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Delivering expertise you can trust, BNA Income Tax™ Planner, from the experts at Bloomberg BNA, is an effective, efficient, accurate tax planning software solution with the most respected name in income tax planning. Relied upon by tax, financial planning, and legal professionals in firms of all sizes, BNA Income Tax Planner can help you save time, ensure accuracy, streamline the tax planning process, and minimize your clients’ tax burden.

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BNA Income Tax Planner Product Information

  1. 1. >>>>BNAIncome TaxPlannerThe most trusted, widely usedtax planning software
  2. 2. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////BNA Income Tax PlannerFamily of ProductsMore than 20 years of unmatchedperformance and reliability has formedthe solid foundation for the BNA IncomeTax Planner family of products. Theseleading software solutions are designedto help you prepare effective tax plans inless time with greater accuracy.BNA Income Tax™PlannerDelivering expertise you can trust, BNA Income TaxPlanner is an effective, efficient, accurate softwaresolution with the most respected name in incometax planning.Relied upon by tax, financial planning, and legalprofessionals in firms of all sizes, BNA Income TaxPlanner can help you save time, ensure accuracy,streamline the federal income tax planning process,and minimize your clients’ tax burden.BNA Income Tax™Planner withFifty StatesOptional Fifty State Planner provides timely, reliablecalculations for federal and all resident states, NYC,DC, and over 30 nonresident states.BNA Income Tax™Planner WebExtra Power and SavingsAlways accessible, always in compliance, andwith anytime, anywhere web access to the mostaccurate, up-to-date calculations and analysis.Increased productivity means powerful search,document storage, and file sharing capabilities thatsave time and simplify client management.Lower capital and operational costs with nosoftware to install or maintain and no additionalinvestment in server hardware required.Secure data with roles-based capabilities formanaging access to sensitive client information thatis hosted in audited SSAE 16 facilities, using theindustry-leading security and vulnerability utilities forthe utmost protection.-----------------------------------------“BNA Income Tax Planner Webnot only helps clients ascertain theirtax status via analysis andcomparison for federal and residentstates, but its web-based platformhelps reduce IT andtech infrastructurecosts.”Accounting Today>--------------------------------------------------------Try BNA Income Tax Planner today —Visit to start yourFREE TRIAL.For more information call 800.424.2938(select option 3), contact your local Bloomberg BNARepresentative, or visit
  3. 3. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Analyzing the full, potential taximplications of life and financial changessuch as marriage, ROTH conversions,retirement, and stock sales is the corevalue of effective tax planning. Yet, it’seasy to get bogged down creating,comparing, and analyzing ‘what-if’scenarios.With BNA Income Tax™Planner youcan accurately and efficiently showclients what their tax situation looks likewith in-depth analysis and comparisonof multiple, side-by-side scenarios.Calculations, analytics, and regulatorycompliance are all handled automatically,with greater peace of mind than usingspreadsheets, tax preparation software,or traditional financial planning packages.Bloomberg BNA’s renowned taxexpertise is built right into the software,providing you the most up-to-date,comprehensive calculations andprojections. With BNA Income TaxPlanner you’ll increase your productivity,and attract and retain clients, whilehelping them build and preserve wealth.Achieve Greater Productivity,Reduce Clients’ Tax BurdenAs the leading federal and state tax planningsoftware, BNA Income Tax Planner is instrumentalin helping firms of all sizes – from sole practitionersto the Big Four – accurately project and presenteffective plans to minimize tax burdens.No other solution expertly handles simple to complextax scenarios and provides the complete picture oftax liabilities and savings opportunities. Only BNAIncome Tax Planner provides seven different modesof analysis. You can look at multiple tax situations forthe same year, or forecast taxes for up to 20 years.Specify the variables you want to model and you’llhave instant results and insight into which strategy ismost tax advantageous for your client.With BNA Income Tax Planner you can:• Be confident that calculations are accurate withour built-in tax expertise• Expertly perform ‘what-if’ scenario planning anddetailed analysis• Improve client visibility with a multi-year view oftheir tax situation• Effortlessly and confidently be up to date on alltax law changes• Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of yourpracticeMakes Tax PlanningEffective, Accurate, Efficient-----------------------------------------------------------“[BNA] Income Tax Planner is one of themost powerful and comprehensive planningsystems available, providing extensive features …and giving professionals a wide array of planningand projection tools.”CPA Practice Advisor----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I need to be able to provide ‘what-if’ scenariosover several years for my numerous stock optionclients. This … is made easier by the very accurateBNA [Income Tax] Planner.”Beth Mowry Thomas, CPA-----------------------------------------------------------5-Star Rating
  4. 4. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Accuracy andComprehensiveness YourPractice Can Depend OnFrom determining whether a client should take allthe profits from a business sale upfront or overseveral years to identifying penalty-avoidanceopportunities on stock sales, BNA Income TaxPlanner lets you speed up and ensure accuracy inevery aspect of tax planning.Features like automatic capital gains, estate, andkiddie tax calculations; farm income averaging;retirement planning; automated handling oflimitations, phase-outs, and carryovers; andintegration with commonly used tax preparationsystems are just a few of the reasons why moreprofessionals rely on BNA Income Tax Planner tohelp decrease and defer tax liabilities and prepareclients for the future.Rock-solid calculations back to 1987 cut throughnumber crunching to save you time and errors.BNA Income Tax Planner quickly calculates federal,state, and nonresident income taxes for alternativeminimum tax (AMT), capital gains, estimated taxpayments, stock options, and more.Fast, accurate tax projections provide clientswith the insight they need for reliable decision-making. BNA Income Tax Planner makes it easy torun year-end, quarterly, and multi-year projectionsfor up to 20 years so clients can take action now tominimize their future tax liability.What-if scenarios let you easily create multiplescenarios and compare side-by-side ‘what-ifs’ todetermine the best long- and short-term tax savingstrategies. Drill down capabilities, for example, showhow to manage the tax ramifications of marriage,divorce, and real estate transactions.BNA Income Tax Planner------------------------------------------------------“BNA [Income Tax Planner] is the onlypiece of software that allows us to model outcomplex transactions and give real tax andwealth management advice to oursophisticated clients.”Andy Black,Curran Investment Management------------------------------------------------------Year-end, quarterly, and multi-year projections
  5. 5. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Expert analysis that’s backed by BloombergBNA’s trusted team of tax, accounting, and legalanalysts. BNA Income Tax Planner automaticallyinterprets and applies applicable tax laws, providingcomprehensive guidance to help you minimize yourclients’ state and federal tax liabilities.Insightful client presentations take advantageof easy-to-produce letters, graphs, and reports thatgive clients the detail and understanding to clearlysee options, weigh the pros and cons of differentstrategies, and better manage their tax liability.Reliable tax law updates allow you to quickly showclients the impact of regulatory changes on their taxpositions and provide peace of mind, knowing you’realways working with up-to-date calculations based onthe most current tax laws and analysis.Easy data import saves time and reduces data-entry errors via data bridges that are availableto transfer client data from commonly used taxpreparation software, including Lacerte, ProSystemfx, UltraTax CS, and GoSystem, directly into BNAIncome Tax Planner – and a two-way exchangelinks data between BNA Income Tax Planner andWord or Excel.Getting StartedThe tax experts at Bloomberg BNA softwareproducts can help you get up to speed and beimmediately productive with BNA Income TaxPlanner.Flexible Training• On-site, custom, and online courses• Taught by trained accountants and CPAs• Curriculum-based training is NASBA-CPEaccreditedIndustry-Leading Support• Free, unlimited telephone technical support usingour toll-free number: 800.424.2938• Knowledgeable technical and subject matterexperts• Comprehensive, fully-indexed user and taxreference materialsEasy-to-produce letters, graphs, and reports------------------------------------------------------“[BNA Income Tax Planner] has enabledme to grow my practice from 200 to over1,200 clients.”Steve Frushtick,Wiener Frushtick & Straub, P.C.------------------------------------------------------
  6. 6. 0812-JO9032 56-83071801 South Bell Street, Arlington, VA 22202© 2012 BNA Software, a division of Tax Management Inc. All rights reserved.>>>>>For more information call 800.424.2938 (select option 3), contact your local Bloomberg BNA Representative, orvisit www.bnasoftware.comAbout Bloomberg BNA’sSoftware ProductsBloomberg BNA offers expert software products for taxand accounting professionals. With cate­gory-leadingsoftware and top-rated technical support, we are thesolution of choice for professional firms and corporationsof every size. More than 70,000 customers, including theIRS, depend upon Bloomberg BNA’s software productsfor the highest degree of tax, regulatory, and complianceexpertise available in the market.About Bloomberg BNABloomberg BNA, a wholly owned subsidiary ofBloomberg, is a leading source of legal, regulatory, andbusiness information for professionals. Its network ofmore than 2,500 reporters, correspondents, and leadingpractitioners delivers expert analysis, news, practice tools,and guidance — the information that matters most toprofessionals. Bloomberg BNA’s authoritative coveragespans the full range of legal practice areas, includingtax & accounting, labor & employment, intellectualproperty, banking & securities, employee benefits, healthcare, privacy & data security, human resources, andenvironment, health & safety.