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2012-11-26: User Experience Strategy

2012-11-26: User Experience Strategy



By Joe Natoli

By Joe Natoli



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    2012-11-26: User Experience Strategy 2012-11-26: User Experience Strategy Presentation Transcript

    • UX strategy 1the value of delivering valuejoe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 2why UX strategy? a cautionary tale. ➡  retirement planning company develops new online business model (website) ➡  $200+ cost per instance to service customer support calls; thousands of calls daily ➡  website plan relies on usage and customer loyalty to drive down operational costs joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 3can t-lose proposition ➡  research shows cost of 1.2 cents per instance via online self-service ➡  design and build cost of new site is $1.3M ➡  ROI projections for year one " are off the chart ➡  project gets greenlight joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 4the new site launches ➡  personalized account and educational information ➡  real-time market data and companion mobile app ➡  $750K marketing campaign drives thousands of users to the site s home page, where they take the very next step: joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • they quit and call customer service. 5 joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 6so, how bout that ROI calculation?website design & development $1,300,000 marketing campaign 750,000 ($2,050,000)customer support call costs (non-website) ($1,500,000)customer support call costs (website) (3,400,000)total ROI ($6,950,000) joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 7so they ask me:what the hell ishappening? and why?joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 8so we gather the tribes. ➡  they talk, I listen ➡  processes ➡  rationale ➡  opinions on what/why ➡  dissent and blame joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 9I ask pepto-bismol question one. Did you ask customers about what " they felt they needed to be able to " do with the website? joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • ➡  majority of site users were somewhat new to the entire idea of retirement planning. ➡  the advancing age of the majority of these folks made them also novices at the entire idea of using the Internet. ➡  they needed handholding to understand the registration process & consequences of each action 10joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 11on to pepto-bismol question two. What kind of research did your user " experience or user interface teams " do prior to designing the site? joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • ➡  IT designed and developed the website. ➡  two programmers who were pretty good " with graphics handled the UI. ➡  no user experience professionals were consulted. ➡  a graphic designer was brought in " after the site was built to pretty it up. 12joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 13last chance to save face. Did you show customers a prototype " before launch? Ask them what was " useful and what wasn t? joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 14joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 15what to do about itjoe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 16if you forget everything else, remember this. form follows function= BULLSHIT joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • if form did 17follow function...functionality would take priority over allother design considerationsaesthetic considerations would besecondary to functional considerationsevery functional element would ultimatelyhave one (and only one) designone size would truly fit all!joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • reality check 18audience needsclient desiresethical obligationsaesthetic inclinationsmaterial propertiescultural presuppositionsfunctional requirementstimebudgetresourcesjoe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • REMEMBER 19 every force evolves form.joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 20start with strategy. what what value what s how do we are we does itworth doing? deliver it? creating? provide? focus definition value scope joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • UX efforts must address what s " these UX efforts worth " importance should accommodate these doing? Unwise use of time to address these 21 viability | feasibilitygivegoodux.com resource: adaptivepath.com
    • what " are we creating? Project Manager 22 Client Team Leadgivegoodux.com resource: adaptivepath.com
    • What experiences are compelling to them? what " value does it provide? Who is the target audience? 23 How is the offering different from competitors and substitutes?givegoodux.com resource: adaptivepath.com
    • TOO BIG Unrealistic delivery expectations how " Trouble creating a timely release (e.g. Vista vs. Mac OS X) do we Battling can t we also have _____ ? Nervous designers + developers deliver it? TOO SMALL Unclear path to the full vision Symptoms we haven t Unremarkable, clarified scope unimpressive, watered- 24 down releasesgivegoodux.com resource: adaptivepath.com
    • 25let strategy inform user experience. ➡  successful design is born from clear strategy that determines what the customer experience should be. ➡  that overall experience must be driven by business goals and customer needs. ➡  know your customer — and " remember they are not you. joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 26let user experience inform design. ➡  the level of visual engagement and communication provided by the user interface ➡  the workflows enabled by the underlying technology ➡  the necessary degree of clear feedback for user actions " (and system reactions). joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 27let design inform everything else. ➡  information architecture – volume, order, priority and labeling ➡  navigation structure(s) ➡  visual hierarchy and segregation ➡  prototype, test, revise, repeat. joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 28takeaways➡  the networked world we all operate in instantly exposes " inconsistent business processes and poorly integrated " systems via the quality of the users experience.➡  in the age of the wireless web and mobile ubiquity, ROI " will be much harder to come by unless providers can " get the UX/CX part right➡  you must give customers what they want, when they " want it and how they want it delivered.joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 29takeaways➡  the right solution is not possible unless you ask the" right questions – and solve the right problems.➡  you must have internal agreement on strategy: what s needed, " who it s for, why it s necessary and how you ll create it.➡  creating truly successful user and customer experience " cannot be left to IT or Marketing or the Executive Team; " hire experienced UX and UI professionals.joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • 30takeawaysyou can make money, or you can make excuses.BUT YOU CANNOT DO BOTH.joe natoli | givegoodux.com
    • what can I helpyou achieve? 31call 410.627.1783 or email me at joe@givegoodux.comjoe natoli | givegoodux.com