Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies for Non-Profits


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Digital marketing is often a challenge for non-profits. This slide deck outlines several tips for email, blogging, websites, video, strategy, and more to help non-profits make the most of their digital marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies for Non-Profits

  1. 1. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Digital  Marketing  for     Non  Pro1its   By:  Becky  Livingston   President  &  CEO   Penheel  Marketing  
  2. 2. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   About  Me   Becky  Livingston   ü  Owner  Penheel  Marke0ng   ü  25+  years  of  marke0ng  and   technology  experience   ü  11  years  in  the  financial   services  industry   ü  Social  Media  &  Digital   marke0ng  professional   ü  Public  speaker  and  trainer   ü  Frequent  guest  blogger   ü  Dog  and  shoe  lover  
  3. 3. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Agenda   •  Leveraging  digital   marke0ng  to  reach  goals   •  Increasing  membership   and  volunteer  efforts  via   digital  marke0ng   •  Developing  marke0ng   efforts  to  support  the   organiza0on’s  goals   •  Increasing  brand   awareness  
  4. 4. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   What  is  digital  marketing?   Digital  marke4ng  is  marke0ng  that  makes  use  of  electronic     devices  (computers)  such  as  personal  computers,  smartphones,    cellphones,  tablets  and  game  consoles  to  engage  with     stakeholders.       Digital  marke0ng  applies  technologies  or  PlaSorms,  such  as     websites,  e-­‐mail,  apps  (classic  and  mobile)  and  social  networks.       Social  Media  Marke4ng  is  a  component  of  digital  marke0ng.     Many  organiza0ons  use  a  combina0on  of  tradi0onal  and  digital   marke0ng  channels.     Defini0on  from  Wikipedia  
  5. 5. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Leveraging  Digital  Marketing   •  Blog.    Your  blog  is  your   greatest  digital  asset.     •  Picture  It.  Did  you  know   visual  informa0on  is   processed  by  the  brain   60,000x  faster  than  wriXen   content?     •  Mo4on.  Video  is  making  a  splash.  Adopt  a  video  strategy.     •  Online  Essen4als.  Online  directories  (Guidestar)  and  social   media  targeted  to  your  personas.   Image  Source:  
  6. 6. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   How  To  Reach  Goals   q   Create  and  share  measurable  goals  with  your  team     q   Establish  credibility  from  the  start   q   Give  your  readers  reason  to  act   Image  Source:  Fire  Spring   q   Think  and  write  from              the  readers’  perspec0ve   q   Segment   q   Media  mix   q   Create  landing  pages   q   Measure   q   Report    
  7. 7. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Strategy  Development   1.  Product:  Promote  the  product  /  service  benefits  based   on  the  target  audience’s  core  values.     2.  Price:  Social  and  emo0onal  costs  rather  than  $$.  Figure   out  how  to  reduce  the  ac0on  needed  as  much  as   possible  and  make  it  easy  and  stress-­‐free  to  perform   the  behavior.   3.  Place:  How  and  where  can  people  perform  the   behavior?  You  have  a  small  window  of  0me  to  get  your   message  through  to  the  audience.  Go  where  the   audience  is.     4.  Promo4on:  Consider  your  demographic  and   psychographic  criteria.  How  is  it  best  to  reach  them,  in   their  language.  
  8. 8. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Strategy  Development,  cont.   5.  Publics:  Take  into  account  all  the  people  who  may   impact  the  program’s  success.  This  includes  internal   and  external  publics.   6.  Partnerships:  Organiza0ons  with  similar  goals,  target   audience,  interests,  and  resources.     7.  Purse  Strings:  Be  crea0ve  and  proac0ve  in  seeking   funding  for  campaigns  from  corporate  partners,   founda0ons,  dona0ons,  and  government  agencies.    
  9. 9. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Branding   •  Use  your  logo  and  color  scheme  across  all  marke0ng   channels   •  Use  a  consistent  mission  and  messaging  strategy   •  Ensure  everyone  knows  and  understands  the  brand  and   vision   •  Incorporate  and  promote  a  campaign  hashtag  in  social   media   •  Think  about  your  partners’  brands  and  how  you  might   co-­‐brand  a  campaign  
  10. 10. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Branding  Example   Image  Source:  HubSpot  
  11. 11. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Branding  Example,  cont.  
  12. 12. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Content  Marketing   92%   86%   25%   Study  by  Blackbaud   52%   “Nonprofits  are   turning  to  content   marke0ng  because   “spray  and  pray”   mass  marke0ng   isn’t  working.”   ~Kivi  Leroux  Miller,   President   Nonprofit   Marke/ng  Guide  
  13. 13. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   20  Favorite  Content  Formats   1.  How-­‐to  Ar0cles   2.  Advice  Columns   3.  FAQs   4.  First-­‐Person  Anecdotes   5.  Defini0ons   6.  Trends   7.  New  Compila0ons   8.  Reviews  /   Recommenda0ons   9.  Success  Stories   10. Personal  Profiles   11. Popular  Facts  /  Figures   12. Lists   13. Where  to  find…   14. Legisla0ve  Briefings   15. Wish  Lists   16. Quotes   17. Partnerships   18. Leadership   Perspec0ves   19. Survey  Results   20. Fact  vs.  Fic0on  
  14. 14. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Content  Marketing  Schedule   Image  Source:  Flash  Issue  
  15. 15. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Content  Marketing  Tip   “For  nonprofits  without  any  resources  for  content   marke0ng,  focus  on  delivering  consistent  content  by   owning  just  one  channel.     Be  the  go-­‐to  resource!”   ~Joe  Pulizzi,  Founder  the  Content  Marke0ng  Ins0tute  
  16. 16. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Social  Media     Image  Source:  Avectra  
  17. 17. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Social  Media,  cont.   Image  Source:  Waggener  Edsrom    
  18. 18. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Social  Media,  cont.   Image  Source:  Waggener  Edsrom    
  19. 19. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   3  Ways  to  Increase  Social   Media  Engagement   1.  Develop  a  social  media  marke0ng  strategy   2.  Discover  what’s  in  it  for  “them”   3.  Follow  them  back!  
  20. 20. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Email   Subject  Lines   •  Describe  the  candy  not  the  wrapper   •  Example:  rather  than  “Associa0on  NewsleXer  Volume  5”  in  the   subject  line,  tell  us  what’s  in  the  edi0on,  such  as  “How  to  Live  In   Harmony  with  Backyard  Wildlife”   •  Emphasize  the  personal  value  of  your  content   •  Subject  lines  that  make  readers  think  “This  is  useful.”  “This  is   0mely.”  “This  is  about  me.”  Example:  “Is  slightly  dir0er  drinking   water  OK  with  you?”   •  Avoid  telling  people  what  to  do.   •  Par0cularly  true  when  “help”  or  “donate”  are  in  the  subject  line.   Lean  toward  personal  value  in  subject  lines.     •  Example:  “Where  to  dance  all  night  with  your  best  friends”  vs.   “Register  for  our  all-­‐night  dance-­‐a-­‐thon  fundraiser”  
  21. 21. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Email,  cont.   Subject  Lines   •  Keep  it  short   •  Try  to  keep  it  under  75  characters.  Use  a  keyword  in  the  subject   line  to  help  with  SEO.     Formulas   •  Who  Else  Wants  [blank]?   •  The  Secret  of  [blank]   •  LiXle  Known  Ways  to  [blank]   •  Get  Rid  of  [problem]  Once  and  For  All   •  Here’s  a  Quick  Way  to  [solve  a  problem]   •  What  Everybody  Ought  to  Know  About  [blank]  
  22. 22. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   A/B  Split  Testing   •  Email  newsleXers   •  Your  social  media  copy     •  Your  dona0on  buXon  call-­‐to-­‐ ac0on  (color/text)   •  Rewards  or  dona0on  0ers   Image  Source:  Fit  Marke0ng  
  23. 23. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   What’s in your video? 6  ways  to  tell  your   story  and  inspire   ac0on.   Advocacy  Stories   Event   Stories   Campaign   Films   Vision  Films   Impact  Stories   Movement   Portraits  
  24. 24. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Measurement   •  Return  on  Investment  (ROI)   •  (Revenue  –  Cost)  /  Cost  =  %   •  Conversion  Rate   •  Cost  Per  Lead   •  Budget  /  #  of  Leads  =  $   •  Revenue  Per  Lead   •  This  focuses  on  the  value  of  the  lead  to  your  organiza0on.   •  Click-­‐Thru  Rate   •  How  many  clicks  are  happening.   •  Percentage  of  Engaged  Visitors   •  Brand  Loyalty  
  25. 25. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Measurement  Tools   •  Google  Analy0cs  and  Triggered  Events   •  Website  Analy0cs  if  other  than  Google   •  Google  /  Bing  AdWords  Campaigns   •  Social  Media  “Insights”  reports   •  Increases  in  “Join  Our  Mailing”  lists  
  26. 26. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Measurement  Samples  
  27. 27. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Measurement  Samples,  cont.   *  Only  the  top  10  rows  are   show.  There  was  a  conversion   on  rows  11-­‐15.  
  28. 28. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Measurement  Samples,  cont.  
  29. 29. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   EXAMPLES  
  30. 30. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Landing  Pages  &  Example   ü   Clear,  concise,  compelling   headlines   ü   2-­‐3  sentences  about  the   offer/value   ü   3-­‐5  bullet  points  about  the   benefits   ü   Form  (3-­‐7  relevant  fields)   ü   Relevant  /  Compelling  image   ü   Social  sharing  buXons   ü   Branding   ü   On  submit,  directs  to  Thank   You  page  
  31. 31. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Wish  List  Example   ü Sent  a  leXer   detailing  the  need.       ü Clearly  state   requested  amount   $86  per  donor.     ü Shared  aXached  list.     ü Provide  updates  for   dona0ons  and   projects  completed.   Image  Source:  Best  Friends  Animal  Society  
  32. 32. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Case  Study:  Futures  Without   Violence   Though  this  was  used   as  a  Facebook  post,  it   could  have  also  been   used  in  an  email   campaign,  newsleXer   story,  video  entry   image,  blog  post,  etc.     Image  Source:  Media  Cause  
  33. 33. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Case  Study:  Cleveland  Clinic   Recipes  receive   more  shares  than   posts  featuring   other  subject   maXer.     Image  Source:  Media  Cause  
  34. 34. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Case  Study  –  Cornell  Labs   Image  Source:  Media  Cause  
  35. 35. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Parting  Words   People  will  share  what  they  find  helpful.       If  you  want  your  community  to  share,   spread  the  word,  and  build  awareness   for  a  non-­‐profit,  provide  content  that  is   incredibly  useful  to  them.       ~  via   “ “
  36. 36. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Handouts  &  Free  Services   Handouts   •  Fill-­‐In-­‐The-­‐Blank  Headlines   •  Exploring  Metaphors  to  BeXer  Explain  What  You  Do   •  What  Topics  Do  You  Want  To  Be  Known  For?   •  Big  Picture  Communica0on  Time  Line   •  Annual  Campaign  3-­‐Week  Quick  Start  Guide   Free  Services   •  Google  and  YouTube  for  Nonprofits  (grants,  fee  online   adver0sing)  (hXp://   •  Facebook  for  Nonprofits  (hXps:// nonprofits)   •  Blog  Talk  Radio  (hXp://   Other   •  
  37. 37. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Who  is  Penheel  Marketing?   Social  media  and  digital  marke0ng  consul0ng  firm  for  CPA  firms,  small   businesses,  and  non-­‐profits.     Marke4ng  Analy4cs   Website  analy0cs,  online     adver0sing  analy0cs.  See     which  sources  are  genera0ng     the  most  leads.     Email   Send  personalized,  segmented     Emails  based  on  any  informa0on     in  your  contact  database.   Search  Engine  Op4miza4ons   Improve  your  rank  in  search     engines  by  finding  and  tracking     your  most  effec0ve  keywords.   Lead  Management   Track  leads  with  a  complete   0meline-­‐view  of  their  interac0ons     with  your  firm.   Blogging   Create  blog  content  quickly     while  ge|ng  SEO  0ps  and     best  prac0ces  pointers.   Social  Media   Publish  content  to  your  social   accounts,  then  nurture  leads     based  on  their  social  engagement.   hXp://  
  38. 38. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Resources   •  Marke0ng  Profs:  Strategic  Social  Marke/ng  for  Non-­‐Profits   •  Marke0ng  Profs:  Three  Ways  to  Increase  Your  Non-­‐Profit’s  Social  Media  Engagement   •  Nonprofit  Marke0ng  Guide:  20  Favorite  Formats  for  Nonprofit  Content   •  Nonprofit  Marke0ng  Guide:  Best  Email  Subject  Lines  for  Nonprofit  Email  NewsleXers   •  Savvy  Panda:  Get  Your  Nonprofit  Found  Online:  Digital  Marke0ng  Musts   •  Ge|ng  What’s  in  your  video?   •  Fit  Marke0ng:  How  to  Become  a  Conversion  Rate  [image]   •  Case  Study  Examples   •  Blackbaud:  Content  Marke0ng  for  Nonprofits  Study  2014   •  Manbyte:  Digital  Marke0ng  Measurement  in  2014   •  HubSpot:  Nonprofit  Branding  Techniques  Toolkit   •  NPTechForGood:  12  Must  Know  Stats  About  Social  Media  Fundraising  and  Cause  Awareness  
  39. 39. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Brochures   Wri4ng   •  Write  for  specific  audience   •  Emphasize  benefits  over  features   •  Include  a  call  to  ac0on     Call  to  Ac4on   •  Make  it  obvious  and  highly  visible   •  Make  it  specific   •  Give  some  op0ons  
  40. 40. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Brochures,  cont.   Design  Tips   •  Avoid  cramming  text  into  the  panels   •  Use  a  reasonable-­‐sized  font   •  Include  a  lot  of  white  space   •  Use  headings  and  subheadings   •  Include  photographs  and  graphics     Topic  Ideas   •  How  to  include  [Your  Non-­‐Profit]  in  your  estate  plans   •  10  0ps  for  ge|ng  the  most  out  of  volunteering  with  us   •  How  to  access  your  membership  benefits  online