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  • 1. Blogging www.blogger.com/ Let’s go blogging now. Everybody’s learning how. Come on and safari with me!
  • 2. Sample Blogs
    • http://taylorscreek.blogspot.com/
    • http://mswchilds.blogspot.com/
    • http://www.preschoolplaybook.com/
  • 3. Creating A Blog
    • Click Create A Blog on right side of screen
    • Fill out registration information & click Continue
    • Name your blog & click Continue
  • 4. Exploring Pre-Made Templates
    • Browse available templates
    • Click Preview Template
    • Select desired template
    • *By selecting Minima, you can choose other pre-made template designs
  • 5. Playing with Gadgets
    • Click the Layout tab and Page Elements
    • Click Add a Gadget
    • Explore the list of available gadgets
    • Locate one to add
  • 6.
    • Click the plus next to the gadget you would like to add
    • Configure the gadget and click Save
    • Save the changes
    • Preview the addition:
    Playing with Gadgets
  • 7. Exploring Pre-Made Templates
    • www.thecutestblogontheblock.com
    • http://aquapoppydesigns2.blogspot.com
    • http://hotbliggityblog.com/
    • http://www.blingontheblog.com/
  • 8. Applying Pre-Made Templates
    • On pre-made template, highlight and copy HTML code
    • Inside blog, click Layout
    • Click Add a Gadget
    • Scroll down to where it says HTML/JavaScript and click on the (+) sign
    • Under Content you'll see a large box
    • Paste the entire HTML code in that space
    • Click Save
  • 9. Editing Your Profile
    • A glimpse into who you are and your interests
    • When you leave comments or follow a blog your profile becomes available
    • Add a picture to display
  • 10. Now Try This…
    • Visit a couple of the sample blogs
      • Post a comment
    • Create a blog of your own
    • Select a template
      • Try adding a new template from an online option
    • Browse the gadgets and add one to your site
  • 11. Basic Settings
    • You will make decisions, such as:
      • How will your blog description read?
      • Should your blog be listed?
      • Should your blog be found by search engines?
      • Will you display Quick Editing features?
    • Make sure to save your settings!
  • 12. Publishing
    • Check out your blog’s URL by visiting the Settings tab and Publishing
  • 13. Formatting
    • Visit the Settings tab and Formatting to make selections, such as:
      • the number of posts to display on the page
      • the time and date display format
      • Make sure to check your time zone
    • Remember to save your settings!
    • Click Settings and Comments to make important decisions such as:
      • How will comments display on your page?
      • Who may make comments?
      • How will you moderate comments?
    • Remember to save your settings!
  • 15. Permissions
    • Click Settings and Permissions to decide:
      • Who will be allowed to write posts?
        • You can invite up to 100 other people to be contributing authors to your blog!
      • Who will be allowed to see your blog?
        • Will you allow the world or only a select number of friends and family to see your blog?
    • Remember to save your settings!
  • 16. Now Try This…
    • Select options for the following:
      • Basic
      • Publishing
      • Formatting
      • Comments
      • Permission
  • 17. Posting Add a hyperlink Add a picture Add a video Will you allow comments? Apply labels Publishing vs. Saving
  • 18. Posting
    • Add a Title
    • Select text options
    • Type the content of your post
    • Add Labels
    • Set Post Options
    • Save your addition
    • Publish to go live on the web
    • View your Blog
  • 19. Editing Posts
    • Click the Postings tab and select Edit Posts
    • Locate the post you want to edit
    • Click Edit
    • Make your changes and click Publish Selected
  • 20. Adding Pictures
    • Click the add picture button
    • Browse for the picture file
    • To add more than one picture, click Add another image
    • Choose the layout and size
    • Click Upload Image
  • 21. Adding Video
    • Click the add video button
    • Browse for the video file
    • Add a title
    • Agree to the Upload Terms and Conditions
    • Click Upload Video
    *Uploading video can take a while!
  • 22. Adding Video
    • You can click, drag, and hold to move the video around in the text field
  • 23. Now Try This…
    • Post to your blog
    • Add a picture in a post
    • Add a video in a post
  • 24. Extras
    • Create a slide show using pictures on your computer to post on your blog
      • Slide
    • Add pre-made Blinkies to add décor to your blog
      • Blinkies
    • Search pre-made slideshows by themes and upload to blog
      • SmileBox
  • 25. Extras
    • Record voice and embed into blog
      • Vocaroo
    • Free Blog Hit Counter
      • http://www.freebloghitcounter.com/
  • 26. Need Safari Guidance?
    • Brittney Mobley
      • [email_address]
    • Melissa Roberts
      • [email_address]