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This is my school project about extreme weather

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  1. 1. HurricanesBairbre Logue
  2. 2. Summary About hurricanes Causes Effects People and Animals Famous hurricanes How can we protect ourselves My family and hurricanes Find out more
  3. 3. What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone which is a heavy storm with a low pressure centre and a spiral of thunderstorms that produce strong wind and rain A hurricane has winds of at least 119 km/h
  4. 4. Pictures of Hurricanes
  5. 5. What Causes Hurricanes Hurricanes are intense low pressure areas that form over warm ocean waters in the summer and early fall. Their source of energy is water vapor which is evaporated from the ocean surface. But it is not fully understood why hurricanes form! There are several things that scientists think are involved: Sea temperature, air temperature and humidity.
  6. 6. Effects Waves: very high they affect ships and boats. Rain: causes flooding. Damage: wind can blow off the roof of buildings. Death and Injury: people get hurt and killed. Costs: people have to take time off work, shops have to close. Trees: they fall down damaging buildings.
  7. 7. People and Animals People − Their houses get destroyed, their cars get flooded and if it is really bad they cant go outside. Animals − Their habitat gets badly damaged, and they find it hard to hunt food. Funny fact − One member of my family thought that insects are the worst affected!!
  8. 8. Famous HurricanesYear Name Fact1970 Bhola 315,000 people killed in India and Banghladesh1975 Nina It destroyed several dams in China2002 Kenna Caused $101,000 of damage1997 Pauline Massive landslides in Mexaco1992 Iniki $1,18 billion of damage1900 galveston Deadliest natural disaster in the USA 6,000 dead2008 Ike Cost $32 billion in the Carribean1780 The great Over 22,000 died hurricane1992 Andrew 26 people died2005 Katrina It flooded 80% of New Orleans
  9. 9. How can we Protect Ourselves By covering your windows with wood. Or by putting flood barriers against your door. Even some countries put flood barriers on their rivers.
  10. 10. Intervewing Gran!!! My Gran remembers Hurricane Charley whichhit Ireland in August 1986 In August 1986 after charley became extra-tropical. The UK Met Office issued severe weatheralerts warning of heavy rain which would causeflooding. All ferries were cancelled. Hurricane Charley moved across Ireland andthe UK with winds of 85 km/h.
  11. 11. Interviewing Gran The waves in the English channel were as high as 8m. The storm past south of Ireland on August 25 bringing heavy rain and winds of up to 105 km/h. The hurricane spread through the country with up to 80 mm of rain. There was flooding in many places were rivers burst there banks. In Dublin 451 buildings were flooded some to a depth of 2.4m. At least 5 people died. Lots of crops were destroyed. It cost 1.5 million irish pounds [1986] to repair the damage!!!
  12. 12. Interviewing Helen Helen is my aunty [and she lives in New York] She was there during hurricane Sandy The electricity wires exploded and it looked like lightening. A big crane fell over and hit a big building Because the wires fell over the electricity went out. My aunty lives on the 17th floor and she had to walk down the stairs in the dark. She took some pictures of New York after Sandy and sent them to me
  13. 13. My Family Survey My dad helped me send an online survey to my family. I got 15 replies. Two members of my family were in a hurricane. Two members of my family are terrified of hurricanes. Everybody thinks that global warming affects the hurricanes. Half the people think the government can do some thing about the hurricanes. Most think that hurricanes will get worse in the future.
  14. 14. To find out more To find out more about hurricanes go to the website below Please do