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Libya Presentation Transcript

  • 1. LIBYA
    Yes! This green side is the national flag. Not the best place for flag designers.
  • 2. Key Statistics
    Population: 6.6 Million
    Median Age: 24.5 Years
    Religion: 97% Sunni
    GDP: $89.03 Billion ($13,800 per capita)
    Leader: <-- this guy! Mohammar Quadaffi
    Years in Power: 42 years
    Time Left in Power: 42 minutes?
  • 3. Modern Economy
    OIL! (95% of export earnings, 25% of GDP, 80% of government earnings)
    98th in world for Soverign debt
    Qadaffi is worth close to $70 billion all stolen from the country
    Small amounts of agriculture
    Refines own oil
    Exports petrochemicals
  • 4. History (prehistoric)
    1000’s of years ago Sahara used to be lush green land
    Land settled by Berbers after the nomadic tribes settled
    Domesticated cattle
    Cultivated crops
    Society dates backs 12,000 years
    No written language therefore little is known about them
    Phoenician’s established trading relations with the Berber tribes by the 5th century BCE
    The Phoenician state of Carthage occupied part of current day Libya
  • 5. Roman Libya 74 BC - 642 AD
    Tripolitania becomes a state after the fall of Carthage and asks for protection from the Romans
    Annexed in 74 BC and added to province of Crete
    Economically successful in its golden age in 2nd century AD
    Full of merchants and artisans and exported olive oil and cereals
    Coastal regions became incredibly Romanized
  • 6. Tripolitania = “three polis” area
    Oea = current day Tripoli
    Leptis Magna
  • 7. Rome’s Split
    During the split Libya goes to Byzantine empire.
    High taxes imposed to pay for wars
    Minimized legitimacy of the empire in Libya
    In 642 AD the armies of Islam capture the province with 40,000 soliders
    Tribal resistance surfaces but is put down in next 20 years
  • 8. Arab Islamic Rule 642-1551
    Exports salt, wool, and leather
    Normans of Italy invade setting off a long war
    Turks and Bedouins reclaim Libya in 1174
    Libya becomes a center of art, architecture, and literature
  • 9. Ottoman Rule 1551-1911
    Invaded and conquered by the Ottomans
    Run by janissaries
    18th century - lapsed into military anarchy due to lack of central government
    Coup takes power from Ottoman’s but deal is quickly reached to nominally rejoin with Ahmed as new governor
    Ahmed improves economy by employing pirates on central shipping lanes
    Fights the Barbary Wars with the US in 19th century
  • 10. Italian Colonialism 1911 - 1951
    Known as Italian North Africa
    150,000 Italians settled in the county
    1934 Libya becomes official name
    Uprising arises between two world wars
    Under fascism Italy takes a hard line against rebels
    After WWII the Brits and French control Libya
  • 11. Independent State
    The UN General Assembly sets up a constitutional monarchy in 1952
    Islam declared religion of state
    Constitution protects individual rights and public obligations
    Discovery of oil in 1959 helps Libya no longer be one of the world’s poorest states
  • 12. Qaddafi
    Coup in 1969 by 27 year old Qaddafi (took 2 hours)
    Suspended constitution and implemented Sharia
    Purged country of “politically sick”
    Created people’s militia to protect revolution
    Extensive intelligence network - 10 - 20% of Libyans in its employ
    Executed dissidents
    Assassinated international refugees
  • 13. Qaddafi
    Attacks Egypt because of Sadat’s peace with Israel
    Egypt destroys all Libyan armor leaving 400 dead
    Once more becomes impoverished from Qaddafi’s economic policy
    Long history of state sponsored terrorism
  • 14. Protest Timeline