Community Radio for Rural Development in Bangladesh


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Community Radio for Rural Development in Bangladesh

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Community Radio for Rural Development in Bangladesh

  1. 1. Community Radio for Development AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR Chief Executive Officer Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication
  2. 2. State of Radio Broadcasting in Bangladesh Public Service Broadcasting Bangladesh Betar/Radio 12 Regional MW and 25 FM Commercial Broadcasting 9 FM Stations total 25 Community Broadcasting 14 Stations + 2 Newly Approved International Broadcasting BBC, NHK, CRI & VOA Internet Radio ?
  3. 3. Human Needs and Rights Knowledge Societies Pluralism Human Needs and RightsHuman Needs and Rights Knowledge SocietiesKnowledge Societies PluralismPluralism Knowledge Creation Dissemination UtilizationPreservation Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge Mission of Community Media in Bangladesh
  4. 4. Straggle for Community Radio Movement Started from 1998 Community Radio Policy by Ministry of Information 2008 14 Community Radio Approved by Ministry of Information 2010 Community Radio on-air from 2011 Community Radio Strategy 2011 by Ministry of Information Another 22 waiting for final approval from Ministry of Information
  5. 5. Community Radio & Rural Development  Facilitates information flow- ensuring improved livelihood of the marginalized  Plays ‘fourth estate’/ watchdog role Give voice to the voiceless  Venue for development dialogues  Set agenda Enable public adaptation to change and the local appropriation of knowledge and information
  6. 6. Community & Rural Development  Owned by the people, they can control it Physically close to its constituent – know local needs, aspirations , challenges and opportunities better It is participatory in production and dissemination of content  Enhance community dialogue which is highly missing rural areas  Bondage between the community people and local-level community radio stations are getting strengthened day-by-day  Community Radio has now become their part of life. Community Radio becomes the instrument for the livelihood battle of the rural people. Access to resources + Fairer Institutions + Participation and engagement + Enabling Environment
  7. 7. A frame Work for Action Global Drivers: - UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS) 2003 & 2005 - UN Convention on the Rights of the Child UN MDGs - UN Convention Against Corruption- UNCAC - UN FCCC National drivers - Right to Information law 2009 of Ministry of Information - ICT Policy 2009 of Ministry of Science and ICT - 6th Five Years Plan of Ministry of Planning and Finance 2012 - Digital Bangladesh Strategy , Prime Minister’s Office
  8. 8. Collaboration and Policy support
  9. 9. Approaches to Sustainability & Challenge Policy level : Community Radio Policy 2008 National Strategy on CR Policy 2011 Institutional Level: Advisory Committee Monitoring Committee By-Laws/ HR & Financial Policy Social Level: Management Committee In line with Community ownership & Control & Community Engagement In line with program Financial Sustainability : A non-profit business Model CR Trust Fund Development Advertisement Policy Partnership with Local Government Major Challenge: - Community Mobilization - Regular Operation - Skills for Staff
  10. 10. Program & Community Broadcasters Total Hours : 120 Hours Total Community Broadcaster Youth: 284 Youth- Women 252 Future Plan for Community Radio - By 2012, 14 Operational CR - By 2013 at-least 30 CR Station - By 2021 60 CR Station