Using Social Media to Promote and Recruit Volunteers

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Presented at the New Jersey Hospital Association Annual Meeting in 2012, the goal was to convey to leadership the ways in which their teams could leverage social media to engage, promote, and …

Presented at the New Jersey Hospital Association Annual Meeting in 2012, the goal was to convey to leadership the ways in which their teams could leverage social media to engage, promote, and recruiter volunteers.

During this presentation, our focus was to share ways non-profit organization may leverage the power of social media to help recruit and promote volunteers.

The following topics were covered:
- Making Social Media Make Sense
- 3 Ways to Leverage Social to Gain Volunteers
- Case Studies

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  • 1. Using Social Media toPromote & RecruitVolunteersBecky LivingstonPresidentRoyal Apple Marketing
  • 2. Becky Livingston—President,Royal Apple Marketingn  20+ years of marketing, technology, and communications experiencen  Trainer 6+ yearsn  Author, blogger, and avid Twitter fan!n  Big-Picture Thinker & Strategistn  Client list includes non-profits, small companies, and CPA firms Twitter: @RoyalAppleMktg or @bmliving
  • 3. Agendan  Making Social Media Make Sensen  3 Ways to Leverage Social to Gain Volunteersn  Case Studies
  • 4. Making Social Media Make Sense
  • 5. Why Social Media?n  Enables supporters to share your message with friendsn  Gives potential supporters a low-risk way to get to know your organization
  • 6. Before You BeginKnow the 4 C’s of Social Media’s Role in VolunteerManagement1.  Communicate2.  Coordinate3.  Celebrate4.  Connect
  • 7. Ground Rulesn  Research n  Integrate Social and Webn  Organizational Policy n  Use emotion & #s to connectn  Invest before spending n  Brevity, specificity, andn  Start small clarityn  2-way communication n  Share your network with partners and sponsorsn  Solicit feedback & contributions n  Respond promptly
  • 8. How to Begin1.  Define campaign objectives2.  Identify the goals3.  Determine which social platforms work best for needs4.  Develop the communication plan/plan of action5.  Execute the plan6.  Monitor and measure the plan
  • 9. How to Begin, cont.n  Clear request for helpn  Set appropriate expectations up frontn  Target specific types of volunteersn  Craft messages that appeal to the target groupn  Explain benefits
  • 10. Which platform does what?n  Blogs can be a destination for other social media posts and be more in-depth than other postingsn  Facebook is convenient for these announcementsn  LinkedIn group discussions are also usefuln  Twitter is perfect for remindersn  YouTube videos are powerful tools in recruiting and promotion (and the #2 search engine on the WWW)
  • 11. 3 Ways to Gain Volunteers
  • 12. In a Nutshelln  Start a Facebook Fan Page; set up an Event Appn  Createa Twitter Account; share volunteer oppor- tunities #volunteer (to get into the volunteer conversation)n  Post a video that makes a compelling case; call to action = get involved!
  • 13. How? Step 1n  Recruit n  Leverage existing social networks n  Make it shareable n  Hashtag n  Term/Vocabulary n  Connect with influencers
  • 14. FacebookBlogTweet
  • 15. How? Step 2n  Promote n  Highlight the good things your organization and its volunteers are doing each day, not just on the big days n  Be creative in ways for saying thanks n  Share the numbers and the stories n  Cross promote via social n  Blog, Facebook Post, Tweet, and make videos n  Tell the media, your community, BOD, champions, donors, and more about your efforts
  • 16. How? Step 3n  Celebrate n  Demonstrate successes n  Share numbers and stories n  Be honest and transparent (don’t embellish) n  Highlight people and activities n  Use the tools to share stories n  Say “Thank You!!!!”
  • 17. Case Studies
  • 18. Volunteer 4 Long Island1.  Optimized their social media vehicles 1.  Launched a @Volunteer4LI on Twitter and used We Follow to find Long Island people on Twitter.2.  Tapped into the Long Island Tweet Ups3.  Messaged specific Twitter Influencers4.  ReTweets & Facebook Posts
  • 19. Deer Lake Strawberry Festival
  • 20. Strawberry Festival, cont. The what? Listing of services they needed help with Call to action! Facebook posting
  • 21. Super Tuesday – Invisible Children
  • 22. Goodwill
  • 23. Share Our Strength
  • 24. Conclusion
  • 25. Parting Thoughtsn  Besure to ask for help in 20% or less of your posts.n  It wouldn’t be fun to have a conversation with someone who only talks about herself; and it would be worse if she spent the whole time asking for help!n  Be sure to engage people in other topics related to your mission.
  • 26. Resourcesn Festival-committee-using-social-media-to-recruit-volunteers/1n recruiting-volunteers-hume-moreland-volunteer-coordinators-network/n retain-recognize-volunteers----as-the-chief-social-media-geek-at-handson-network- m.html#axzz1oT42PHlKn recruit-retain-recognize-volunteers----as-the-chief-social-media-geek-at-handson-network- m.html#ixzz1oT48JnWcn > Studion u=92745da33dba5951a463cd042&id=1c7e350600n deserve-center-stage/
  • 27. Questions?