Building Support Through Storytelling


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Your organization’s story is your most valuable asset. Your story can inspire action and create change.

In addition, non-profits that tell compelling stories tend to raise the most funds.

During this presentation we covered a variety of topics to help non-profit organizations to tell their story through social media means.

Topics included:
- Why storytelling
- Creating a plan
- Conveying the story with pictures
- Video storytelling checklist
- Case studies/examples
- Resources

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Building Support Through Storytelling

  1. 1. Becky Livingston President & CEO Royal Apple Marketing September 2012Build Supportfor EmployeeVolunteerPrograms viaStorytelling © 2012 Royal Apple Marketing
  2. 2. My Storyü Social media advocate, author, trainer, speaker, and practitionerü Big dog loverü Small business consultantü Daily user of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, & Hootsuiteü Marketing pro and Tech enthusiast
  3. 3. Why storytelling?›  Storiesincrease loyalty›  Good stories are spread›  Good stories have conflict ›  True, but hard-to-believe, odd or unexpected events ›  Acts of heroism ›  Emotional, funny, innovative, provocativeAsk the question, “Would I share this story with others?”
  4. 4. Create a Plan›  Selfassessment – What’s your story?›  How does storytelling fit into the Strategic Plan?›  Who are we trying to reach?›  What change to do we want to see?›  How do we measure success?›  Who are our storytellers?›  How do we get the word out?
  5. 5. Journalism’s 5 W’s to Help You›  Who – your characters›  What – what happened›  When – sequence of events›  Where – specific scene or setting›  Why – the motivation of the characters›  How – how it happened
  6. 6. 5 Questions People Ask1.  What do other people think about this organization?2.  Are people here like me?3.  Does this work?4.  What difference can I make?5.  May I come along?
  7. 7. Get to the Heart of itü  Know your pointü  Nail your plotü  Have a big theme, but a small scale The human experience = a universal feeling, emotion, or truth that resonates with us all.
  8. 8. Convey the Story w/ Pictures›  Create the visual story›  Use it in public outreach, website, blog, social media, annual report, email, etc.›  Enter contests like: ›  DoGooder Awards ›  TechSoup Storytelling Challenge ›  The Current Cause
  9. 9. Video Storytelling Checklist›  Purpose ›  Shooting›  Measurement ›  Organize›  Distribution ›  Details›  How ›  Editing›  Preparation ›  Copyright›  VideoPlanning ›  Dissemination›  Timing›  Permission
  10. 10. Examples / Case Studies
  11. 11. Deer Lake Strawberry Festival
  12. 12. The what?Listing of services Call to action! Sharing feature
  13. 13. Super Tuesday – InvisibleChildren
  14. 14. Share Our Strength
  15. 15. “Stories don’t have to be long – in fact shorteris probably better. Stories tell of challenges confronted, aturning point that can emotionally draw in thereader, and an ending that provides lessonslearned, results attained, and a clear pathforward.” Reed Dewey, Volunteer Frontier
  16. 16. Connect with Royal AppleMarketing @RoyalAppleMkgt / @BMLiving
  17. 17. Resources ›  Bowden 2 Bowden Blog build-a-brand-image/ ›  Storytelling tips from Roy Peter Clark & Shelter Box 2012/03/02/storytelling-tips-from-roy-peter-clark-shelterbox/ ›  Volunteer Stars Engagement Report 2012 engagement-stars.html ›  From Business Case to Storytelling: Bringing Voluteer Engagement Out of the Shadows storytelling-bringing-volunteer-engagement-out-of-the-shadows/ ›  How to get to the Heart of Your Story how_to_get_to_the_heart_of_your_story ›  Nonprofit Storytelling Tips From the Experts nonprofit-storytelling-tips-from-the-experts/ ›  Keep Your Eyes Open: Visual Storytelling for Nonprofits engagingvolunteers/2012/04/02/keep-your-eyes-open-visual-storytelling-for-nonprofits/ ›  Video Storytellling Checklist checklist/ ›  A Roundup of Resources for Grass Roots Media Makers center/media/ ›  19 Best Non-Profit Websites and-why-theyre-awesome/ ›  5 Questions Non Profits Should Answer with Stories http:// answer-with-stories/ ›  Storytelling 2.0: Why Nonprofits Need to Tell Stories storytelling-2-0-why-nonprofits-need-to-tell-stories/