Roanoke And Jamestown
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Roanoke And Jamestown






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Roanoke And Jamestown Roanoke And Jamestown Presentation Transcript

  • Question of the Day
    • Read and consider the quote below while viewing the following panorama . Based on what you see and hypothesize why do you think the law is so harsh?
    • -----------------------------------
    • “ Any man or woman who robs any garden, public or private, while weeding it or who willfully pulls up any root vegetable, herb, or flower to spoil or waste or steal it, or robs any vineyard or gathers the grapes, or steals any ears of corn . . . shall be punished with death.”
    • - Sir Thomas Dale, ‘Dales' Laws’
    • Essential Questions:
    • How can you characterize the first attempt at English New World colonization?
    • What is the history of Jamestown?
    • What is the ‘starving time’?
    • How can the English-Native American relationship be characterized?
    • What was Bacon’s Rebellion?
  • England Arrives at Roanoke
    • First English attempt at colonization
      • Financed by Sir Walter Raleigh
      • The first attempt failed
    • Second attempt (1587)
      • 117 settlers
      • Led by John White
    • White tried to mend relations with nearby tribes but had no success
      • He returned to England for help
    • Left behind 115 settlers and,
      • His granddaughter Virginia Dare
        • First English child born in the Americas
    • In 1590 White was able to return
      • He found no trace of the colonists
      • "Croatoan" carved in post
  • The Settlement
    • Jamestown followed the "Lost Colony"
    • In 1606, English entrepreneurs led by John Smith, set sail to start a colony
    • In 1607, the captain selected Jamestown Island on the James River for the colony
    • It was inland from the Atlantic Ocean and it wasn't inhabited by Native American tribes
    • Settlers started to take over the area
  • Trouble Begins
    • Powhatan (the local leader) instead of attacking welcomed the settlers
      • Attempted to form an alliance and trade relations
    • But he found the settlers more interested in expansion and conquest
      • War erupted & John Smith was captured
      • It lasted until the English captured Powhatan’s daughter Pocahontas
    • By 1607 the colony was in trouble
      • Smith forced the 38 colonists to farm
      • Smith returned to England when he was burned in an explosion
  • The Starving Time
    • 1609, 600 new colonists arrived
    • 1609-1610 was the “Starving Time”
      • 80% of the colonists perished
      • Of 600 colonists only 60 survived
      • Due to strained relations, the Natives didn't trade food
      • The colonists never intended to grow their own food, instead they relied on trade
    • Survivors were saved only when a supply mission from London arrived
  • Jamestown: The Colony Flourishes
    • First representative assembly established in America (1619)
      • Known as the House of Burgesses
    • The colony continued to grow
      • Largely through growth of tobacco
    • Powhatan Confederacy attempted to eliminate the English colony (1622)
      • Attack killed over 300 settlers
      • Known as Indian Massacre of 1622
    • King James sent troops to conquer the Powhatan
    • By 1644, nearly 10,000 English lived in Virginia
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
    • By 17 th century elite farmers owned the land
      • Small farmers could only afford land in the backcountry
      • Lands that were vulnerable to attacks
    • Nathanial Bacon led a campaign against these hostile tribes
      • But he seized friendly native tribes
    • Bacon returned and conflicts arose with Governor Berkeley
    • Bacon marched on Jamestown
      • Rebels burned the town
      • Many planters, and Berkley, fled by ship
    • The first rebellion in the American colonies
  • Jamestown: An Overview
    • 500 Nations
    • The Powhatan Confederacy