Life On Other Planets

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  • 1. By: Brad Nagel
  • 2.
    • Movies are a huge reason why we believe in life on other planets
    • UFO sightings make us curious
    • Things that occur that we know isn’t possible from creatures on earth
    • Most of the universe is unexplored
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    • Water- Necessary for all forms of life to exist
    • Carbon – Needed along with nitrogen to create cells which create life
    • An atmosphere- Life simply couldn’t exist without an atmosphere surrounding it
  • 5.
    • Many people believe mars has potential life
    • They believe this because one of the mountains on mars contains ice
    • At one point was known to have an atmosphere
    • Mars isn’t too close or too far away from the sun to contain life
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    • Jupiter’s fourth moon
    • 6 th largest moon in our solar system
    • Like mars, it contains ice
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  • 9.
    • Maybe where we humans lived billions of years ago
    • Sun used to be much cooler allowing life to be possible on Venus
    • At that time Earth would have been frozen
    • Thought to have plant life long ago
    • Contains a large atmosphere
  • 10.
    • I think that life on other planets may exist. However, I think that this life is very simple and something like a plant like on Venus. Nothing nearly as complex as a human being exists in this universe in my opinion.
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