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Search Programming Brochure
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Search Programming Brochure


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Our Search Team S O U T H H A L L MI D D L EBr a n d o n S m i t h , Le ad G i fte d Te acher6 th and S even th Gr ad e L an gu a ge A rt s , R e ad in g, and Soc i al S tu die s Michelle Ja ger Search 2011-2012 6 th Gr ad e Sc ience Sherry McKinney 8 th Gr ad e So ci al S tu die s Ro n Ba g w e l l Above and Beyond! Real skills for the 21st Century. 8 th Gr ad e So ci al S tu die s S a r a Ba t e s 8 th and 9 th Gr a de Lan gu a ge Ar t s Ginge r Workma n 7 th Gr ad e L an gu a ge A rt s S O U T H H A L L MI D D L E S C H O O L Laura Liu For questions or concerns about Search 7 th Gr ad e Sc ience Programming contact Brandon Smith at Susan Belche r School Phone Number: 6 th Gr ad e So ci al S tu die s (770) 532-4416 W e a re he re to p ar tner w it h you ! (770) 532-4416
  • 2. How Our Gifted Identified Students AreServed...Welcome! South Hall’s Middle School 7th Grade Search Language Arts Classes are all equipped withSearch Program is a work of living art. up to 13 student computers, and the Math,Central to our program are world class Your student will have two or three 55 min- Language Arts, Spanish, and Science classesideas and classroom environments that will ute classes with a gifted endorsed teacher. all offer Carnegie Units (High Schoolimmerse your student in the real world Like the 6th Grade teachers, they too have Credit). These create a pathway for stu-skills of thinking, collaborating, speaking, completed a rigorous series of courses in dents to get a head start and have greaterwriting, and calculating. Gifted Programming, Curriculum, and Identi- access to AP and IB courses at the high fication. school level.6th Grade Search At the Seventh Grade Level, students will Throughout the entire program, we collec-Your student will have two or three 55 have at least two segments in Language tively strive to go above and beyond theminute classes with a gifted endorsed Arts, Science, Social Studies or Math. state standards to provide 21st Century Skillteacher. Our gifted endorsed teachers acquisition that will prepare your student tohave completed a rigorous series of One of these classes is a 21st Century take full advantage of programs at the high courses in Gifted Pro- Technology Classroom with Motorola school level such at the Johnson Interna- gramming, Curriculum, and Zooms, laptops, and a Creation Station. tional Scholars Academy and the Interna- Identification. They use tional Baccalaureate Program. We want this training to build real your student to be fully prepared for Uni- world scenarios for stu- Your 7th Grade Search Students will partici- versity and beyond! dents to practice 21st pate in our Student Showcase and Student Century Skills. Led Conferences in January, called Knights at the Museum. Students will have the op- portunity to take a Lan- S O U T H H A L L MI D D L E SCHOOLguage Arts, Social Studies, and/or ScienceClass with one of our three Gifted En- Eighth Grade Searchdorsed Sixth Grade Teachers. Two ofthese classes are 21st Century TechnologyClassrooms equipped with several laptops, Your Student will have two or three 55 min- 4335 Falcon ParkwayMotorola Zooms, and a Creation Station! ute classes with a gifted endorsed teacher. Flowery Branch GA 30542All of our Sixth Grade Students will par- Students will have the opportunity to take a Phone: (770) 532-4416ticipate in our Student Showcase and Stu- Language Arts or Social Studies class withdent Led Conferences in January called one of our Gifted Endorsed teachers. Our E-mail: brandon.smith@hallco.orgKnights at the Museum.