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Immigration Presentation Transcript

  • 1. … Where someone else`s fate had been Decided in no time at all…
    • Ellis Island
    • How does this song convey the history or experiences of Ellis Island and early 20 th century immigration?
    Ellis Island by Marc Cohn
    • Essential Questions:
    • Why did Nativism sweep the nation in the early 19 th century?
    • What role did Ellis Island and Angel Island play in 19 th century immigration?
  • 3. Statistics
    • Between 1870 to 1920 about 20 million Europeans arrived in the United States
    • Many came to escape religious persecution
    • Other Europeans left because of the rising population
      • Between 1800 and 1900 the population of Europe doubled to nearly 400 million
      • This resulted in land scarcity, completion for labor, etc.
  • 4. Rise of Nativism
    • Result of immigration was the rise of nativism
      • Overt favoring of native-born Americans
    • Anti-immigration groups formed
    • In 1897 Congress passed a bill requiring literacy test for immigrants
      • If they couldn’t read 40 words in English or their native language they were refused entry
    • President Cleveland vetoed the bill
      • Was a powerful statement of public sentiment
  • 5. Ellis Island
    • Located in New York Harbor
    • Once the main entry facility for immigrants entering the U.S.
    • Operated from January 1892 to November 1954
      • 12 million immigrants were inspected by 1954
    • Before Ellis Island 8 million immigrants had been processed at Castle Garden
    • 1907 was the peak year for immigration with 1,004,756 immigrants processed
      • April 17 saw 11,747 immigrants
  • 6. Ellis Island
    • Those with health problems or diseases were sent home
    • About 2% were denied admission to
      • Reasons such as disease, criminal background, or insanity
    • Immigrants who were approved spent from 3 to 5 hours at Ellis Island
    • Ellis Island was sometimes known as "The Island of Tears"
    • Mass processing of immigrants at Ellis Island ended in 1924 after the Immigration Act of 1924
  • 7. Angel Island
    • An island in San Francisco Bay
    • Provided the same service for those crossing the Pacific as did Ellis Island in the East
    • 1 million people were processed through Angel island
    • Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 provided tough entry restrictions
      • Immigrants waited on the island for as long as two years as they attempted to get in
    • In 1906 a fire destroyed the facility
      • All processing took place in San Francisco
  • 8. The New American Culture
    • Once admitted immigrants faced many challenges:
      • Finding a place to live
      • Getting a job
      • Adapting to a new culture
      • Understanding a new language
    • Many immigrants sought out people that were of similar backgrounds, culture, and language
    • They formed their own communities throughout the nation
      • Created social clubs, churches, and synagogues as a means of bonding together in a new land
  • 9. New York: A Documentary Film
    • Immigration