Three Days In July


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Three Days In July

  1. 1. THREE DAYS IN JULY Essential Questions: 1. How did the Battle of Gettysburg begin? 2. What took place during the three days of fighting? 3. What was the overall toll of the Battle of Gettysburg? 4. Why was the Gettysburg Address significant?
  2. 2. Prelude to Gettysburg  1863 started out well for the South  Confederates defeated the North at Chancellorsville, VA  Only consolation for the North was that Stonewall Jackson was accidently shot in the arm by his own troops when they mistook him for a Union officer  His arm was amputated; later he caught pneumonia and died  Despite this lose in leadership Lee attempted an invasion of the North  He crossed the Potomac, moved into Maryland and then moved on into Pennsylvania
  3. 3. The First Day July 1,1863  Barefoot Confederate soldiers heard there was a supply of footwear in Gettysburg  They met up with Lee and his soldiers  Were engaged by Union Calvary led by John Buford  Buford ordered his men to take defensive positions and surround town  The two sides engaged one another and that attracted more reinforcements on both sides  Confederates seized control of the town  But Lee knew the battle was not be over  Confederates had to take control
  4. 4. The Second Day July 2,1863  Lee ordered an attack on Cemetery Ridge  Confederates overran the Union troops who had left their position on Little Round Top  Colonel Chamberlin of the Union army, noticed the undefended position and led his troops to meet the attacking Rebels  Succeeded in pushing back the attack  When his soldiers ran out of ammunition he led a bayonet charge  Confederates were exhausted by uphill charge  When they witnessed the Union bayonet charge they were shocked and surrendered in droves  By the end of the second day Union troops held their ground
  5. 5. The Third Day July 3,1863  Lee felt with one more attack he could break the Union  Lee ordered an artillery barrage of Union lines  For two hours the two sides fired  Then Union artillery fell silent  Lee ordered that his forces press forward across the open farmland  Suddenly the Union artillery opened fire  The Confederates retreated back in shock  Lee then sent cavalry to circle around the right flank of Unions' forces  Attack was stalled when the confederate cavalry was intercepted by Union forces  Lee finally gave up his attempt to invade the North and retreated back to Virginia
  6. 6. The Aftermath  3-day battle produced staggering loses  Union lost 23,000 men (killed or wounded)  Confederacy lost 28,000 men (killed or wounded)  The dead and dying littered the battlefield in the July heat  Lee lead the confederacy for another two years  But the south never recovered from Gettysburg
  7. 7. The Gettysburg Address  November 1863 a ceremony was held to dedicate a cemetery at Gettysburg  The first speaker was Edward Everett who gave a „flowery‟ two hour oration  Abraham Lincoln then spoke for a little more than 2-minutes  His speech honored the dead and some historians say “remade America”  Before his speech Americans said “The United States are” after his speech they said “The United States is”