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When looking for new business models it's always interesting to take a look at more obscure ways to make money. …

When looking for new business models it's always interesting to take a look at more obscure ways to make money.

Need more Business Model Innovation? http://www.boardofinnovation.com/business-model-patterns/

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  • 1. @NickDeMeyco-founder consulting office #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 2. The problem we solve for our clients How to find new ways to make money ?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 3. How we find new revenue for our clients Copy business model patternsbetween industries!@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 4. Example
  • 5. Look at other industries! Innovate in Automotive? Free Cars?
  • 6. Look at other industries! Learn from Innovate in Telecom! Automotive? Free Cars! With a contract on electricity
  • 7. When looking for inspiring casesfor our benchmark studies,I regularly stumble upon moreobscure ways to make money.Let me give you a few examples...
  • 8. Promise the moon. Some companies just Text sell acres on the moon. nobody owns the moon of course.@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 9. Promise the moon. Text $40@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 10. cc rodrigoquinones TextSell houses The same conceptthat aren’t yours but with houses E.g. Igglo in Helsinki @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 11. 1. What is the easiest way to make money?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 12. cc shandilee Fear! Scare people... @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 13. Bush man@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 14. This is Bush Man@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 15. The Bush Man Scares people Then asks for a gift@nickdemey #cwf11 ... with success! Boardofinnovation.com
  • 16. Text Fear is@nickdemey #cwf11 Big Business Boardofinnovation.com
  • 17. Remember the Mexican Flu? a.k.a joint venture between Text news industry & pharma Fear is to boost sales?@nickdemey #cwf11 Big Business Boardofinnovation.com
  • 18. Chicken pox infected $50 Text Some parents even set up chicken pox parties to infect their kids. @nickdemey #cwf11cc scoutownsredbank Boardofinnovation.com
  • 19. 2. What is the best opportunity to find new revenue?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 20. New laws & Regulations Text@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 21. - Jakarta - TextTime forCarpool lanes! @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 22. Text Poor people rent $2 out their presence in cars to drive Traffic on the fast lane. jockeycc MSNBC @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 23. Ban on your product?Opportunity! Text @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 24. Text@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 25. 3. Most desperate way to make some bucks?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 26. $10.000 to hunt & kill Text @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  • 27. Workshop 17/11 15u05@nickdemey #cwf11Boardofinnovation.com