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April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan
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April 2010 Tips And Tools - Andi & Nan


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Published in: Travel
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  • 1. #BMPR APRIL Travel
  • 2. Before you take off
    • Nextstop : Features user-generated guides for getting the most out of any locale.
    • Wikitravel : Large collection of user-generated travel information; from where to go, what to expect, to information on local cultures.
    • TripAdvisor :
    • Millions of reviews to help
    • pick out the gems and avoid
    • the disasters.
  • 3. Get A Deal
    • Kayak : The best place to compare travel fares
    • BestTravelDeals : Lets users share travel deals and vote for most useful of them
    • Lastminute : Last second travel deals
    • Travelzoo : Listing of hot deals,
    • Wednesdays have new deals
    • AirfareWatchdog : Unadvertised
    • specials for travel
    • Cheating at Priceline|Hotwire :
    • We won’t tell your mom
  • 4. Get organized
    • TwipWiser : Create a trip and add images, things to do, accommodations, restaurants, etc. Share, exchange, and save travel plans.
    • myTripBook : Research and book your trip, create a travel diary, see where friends are going, share with a FB app.
    • TripIt : Organize and share your trip… to the n th power.
  • 5. Share your travels
    • : Keep track of your travels, share your trip photos, reviews, and blogs with friends and family, as well as research destinations before you book
    • TripSay : Unites travelers around a common interest
    • Dopplr : Helps you plan trips, share those plans with your friends and Dopplr’ Social Atlas
  • 6. FTW
    • Where I’ve Been : A social network with an awesome FB app. Provides users’ descriptions and recommendations and has a ton of fun features to share your own travel experiences.
    • CouchSurfing : Build your profile and find couches to crash on fo’ FREE!
  • 7. Have a Seat
    • SeatGuru : Tells you how good seats are on flights.
    • SeatCounter : Tee how many seats are available per flight and ticket class.
    • InsideTrip : Plan a trip based on speed, comfort and ease
  • 8. Put a Sock In It
    • OneBag : Learn how to travel light and what to pack
    • ExOfficio : Special under garments for travel
    • RedOxx Packing Method [PDF]: The best packing method EVAR