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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator






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    Myers Briggs Type Indicator Myers Briggs Type Indicator Presentation Transcript

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Dimensions of MBTI
      Extraversion - Introversion
      Sensing - Intuition
      Thinking - Feeling
      Judging - Perceiving
    • Extraversion - Introversion
      Preference for Energizing
      Extraversion – Outside Self – Others
      Introversion – Inside Self - Solitude
    • Sensing - Intuiting
      Preference for Gathering
      Data and Perceiving Stimuli
      Sensing – Takes in Data from the 5 Senses
      Intuitive – Takes in Data from a “sixth sense”
    • Thinking - Feeling
      Preference for How to Make Decisions
      Thinker – Logical, Structured, Objective
      Feeler – Personal, Values-Oriented
    • Judging - Perceiving
      Preference for Living and Lifestyle Choices
      Judging – Planned Living, Organized Life
      Perceiving – Spontaneous and Flexible
    • The Four Temperments
      NF Intuitive Feelers
      NT Intuitive Thinkers
      SJ Sensing Judgers
      SP Sensing Perceivers
    • NF = Intuitive Feelers
      Eat, Sleep, Breathe PEOPLE
      Idealists who serve causes that advance human interest
      12 % of the population
      “It is most important to be in harmony with self and others
    • NF = Intuitive Feelers
      ”NF’s at Work
      Can be so positive that it is difficult for others to disagree
      As supervisors, they can give too much leeway
      More concerned with how much they like people than their qualifications
      “Hi, I’m an NF, and I’m here to help”
    • NT = Intuitive Thinkers
      Their driving force in their quest for competence, is to theorize and intellectualize everything
      12% of the population
      “Change for the sake of change produces learning, even if the only thing we learn is that we shouldn’t have changed.”
    • NT = Intuitive Thinkers
      NT’s at Work
      Strategic planners and researchers they can overlook everyday business
      Can be perceived by others as aloof and
      an intellectual snob
    • SJ = Sensing Judger
      SJ’s purpose in life is to belong to meaningful institutions
      38% of the population
      As judgers they tend to organize
      SJ’s thrive on procedures
    • SJ = Sensing Judger
      SJ’s at Work
      Make good administrators of systems that require precision and organization
      They do what needs to be done today-often neglecting what needs to be done tomorrow
      Great faith in the systems, when things go wrong, it is also the system’s fault
      “don’t fix what ain’t broke”
    • SP = Sensing Perceiver
      Their quest is for action – act now, pay later
      38% of the population
      “authority” is getting done whatever needs to be done
      forgiveness rather than permission
    • SP = Sensing Perceiver
      SP’s at Work
      Tend to avoid going through channels
      Like immediate tangible outcomes
      “when all else fails, read the directions”
    • Learning Team Type Analysis
      • In this assignment, you will analyze your learning team using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. There are four issues to discuss in your learning team before you can prepare the presentation.
      • Create a type table for your learning team using the one in the Learning Team Type Analysis Table.
      • Identify commonalities/differences that exist among members.
      • Identify what strengths your group has as a result of your types.
      • Identify the challenges you will likely face as a group as a result of your types.