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BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator Data Sheet
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BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator Data Sheet



Automate the exchange of data between your ERP or accounting system and BNA Fixed Assets Web. ...

Automate the exchange of data between your ERP or accounting system and BNA Fixed Assets Web.
BNA Fixed Assets Web provides a comprehensive fixed asset accounting solution for accurate and detailed book and tax depreciation calculations. BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator is an optional add-on module that aids in the exchange of data between BNA Fixed Assets Web and your financial systems. It efficiently integrates with all ERP systems to automate the preparation, validation, and movement of data between your accounting system and BNA Fixed Assets Web, establishing a controlled environment for reconciliation and reporting.



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BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator Data Sheet BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator Data Sheet Document Transcript

  • BNA FIXED ASSETS™G/L INTEGRATOR///////////////////////////////////////////////Automate the exchange of data between your ERP oraccounting system and BNA Fixed Assets Web.BNA Fixed Assets Web provides acomprehensive fixed asset accountingsolution for accurate and detailedbook and tax depreciation calculations.BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator isan optional add-on module that aidsin the exchange of data between BNAFixed Assets Web and your financialsystems. It efficiently integrates withall ERP systems to automate thepreparation, validation, and movementof data between your accountingsystem and BNA Fixed Assets Web,establishing a controlled environmentfor reconciliation and reporting.Maintain Data IntegrityBNA Fixed Assets G/L Integratorensures your fixed asset data recordsare always current and accuratelyreflect your company’s activities.It automates the data formatting,mapping, and validation processes forboth the upload and extraction of datato and from BNA Fixed Assets Web.This automation reduces cycle timesand associated operational costs, andmitigates risks associated with errors inthe data exchange process. BNA FixedAssets G/L Integrator eliminates theneed for manual data manipulation andfrees up your resources to focus onother value-added activities.With BNA Fixed Assets G/LIntegrator, you can be confident inthe integrity and quality of your fixedassets data.Enhance Data TransformationBNA Fixed Assets G/L Integratorreadily integrates with all ERP systemsincluding Oracle, SAP, and Epicor.It provides the flexibility you need tocustomize your integration workflowand processes in order to satisfy theunique requirements of your company.Process simplification andstandardization help you define andutilize best practices in your datatransformation in order to achieve thedesired outcome. With BNA FixedAssets G/L Integrator, data exchangecan be completely automated withchecks and balances to ensure dataquality and integrity. Data can bemerged from multiple sources toenrich the data flow into BNA FixedAssets Web and improve analytics andreporting.BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator’sflexible integration capabilities canhelp you leverage your investmentin financial systems by customizingyour workflow to support journalentry posting, income tax compliance,and tax provision and property taxreporting. For each system interface,you can enforce your own businessrules to ensure process transparencyand data retention.With BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integratoryou get data the way you want it,when you want it, for better planningand decision making.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Maintain data integrityEnhance data transformationStrengthen book to tax reconciliation
  • /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////BNA FIXED ASSETS G/L INTEGRATORStrengthen Book to Tax ReconciliationBNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator helps you strengthenyour accounting controls and enhance your overall datagovernance and audit support for all your fixed asset dataprocessing. Surveys have shown that the vast majorityof time required to reconcile data is spent convertingthe data into a format that supports the reconciliationprocess. BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator saves youtime by virtually eliminating this step. Figures 1 and2 illustrate the process of extracting fixed asset datafrom multiple sources. By eliminating the manual stepsrequired to reach the reconciliation process, BNA FixedAssets G/L Integrator allows you to focus on the analysisand resolution of system differences rather than spendtime worrying about data manipulation and processing.BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator provides a controlledenvironment for data reconciliation and reporting –satisfying the toughest internal and external auditrequirements.Beyond IntegrationWhen using BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator, you canbe confident that your depreciation calculations areaccurate, supporting all your monthly financial activities,provision calculations, and tax compliance (both incomeand property) filings. You’ll be in position to easily look atplanning scenarios, e.g., future projections, the impactof acquisitions, divestitures, and potential corporatestructural changes.Since BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator keeps datacurrent, you can be assured of a quick and accurateanswer to any of your fixed asset questions.Figure 1: BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator Tax-Only ApplicationIn a tax-only application, BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator extracts transaction data from the Fixed Assets Sub Ledgerresiding in your ERP or accounting system. After data mapping, validation, and reconciliation occur, it sends the transactiondata to BNA Fixed Assets Web to be processed, which includes tax depreciation and reporting calculations. The data is thentransferred to the Tax Compliance System for reporting purposes.
  • /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////BNA FIXED ASSETS G/L INTEGRATORBNA Fixed Assets Web andBNA Fixed Assets G/L IntegratorBuilt with tax and accounting professionals in mind, BNAFixed Assets Web provides companies of all sizes witha solid foundation from which to perform fixed assetsand depreciation management. With frequently changingtax and GAAP regulations, BNA Fixed Assets Webensures ongoing compliance. It streamlines managementand provides comprehensive reporting, that deliversthe insight you need to make informed managementdecisions.BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator enhances the accuracy,efficiency, and control of your fixed asset reportingprocess and provides support for:• Direct connectivity to accounting systems includingSAP, Oracle, and JD Edwards.• Virtually any type of data source or API.• Connectivity to multiple data sources.• High data volumes concurrent with the number ofassets and companies in your BNA Fixed Assets Websystem.Figure 2: BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator Book and Tax ApplicationIn a book and tax application, BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator extracts trial balances data and accounts payabletransactions from your ERP or accounting system(s). This information is then transformed, enriched, and placed into a formatfor consumption by BNA Fixed Assets Web. After asset transactions and tax calculations are conducted, BNA Fixed AssetsWeb creates the appropriate journal entries and sends them back to BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator for appropriateformatting and consumption by your ERP or accounting system. The data is then transferred to the Tax Compliance Systemfor reporting purposes.
  • /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////BNA FIXED ASSETS G/L INTEGRATOR0413rc 56-8329For more information call 800.424.2938 (select option 3), contact your local Bloomberg BNA Representative, orvisit www.bnasoftware.com.1801 South Bell Street, Arlington, VA 22202© 2013 BNA Software, a division of Tax Management Inc. All rights reserved.About Bloomberg BNA’sSoftware ProductsBloomberg BNA offers expert software products for taxand accounting professionals. With cate­gory-leadingsoftware and top-rated technical support, we are thesolution of choice for professional firms and corporationsof every size. More than 70,000 customers, including theIRS, depend upon Bloomberg BNA’s software productsfor the highest degree of tax, regulatory, and complianceexpertise available in the market.About Bloomberg BNABloomberg BNA, a wholly owned subsidiary ofBloomberg, is a leading source of legal, regulatory, andbusiness information for professionals. Its network ofmore than 2,500 reporters, correspondents, and leadingpractitioners delivers expert analysis, news, practicetools, and guidance — the information that matters mostto professionals. Bloomberg BNA’s authoritative coveragespans the full range of legal practice areas, includingtax & accounting, labor & employment, intellectualproperty, banking & securities, employee benefits, healthcare, privacy & data security, human resources, andenvironment, health & safety.