapidly changing tax policies, the challenges of managing wealth have never been greater. And with some of the nation’s most prominent financial institutions weakened, and their objectivity called into question, to whom should investors turn for expertise and unbiased advice? We share your concerns over today’s market, regulatory and fiduciary challenges. In fact, we launched Boardwalk Capital Management to confront these challenges head on.  Our total transparency and level fee structure are in complete contrast to the industry norms.  We wholly embrace our role as a fiduciary.  Our independence allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of the world’s premier investment, retirement and benefit plan services.  Our decades of experience help us to stay disciplined, to remain steady in times of adversity, and be flexible to new opportunities. Each of our principals brings a global investing background from mutual fund management, investment banking or hedge fund advisory. From this shared experience comes a unique perspective on today’s changing landscape. We are committed to helping you navigate financial challenges of all types. We look forward to working with you. Important distinctions to consider: Unlike a stockbroker, a Registered Investment Advisor is held to the highest fiduciary standards, to place client interests above all other. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) must comply with the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, which requires them always to place the client’s interests first, to maintain independence and objectivity, and to serve with integrity and honesty.
  3. 3. About Boardwalk Capital Management Formed in 2009, Boardwalk Capital Management is a relatively new, yet highly experienced Registered Investment Advisory firm. For more than 20 years, our professionals have served as trusted partners to individuals, families and institutions. We have provided wealth management guidance and solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s particular situation and goals. As a boutique firm, we can provide a level of Our investment philosophy is summed up in two personal service and customized management words: Common Sense. Consistent across all of that is seldom achieved by large institutions. our investment and advisory programs is a We assist our clients with issues as diverse as commitment to: . debt financing, estate and financial planning, 401k plans and other investment issues. We  Consistent risk management are a resource, first and foremost.  Broad diversification Our approach to investment management is  Disciplined rebalancing unique. Most firms charge a higher fee for  Transparent fees riskier investment vehicles than they do for  Independent thought more stable ones. Unfortunately, the typical advisor’s financial incentive is, therefore, to retain a higher allocation to risky assets. Our We have no products to push or commissions to balanced, “level” fee structure is designed to generate. Our only incentives are those that remove “revenue” from investment decisions. help us to retain you as a satisfied client. Our advice is always objective with no biases. Period. The Boardwalk Team B. Scott Sadler, CFA, President, Chief Investment Officer (Atlanta, GA) 23+ years investment experience. Wachovia Funds, Bank of America Capital, Goldman Sachs. Founded Wachovia’s first international mutual fund. Top quartile track record. Wealth management counsel to prominent families, companies, athletes and entertainers. Chartered Financial Analyst. McLloyd K. Jensen, Principal (New York, NY) The firm’s alternative investments expert. 20+ years investment management and research experience. Securities analyst and institutional representative for several global investment banks. Launched and managed own hedge fund. Major investors included the legendary Sir John Templeton. Mary H. Sadler, Principal, Chief Operating Officer (Atlanta, GA) Responsible for the business management aspects of Boardwalk Capital Management. A lifelong advocate of responsible corporate behavior, she is the driving force behind the firm’s Sustainable Investment strategies. Gerald J. Walsh, Principal (Charlottesville, VA) 20+ year investment veteran. Worked for some of the most prominent foreign investment banks. Specific emphasis on emerging markets. Built businesses for a number of successful investment advisory firms. Senior advisor and business development specialist. Adil Devshi, Associate, Business Development Officer (Atlanta, GA) A recent entrant to the investment management industry. Unique combination of interpersonal and technical skills makes him a valuable part of the Boardwalk team.
  4. 4. How Can Boardwalk Capital Help Me? We help you remove the emotion We offer a full range of investment, from investing. trust and financial advisory services.  We believe that the best investment Boardwalk has partnered with some of the approach is disciplined -- highly diversified industry’s top service providers to bring and “rebalanced” regularly. institutional quality resources and solutions to our clients:  Our discipline forces the best type of behavior: Buy Low, Sell High.  Trust advisory and management  Full open architecture solutions Our Tax Efficient Portfolio allows you  401(k) plan design and management to keep more of what you earn.  Educational funding Each portfolio is constructed with after-tax returns in mind, utilizing inexpensive and tax  Retirement planning efficient exchange traded funds wherever possible.  Legacy and Philanthropic Management  With capital gains tax rates likely to rise, tax  Complex financing solutions efficiency has never been more important.  Sustainable and Responsible Investing  We subscribe to the axiom: “It’s not what you earn. It’s what you keep.” 1275 East Rock Springs Road Suite 200 Atlanta, Georgia 30306 Phone: 404 343 2026 Fax: 866 923 4249 Email: