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How to do fundraising for community skatepark
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How to do fundraising for community skatepark


Published on Among the initial monetary decisions that a committee will have to make on community skatepark is how money raised during the fundraising campaign will be spent. Among the initial monetary decisions that a committee will have to make on community skatepark is how money raised during the fundraising campaign will be spent.

Published in: Sports, Technology, Design

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  • 1. How To Do Fundraising for Community Skatepark
  • 2. Among the initial monetary decisions that a committee will have to make on community skatepark is how money raised during thefundraising campaign will be spent. Many skatepark committees choose right from the start they have a no money out policy. Which means that they cant spend money on whatever is not directly related to the construction of the skatepark.
  • 3. This takes more imagination and doing a lot of scrounging for funds and materials to carry out fundraising events. But it also means that the park will get completed more quickly. Aside from multi- million dollar projects, steer clear of the enticement to hire an advertising advisor or a professional fundraiser. Most of the time they will do no more than what you can do yourself.
  • 4. Always Invite the Dignitaries Use fundraising events as a chance to include distinguished people in the business community or the city council. Each will encouraged the chance to have their names associated with a popular cause like a community skatepark. Usually, getting a dignitary to show up at an event is as simple as asking. Give them notice earlier on with a specific schedule of the event.
  • 5. the time that you would like them to arrive and inform them in advance if youre planning requesting them to speak. Follow up with a phone call to confirm their arrival and then include the fact that a dignitary will be present in your press release announcing the event. When the dignitaries are members of the city council or other politicians, you should submit a final copy of the press release to them or their office for review before submitting it for distribution.
  • 6. Tax-Exempt Status and ReceiptsThere are two vital parts of fundraising that you need to know. First, it is crucial to establish your group as a non-profit organization with Internal Revenue Service 501c(3) status or to link your group with a non-profit organization with this status. This makes all donations to your organization tax deductible. Second, notify people that you are a tax-exempt non-profit organization and provide them with receipts to be used when doing their taxes.
  • 7. receipts are a essential part of any fundraising effort. Receipts in a skatepark project may take two forms. First, there are simple receipts that the youth and adult committee members could provide for small donations during scheduled fundraisers. Secondly, are receipts that take the form of a thank you letter that is reserved for more major contributions. If at all possible, the letter should beprinted on the letterhead of your non-profit umbrella organization. For the personal touch that literally brings the donors back, also included a separate,hand-written note with each letter length tax receipt. Have the youth and adult skatepark committee members sign this more personal note.
  • 8. the whole, this can be very important to thank each small and large donor, and to provide them with as much recognition as you can. You can actually take too lightly the frequency of which businesses get asked for cash or material donations, and how often they get little if anything in return. The higher that you can make a business or individual feel about their donation, a lot more likely they are to help in the future.
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