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Early Humans Museum Activity
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  • 1. Early Humans Museum Activity
  • 2. Essential Questions / Understandings
    • What were the key capabilities ( skills) that allowed groups of Early Humans to adapt, survive and evolve?
    • How did they use the key capabilities to adapt, survive and evolve?
  • 3. After completing this task Grade 6 Humanities students will have:-
    • Completed research using both internet and book resources.
    • Note sheets in you humanities folder
  • 4. After completing this task Grade 6 Humanities students will have:-
    • Created a visual of your chosen Early Human in one of the following ways:
    • three dimensional model
    • a poster
    • an informational brochure
    • A multimedia documentary
  • 5. After completing this task Grade 6 Humanities students will have…
    • And lastly students will write an individual essay on their early human group
  • 6. “Early Humans” Museum Task
    • Your group has been employed by the Malaysian Museum of Natural History
    • A new exhibit is being opened at the Museum
    • Your group conducts research and provides
    • a poster
    • an information brochure
    • a model
    • multi-media documentary
    • on one of the three Early Man groups.
  • 7. Tasks for Groups .
    • 1. Each group choose one of the following groups to research :-
    • Homo Erectus OR
    • Neanderthal OR
    • Homo Sapiens (Cro-Magnon)
  • 8. Tasks for Groups….
    • Your research needs to include:
    • Time & Location
    • Physical Appearance – What did they look like?
    • Tools and Weapons – What is known about the early human’s tool making ability and how did they use these tools?
  • 9. Tasks for Groups….
    • Food – How did they find food and what did they eat?
    • Fire – How did they use fire?
    • Shelter
    • Communication
    • Other information
  • 10. Final Products
    • After completing your research and preparing your exhibit for display, your group will submit to the Museum, one of the following :-
    • A 3 dimensional model
    • A 2 dimensional model
    • An informational brochure
    • A multimedia documentary.
  • 11. Grading - All the key capabilities need to be evident in the final product. 40 Total 5 Communication or other information 5 Shelter 5 Fire 5 Food 10 Tools and Weapons 5 Physical Appearance 5 Time and Location Points