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Phoenicians powerpoint

  1. 1. Tuesday, January8, 2013Read the two paragraphs on page 48 of your social studies book.Write a brief summary of what you read.
  2. 2. What should be in asummary?In Social Studies, your summary should consist of three parts: Part 1 is a main idea. Parts 2 and 3 are two details which support the main idea.
  3. 3. Summary Examples Low Quality High Quality Hammurabi’s  Snails made people empire rose and fell. of the Mediterranean coastal city of Tyre The snails near Tyre rich. The snails were not ordinary. produced a purple The profits made dye which was used Tyre wealthy. to dye cloth. The cloth was sold to the wealthy for a great profit.
  4. 4. Key Terms alphabet A set of  symbols that represent the sounds of a language
  5. 5. Open your social studiesbookPage 48
  6. 6. Questions During Reading:Page 49 What resources did the Phoenicians first use to build their wealth? Why do you think the Phoenicians looked to foreign lands and sea trade to develop their wealth? How did the sea power of the Phoenicians help spread civilization?
  7. 7. Questions During Reading:Page 491. What resources did 1. The Phoenicians used the Phoenicians wood and dye from first use to build snails to build their their wealth? wealth.2. Why do you think the Phoenicians 2. They had limited looked to foreign resources, so they took lands and sea trade advantage of their to develop their geographic location to wealth? expand their resources3. How did the sea through trade. power of the 3. As the Phoenicians Phoenicians help traveled across the spread civilization? world, they could spread ideas of civilization to
  8. 8. Questions During Reading: Map Look at the map on page 49. Name a city in Phoenicia and the trading center that is farthest west of the city. Use your finger to trace a route between the two points. How did the Phoencians control the sea trade far from Phoencia?
  9. 9. Questions During Reading: Map Name a city in 1. Sidon or Tyre Phoenicia and the trading center that is 2. The Phoenicians farthest west of the city. were able to Use your finger to trace control the sea a route between the trade by two points. establishing trading How did the centers along the Phoencians control the coasts of distant sea trade far from places and Phoencia? spreading stories of the horrors facing sailors in the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. 10. Questions During Reading:Page 50 How did the Phoenician alphabet spread throughout the ancient world? Which letters in the Phoenician alphabet seem similar to the letters in our alphabet? How did the Phoenician alphabet affect other civilizations?
  11. 11. Questions During Reading:Page 50 How did the 1. Sea trade Phoenician alphabet 2. A,D,E,H,L,M,O,Q, spread throughout the ancient world? T Which letters in the 3. Other civilizations Phoenician alphabet used the alphabet seem similar to the as the basis for letters in our their alphabet? alphabets, which How did the are used in many Phoenician alphabet languages today. affect other civilizations?
  12. 12. Phoenician Assessment Using what you learned earlier about summarizing, write two summaries about what we covered in class today. 1. Summarize Phoenician Sea Power (Pages 49- 50) 2. Summarize The Phoenician Alphabet (Page 50)  Remember that summaries should have a main idea and two supporting details.