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Student innovation challenge


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  • 1. Student Innovation Challenge Music & Entertainment meets Automotive
  • 2.  
  • 3. The Student Teams
    • Students of two Innovation study programs compete against each other during the 24 Hours of Innovation.
    VS Belgium U.S.
  • 4. Intro
    • IBM’s Global CEO Study 2006 as well as the Business 2010 report underlined that business model innovation creates significant competitive advantage over product and process innovation. A lot of new business concepts have been developed particularly in the Music & Entertainment industry.
  • 5. Music & Entertainement ideas
    • Radiohead: pay-what-you-want for their music
    • Madonna going from music record company (Warner Music) to event & merchandising company (Live Nation) illustrating the evolution from selling a product to selling an experience
    • From music to ring tone sales
    • Prince: giving away free CDs when fans buy tickets for Prince’s concerts
    • fans get paid for promoting bands’ concerts upfront
    • iTunes: Changing distribution channel, from CDs (with high production and distribution costs) to online
    • Goodstorm MixTape: new widget that users can add to their personal websites, blogs or facebook pages to promote independent music acts—and make a cut of the profit for selling downloads.
    • create your own radio station (mass customization)
    • Entertainment mapping tool:'s nru—short for "near you"—is designed to give users of the Android-powered T-Mobile G1 a continuously updated view of things to do around them, from bars and restaurants to cinemas and cafes.
  • 6. Music & Entertainment ideas
    • People's Music Store: music fans can set up their own online storefronts for recommending and selling their favourite music. Unlike goodstorm, people don’t get paid money but earn free MP3 downloads.
    • Sellaband: bands get funded to record an album when having gathered a certain number of fans on the site
    • Zigabid: buying tickets for concerts, sports events and theatre is typically a matter of paying the set price for a given seat and show. Aiming to put some control back in consumers' hands, however, Zigabid makes ticket prices negotiable.
    • Mucony offers video music lessons taught by some of the world’s finest classical and jazz artists.
    • Music tracks that are publicly shared for music fans to cut, paste, remix, improve (similar to open source software)
    • Upload Cinema is a film club that selects the best YouTube films and brings them on the full-sized screen at the De Uitkijk theater in Amsterdam. Bringing online to offline.
    • Travel + music: By entering starting point and destination of your trip, Amplified Journeys puts together a set of detailed driving directions with an accompanying playlist including tracks inspired by landmarks and artists from points along the way.
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  • 8. Challenge summary
    • Cross-fertilise the Automotive industry with 3 new business concepts, based on new concepts from pioneering industries like the Music & Entertainment industry .
    • Submission deadline: 6.00 am CET on May 16 or 9.00 pm PST on May 15
    • Output: Visuals and explanation. Good luck!