A Morning In Dallas (Original Version)


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A Morning In Dallas (Original Version)

  1. 1. A MORNING IN DALLAS Essential Questions: 1. Why did President Kennedy go to Dallas? 2. How did the events before the assassination unfold? 3. How did Oswald behave after the assassination? 4. What happened to Lee Harvey Oswald? 5. What was the Warren Commission report and what did it say?
  2. 2. A Trip To Texas  Kennedy went to Texas with three goals:  Raise money for Democratic Party;  Begin his quest for reelection;  Kennedy-Johnson ticket had barely won Texas in 1960  Kennedy wanted to mend fences  Kennedy's trip to Dallas was announced to the public in September 1963  Motorcade route was announced a few days before November 22  October 1963, when on a visit to Dallas U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson was harassed, hit by a sign, and spat upon  Several people, including Stevenson, warned JFK against coming to Dallas
  3. 3. Arrival in Dallas  Friday, November 22, 1963  11:40am, the President, the First Lady, and the presidential entourage arrive at Love Field in Dallas, Texas  Schedule was for the president to proceed along a motorcade route through downtown Dallas  Went from Love Field through downtown Dallas and end at the Dallas Business and Trade Mart
  4. 4. Presidential Motorcade  Motorcade began its route without incident  At 12:29pm, the presidential limousine entered Dealey Plaza  President Kennedy slowly approached the Texas School Book Depository  Over two dozen amateur and professional photographers captured the last living images of Kennedy
  5. 5. Death in Dallas  Shooting began shortly after the limousine made the turn from Houston onto Elm Street  Most witnesses recalled hearing 3 shots  Not known when each shot was fired  Most experts agree the first shot missed  President was hit with the second shot  Second shot entered his upper back  Went through his neck and
  6. 6. Death in Dallas  Seconds later, the third shot hit Kennedy point-blank in the throat/head  The limousine began speeding up as Mrs. Kennedy terrified and confused climbed out of the back seat  Agent Hill climbed on top of the speeding car and pushed Mrs. Kennedy down in the back seat  Laid on top of her as the car sped to Parkland Memorial Hospital
  7. 7. Oswald: The Timeline  Oswald was confronted by a Dallas policeman in the depository second floor lunchroom  Only 74 to 90 seconds after the last shot  Oswald was identified by the superintendent of the building and he was released  Oswald was next seen by a depository secretary on the 1st floor carrying a soda bottle  He left the Texas School Book Depository through the front door at 12:30pm
  8. 8. Oswald: The Timeline  At 1:00pm Oswald arrived at his room after a bus ride and a taxi ride  Oswald was witnessed offering the taxi ride first to an elderly woman  At 1:15pm police officer J. D. Tippit was shot dead less than a mile from Oswald's home  13 people witnessed Oswald either shooting Tippit or fleeing the scene  After the Tippit murder, Oswald was witnessed traveling on foot toward a movie theatre  Almost two dozen police officers arrived at the Texas Theatre  Believed Tippit's killer was inside  Oswald resisted and according to the police, attempted to shoot a patrolman
  9. 9. Immediate Aftermath: Kennedy  Meanwhile, the situation at Parkland Hospital had deteriorated  Doctors worked frantically to save his life, but his wounds were too great  1:00pm Kennedy was dead  A Roman Catholic priest had been summoned to perform the last rites for President Kennedy  The new president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, ordered the announcement of Kennedy’s death be made only after he left the hospital  Official announcement would not come until 1:30pm
  10. 10. Lee Harvey Oswald  According to the U.S. government he was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy  Former United States Marine who defected to Soviet Union  He was charged with the murders of Tippit and Kennedy later the night of November 22nd  Oswald denied it all  Oswald never went on trial
  11. 11. Oswald Silenced  At 11:36pm Oswald was charged with the murder of Kennedy  There was no crime for assassination of the President at the time  Two days later Oswald was escorted to an armored van for transfer  He was shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby  Ruby was a nightclub operator in Dallas  Ruby said he did it to spare Jackie the ordeal of appearing at Oswald's trial
  12. 12. Return to Washington  Once on Air Force One Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President  Jackie never left her husband’s side  Exception being when Johnson was sworn in  Robert Kennedy boarded the plane and his brother's casket was removed  Jackie left the plane with Bobby  Her pink suit was still stained with her husband's blood  Refused to change out of her blood- stained suit  quot;I want them to see what they have done to Jack.quot;
  13. 13. Warren Commission  First official investigation of the assassination  Headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren  Known as the Warren Commission  Concluded it could not find any evidence of a domestic or foreign conspiracy  Commission found Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the murder of Kennedy  Informally called the Lone gunman theory  Commission concluded that only three bullets were fired during the assassination  They said all three shots were fired in a time period ranging from 4.8 to 7 seconds
  14. 14. Warren Commission  The commission said that:  One shot likely missed the motorcade (could not determine which of the 3)  The first shot to hit anyone struck Kennedy in the upper back  It exited near the front of his neck and continued on to cause all of Connally's injuries  The last shot to hit anyone struck Kennedy in the head (the kill shot)  Commission offered the same bullet that wounded Kennedy also caused all of Governor Connally's wounds  Became known as the quot;single bullet theoryquot; or the quot;magicquot; bullet theory  Nation changed after the assassination