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The most Awesome way to experience an Innovation project (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)
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The most Awesome way to experience an Innovation project (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)




An overview how we set up innovation projects for the teams at corporates. All based on the joint effort of a movie making process to inspire people.



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The most Awesome way to experience an Innovation project (by @nickdemey @boardofinno) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Yes,The most Awesome way we’re that modest to experience an Innovation project www.boardofinnovation.com by @nickdemey cc Sweetie187
  • 2. Hi, we run an innovation office Helping organizations find better ways to make money, is what we do.
  • 3. First of all, if your innovation project looks likes thisGant charts Idea boxes Dull meetings You’re doing it wrong!
  • 4. Your team will be bored to deathlet alone be creative...or inspired. cc stovak
  • 5. Do better!Your team can make Innovation Blockbusters Let me show you how...
  • 6. It’s like shooting a movie. Your team will feel special!
  • 7. How we run innovation projects based on a movie process.starting from your vision. up to the premiere aka new product launch! Warning: Spoilers ahead
  • 8. Your team is key! Let’s start with a real casting to select people.
  • 9. Select 2 groups of ‘actors’ in your innovation team.1. The Crew 3-5 people will form a core team Someone of Mgmt + innovation lead + someone of us They will lead the project internally
  • 10. Select 2 groups of ‘actors’ in your innovation team.2. The Cast 5-15 people of all departments and functions Make this group as diverse as possible! They will support different workshop days + they will have some homework to do.
  • 11. OK, first phase!
  • 12. Write down your Innovation Script cc thomashawk
  • 13. Write down your Innovation ScriptYour innovation strategy:• What is your target? (be ambitious!)• Define criteria to measure the outcome• Are there no go zones?• Budget, planning,.. Don’t go lightly• And so on... over this step! cc thomashawk
  • 14. Over to phase 2
  • 15. Fast Forward to the future!
  • 16. Fast Forward to the future! Define scenario’s: 10 Fields of opportunity• Within each field you’ll explore ideas later on What about subscription services? Could we partner with one of our suppliers? Can we find products for a new market of elderly? ...• Don’t go too specific yet!• 2 triggers will help you: A. B.
  • 17. Fast Forward to the future! A. Internal triggers: From within the company• Resources & insights that could be valorized Imagine what you can do with all the data you have? Customer needs that you know but don’t fulfill yet. ...• Add-ons to existing products Look for problem zones related to your products.• And so on...
  • 18. Fast Forward to the future! B.External triggers: How does your context change? • Impact of trends on your organization Look 5 year ahead or even further ... • How will technology evolve? Can you adapt to disruptions of your competitors? • And so on...
  • 19. Example Our ‘actors’ of the Cast will Workshop exercise have to take up a role: • Imagine you’re a student, a fashionista, superhero,... • How would they use your products?cc happeningfish
  • 20. This must be the mAnd phase 3! ost exciting part for th e team!
  • 21. Take your team out in the field for the Idea Shootingcc pbs.org
  • 22. I repeat: Never ever have strategy brainstorms within the company walls! People will just hop in & out... Their mindset is on their endless todo list and so on... ...just don’t... thx Take your team out in the field for the Idea Shootingcc pbs.org
  • 23. Aim for +200 ideas
  • 24. Aim for +200 ideasUse a structured set of tools• Invite both the crew & cast even some clients, suppliers,...• Have variety in exercises• It will pore all energy out of your team, really! Have enough breaks & drinks• Inspire people with visuals• Preparation is key!
  • 25. You’ll end up with information overload Don’t panic!
  • 26. Almost there!
  • 27. Time to cut & paste all ideas in to Visual summary Win & Fail analysis First financials Impact on organization Innovation level First Feasibility checkCheck innovation script Concept benchmark 10 concept cards
  • 28. Time to kill your darlings... sorry...
  • 29. Output, only 3 mini-business cases Kill all suboptimal concepts • Use evaluation criteria defined in your innovation script • Keep Quick Wins for later Small ideas, easy to implement • Make someone accountable Who’s responsible per business case? Time to kill your darlings... sorry...
  • 30. Prepare the business cases for PrototypingActions & Roadmap for testing do really depend on the type of project. Goal = Go/no-go decision cc Philippe Put
  • 31. Ready for the big Premiere?You will launch yournew product/servicesoon...
  • 32. But don’t forget to invite yourteam to a big avant premiere. cc eole
  • 33. But don’t forget to invite yourteam to a big avant premiere.The Cast & Crew are your most important assets• Present them the full business cases Yes, before the big management & CEO presentation !• Ask for final feedback• They’re your biggest support at every division Don’t forget: internal politics can be burden... cc eole
  • 34. Our structured way to create innovation blockbustersWork load <1 Month 1-2 M 1-2 M 1M Crew Cast
  • 35. Our structured way to create innovation blockbusters Board of Innovation has delivered a surprising, We very much enjoyed the training and will very well structured and productive approach to definitely use all the content and the method in our ‘innovation challenge’. Their strengths? A the future. good planning (that was strictly followed!), very Steffi Wolring, Innovation Lead at Otto Group short response times, and a continuous focus, in combination with a pleasant way of taking us out of our comfort zone and letting us think ‘out of the box’. Caroline Ameloot - Marketing & Sales Director, Carglass / Belron
  • 36. Download file? Trainings & speaking Consulting & workshops • Innovation tools • Next gen business models • Business model design • Co-creation, service design • Creativity techniques • Better revenue stream • Evaluation methods • Disruptive & inspiring trends • ... • ...coffee@boardofinnovation.com @nickdemey @philderidder