Introduction to e-commerce  session 3 moghimi
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Introduction to e-commerce session 3 moghimi



E-Commerce Session 3

E-Commerce Session 3
Definition of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) - Three Elements of any IS systems, Introduction to Knowledge Management (KM)
Bahman Moghimi



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Introduction to e-commerce  session 3 moghimi Introduction to e-commerce session 3 moghimi Presentation Transcript

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  • Introduction to e-Commerce SESSION 3 Professor: Bahman Moghimi Doctor of Business Administration M.Sc. Of “Industrial Marketing & e-Commerce” University of Georgia
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  • What is Paradigm Shift? View slide
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  • Information Society A society in which more people work at handling information than at agriculture and manufacturing combined.  6 Businesses depend on information technology to get their work done.
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  • information system (IS)   8 Any combination of information technology and people's activities that support operations, management and decision making. In a very broad sense, the term information system is frequently used to refer to the interaction between people, processes, data and technology. In this sense, the term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology (ICT) that an organization uses, but also to the way in which people interact with this technology in support of business processes
  • information system (IS)  9 An information system(IS) is typically considered to be a set of interrelated elements or components that collect(input), manipulate(processes), and disseminate (output) data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective.
  • information system (IS)  An Information System is a business strategy & an organized combination of people, hardware, 10 software, communication networks and the data resources that collects, transforms and disseminates information in a organization.
  • IS Elements 11 People   Process  Software  Hardware  Database  Network
  • Payroll System INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Hardware Software Inventory System are used to build INFORMATION SYSTEMS Databases Marketing System Networks Customer Service System 12
  • IS as Discipline  IS is an interdisciplinary field influenced by Computer Science, Political Science, 13 Psychology, Operations Research, Linguistics, Sociology, and Organizational Theory.
  • Information technology  Information technology provides the means to rethink/recreate/reengineer conventional business processes. – 15 Reengineering: The reshaping of business processes to remove barriers that prohibit an organization from providing better products and services and to help the organization capitalize on its strengths. – Business Processes: Collections of activities, often spanning several departments, that take one or more kinds of input and create a result that is of value to a company’s customers.
  • What is Information Technology?  A term used to refer to a wide variety of items and abilities used in the creation, storage, and 16 dispersal of data and information. Its three main components are computers, communications networks, and know-how.
  • What is Information Technology? 17
  • The Functions of Information Technology 18
  • The Functions of Information Technology Capture: The process of compiling detailed records of activities.   Processing: The process of converting, analyzing, computing, and synthesizing all forms of data or information. – – – – 19 – Data Processing Information Processing Word Processing Image Processing Voice Processing
  • The Functions of Information Technology  20 Generation: The process of organizing information into a useful form, whether as numbers, text, sound, or visual image.  Storage and Retrieval: Storage is the computer process of retaining information for future use. Retrieval is the process by which a computer locates and copies stored data or information for further processing or for transmission to another user.
  • The Functions of Information Technology  Transmission: The computer process of distributing information over a 21 communications network. – Electronic Mail, or E-Mail – Voice Messaging, or Voice Mail
  • The Benefits of Information Technology 22
  • The Benefits of Information Technology 23
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  • 3 Elements of any I.S. System
  • Quote : 26 Technology should not be overrated !
  • Quote : 27
  • 25 lessons by Jack Welch 28
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  • Quote :  33 "The best single lesson I ever learned was to maximize the intellect of the company. You need to gather the knowledge of individuals, share those ideas and celebrate the sharing. That, in the end, is how a company becomes great.“ Jack Welch Former chairman and CEO General Electric
  • Value in EC systems  Knowledge management is the art of creating commercial value from intangible assets. 34  For creating value in any IT systems; we need crucial information that is just available in KM.
  • Knowledge Based Economy  35 Knowledge is the key strategic asset to be managed.
  • Business Assets 36
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  • KM Role in Information Technology World To create knowledge-enabled processes – allow companies to evaluate key business measures such as customer 38 satisfaction, customer profitability, or customer loyalty to support their business decisions
  • KM & CRM: Example • A hospital sends a new mother flowers after a baby is born – Not at the same time everyone else does BUT – 30 days after the birth 39 • Perfect time, because – All the flowers she received earlier are gone! – The exhaustion that accompanies having a new baby has set in • The new mother really appreciates this thoughtful gesture • It comes at a time when she doesn’t expect it
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  • E-Business Model 41
  • E-Business Model 42
  • E-Business Model for FedEx 43
  • EBM 44
  • For next Session… 45
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