Using Facebook for Viral Marketing, Recruiting and Sales - Appirio's Referral Management Solution


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Learn how Appirio's Referral Management Solution can help your company encourage, manage and measure word-of-mouth referrals for recruiting, marketing and sales. Check us out on Facebook ( or follow our blog (!

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  • Excellent presentation. I've taken a number of the framework graphics together with adapted to my startup
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  • Thanks for your comment! As you know, we believe strongly that our model of providing products and services not only enables to create products that address emerging needs (like this one) but also is the right model given the current stage of evolution of the SaaS/Cloud computing marketplace. We are excited to release this product and look forward to seeing companies create measurable results from social networks in 2009.
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  • Appirio has been a pioneer in redefining the role and relationship of a professional services firm with its customer. The company's latest service offering is another clear example of the innovative nature of their model and its tangible business benefits.
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Using Facebook for Viral Marketing, Recruiting and Sales - Appirio's Referral Management Solution

  1. Appirio Referral Management Solution Facebook for Viral Marketing and Recruiting Feb. 2, 2009
  2. Who is Appirio? Appirio delivers products and services… Creating value for customers  using on‐demand platforms •Services: Appirio helps  companies plan, design, develop  and implement mission‐critical  Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS)  solutions based on platforms  …to accelerate the adoption of  such as Salesforce and Google  on demand in the enterprise Apps •Products: Appirio develops  innovative business applications  that connect and extend today's  leading on‐demand platforms 2
  3. Connecting Facebook with the Enterprise Appirio helps connect today’s leading social network with your core business applications to encourage, manage and measure word-of-mouth referrals : quot;Appirio's connection of Facebook to SaaS business applications • Use the social network to find and attract great will allow more talent for your company companies to use • Connect social network activity to lead social networks and generation and pipeline to maximize the impact measure how they can of Facebook marketing impact their businessquot; • Build stronger relationships with work contacts Rene Bonvanie, over Facebook (e.g., send thank you notes, ask SVP Serena Software questions, make recommendations) 3
  4. Today’s Pain: Social Networking in the Enterprise You need a personal The growing use and Organizations may be relationship with importance of social on Facebook today, prospective networks provides a they have no way of employees, partners, unique opportunity to managing its impact and customers do so • “Attention economy”– • 150M Facebook • Simply “having a word of mouth and users, 75M use every page” isn’t enough reaching audiences in day • Need to know what’s a personal, relevant • Not just kids: over 1/3 working and what isn’t way is critical of the entire adult • Need a way to target internet community high value contacts has a social profile • Need a way to connect social applications to core business apps 4
  5. Appirio Referral Management Solution Viral User App Framework Enterprise Extensions Viral recruiting Encourage Viral marketing • Know when your friends Referral do business with your Engine Manage company MyFriends Refer @Work MyFriends • Follow up with a thank you, recommendation, or Viral introduction Measure sales Word of mouth referrals Custom extensions 5
  6. Encourage, Manage, and Measure Viral Recruiting • Find friends that are a good • Manage job postings, match for open job listings at applications, and employee your company referrals through Salesforce • Earn money from referral • Track success of viral referral bonuses programs through custom reports • You choose which referrals to send • Lower other, not-as-effective recruiting costs 6
  7. Encourage, Manage, and Measure Viral Marketing • Increase awareness of new • Share special promotions or product campaigns through word- discounts with your network of-mouth referrals • Communicate new finds or • Manage campaigns, leads, and preferences with friends follow-up offers using native • Invite people you know to join Salesforce Marketing events functionality • You choose which referrals to • Custom reports to quickly track send and report metrics 7
  8. Encourage, Manage, and Measure Viral Sales • Increase the size of your • Build closer relationships with “virtual account team” by customers using Facebook getting help from friends and • Help friends in your network your network regarding open connect with your company to opportunities meet their needs and grow • Identify open questions and your organization’s bottom line manage incoming data about opportunities in Salesforce 8
  9. Components of Solution to Bring Social Networking to the Enterprise • Social networking strategy and prototype Strategy & • Business case for social networking Best Practices • Best practices for rollout • Facebook application to be installed by network • Referral engine to make appropriate suggestions Product • Template for marketing, recruiting or sales extension • Custom enterprise extension (e.g., “alumni management”) Customization & Configuration • Branding to fit your organization • Configuration of Salesforce to enable publishing 9
  10. Pricing and Initial Markets Company Profile: •Companies using Salesforce for a related function •Large / high value network with strong affiliation to your company (e.g., employees, partners, alumni, fans) • Annual product subscription starting at $25K for engine + $10K per extension + variable cost based on size of network • Strategy, Customization and configuration services available, dependent upon scope of effort 10
  11. Learn More About Appirio’s Products and Services Subscribe to our Visit our website: blog: Follow us on Twitter: appirio_nara, appirio_kirk, appirio_ryan 11